Book reviews: Angel of Darkness and New Years Dream by Tyler May

Blurb for Angel of Darkness:

“Sleep, my boy, our time is coming soon.” 

As a boy, Christian Bowman was obsessed with vampires and the paranormal. After a tragic event in his life, he found solace in reading and dreaming of the dark and mysterious tales. 
Now twenty-one, his fantasy becomes a reality when he meets Zander―a blind vampire. Christian now has the chance to live the fantasy that up until now, he has only been able to dream about. Will his dream turn into a nightmare when he sees just how dark and dangerous a real vampire’s world can be? 
Christian is in love with his Angel of Darkness. But is their love strong enough to withstand obstacles that come with loving a vampire? And more importantly, is there a happily-ever-after in a vampire’s world? 
A vampire and a soul that never died; Darkness stole their past, but can his light save their future? M/M paranormal erotic romance. Not suitable for readers under 18, due to language and explicit sexual situations.  

Morgan’s Review:

I want to start off by saying; I was very impressed with
this story.  I have read a lot of paranormal
stories and this has clearly become one of my favorites. Tyler May has created
a fascinating world. The attraction between Christian and Zander was explosive
and I fell in love with these two right away. The love and loyalty Zander has
for Christian is so intense. I was drawn into this story right away and
finished it in one sitting. Mystery, suspense, and even a little action,
Christian and Zander’s story will keep you on your toes and have you looking
forward to what’s next. This will be a definite reread for me and I am so
excited about the next installment. If you haven’t done so, make sure you check
out this series. Totally worth it..

Final determination is 5 pieces of eye candy.

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Blurb for New Year’s Dream:
One night. One wish…..darkness disappears. 
If you could have one wish, what would it be? 
Christian thinks he has it all. 
Billy knows what he is missing. 
And Zander only wants one thing. 
Will their dreams come true? 
New Year’s is a time for reflection, change, and resolution….that is, if you’re human. In a vampire’s world, New Year’s is a time of birth. Once a year, vampires celebrate their existence, and it’s going to be one hell of a party. 
With Christmas over, Christian prepares to celebrate with Zander for their first New Year together. Little does he know that Zander, with Billy’s help, has other plans. 
The countdown has begun. 
New Year’s dream is the second installment (novella) of Angel of Darkness. 

18+ for language and sexual content. New Year’s Dream is the continuation of Christian and Zander’s story. It works better to have read Angel of Darkness first. 
Morgan’s Review
New Year’s Dream is another fantastic addition to the
paranormal world Tyler May as created. This time we get to view things through
the eyes of Zander and Billy. We also get to hang out a little more with some
of the characters from Angel of Darkness.

New Year’s Eve is approaching and the Vampires consider this
a very special night, A Birthday for them, so to speak. It is also considered
by others to be a night that can bring out different types of powers in humans
and paranormal alike. You just have to be willing to use it. The downside is  it’s only for a short amount of time.

Be ready for a sweet read where we can revisit the
heartwarming and passionate relationship between Christian and Zander. I also
fell a little more in love with Billy. He may seem so hard on the outside but
he has a really big heart and he is starting to prove it. Wonderful little read
that will have you psyched up for the next installment.

Final determination is 5 pieces of eye candy.

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Author Bio:
Tyler May was born and raised in the great state of Michigan, and still happily resides there. She is a stay at home mom to her three beautiful children. Tyler’s passion for reading came later in life when she found a love in romance novels, more specifically the male/male genre.  After drawing inspiration from some wonderful authors and encouragement from friends and family; she penned her first full length novel: Angel of Darkness.  Tyler draws inspiration from the simple things in life and will never take that for granted. Since Tyler is a LBGT author, she has three hopes when a reader picks up her book(s): She hopes that her books will teach tolerance and equality.  She hopes to convey the truth behind the infamous saying, “love is love.” She hopes that the book is more than a story―that’s it a journey with an important message.  Tyler’s favorite quote and something she always has tucked in the back of her mind as she writes her fictions: “Everything you can imagine is real.”―Picasso.

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