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Meet Deanna

I live in Baltimore, Maryland with my husband and son. I enjoy reading (obviously), crabbing and boating. I love to relax on the boat and read while the boys swim. Lately I have only been reading M/M but I will read almost anything I can get my hands on.

I’m a big movie buff and enjoy going to the movies frequently, the more action the better no sappy love stories for me.   I also enjoy finding fabulous DIY projects for my house and forcing my husband to build them for me. Since having a little boy I have become a Lego master and expert toy locator.  Due to the stress involved with  locating missing  toys I have also taken up professional wine drinking.


046Meet Denise

I started TCO a few years ago, because an author said, “you should do this”, so I did. I had no idea what I was doing, other than how to use blogger. I jumped in, and now several years later, I think it has gone pretty darn well.

I am a simple girl, I work, I work a second job (teaching group fitness classes), I read, I blog, I write. Yep, that about covers  it. I’m married, but he works as much as I do, so we don’t see much of each other. 🙂 Five cats now, so there is always something going on in the house. I live in the Midwest, but am originally from California. That was a huge adjustment, but now I don’t think I would ever move back to CA.

I took a break from reading after I finished my third degree. I just was done, and watched TV. I picked it back up when I kept hearing about FSOG. My hubs went out of town and I read it, then ran to Target before it closed and got the other two books, reading the entire series twice that weekend. I haven’t looked back. (Funny story…I used to ride my bike to deliver newspapers, and was reading my romance novels at the same time. I only ended up on the back of a car once.)

I never have enough time to do everything I want, so I could care less about cleaning, cooking etc. Amen for housekeepers! 🙂 And I am so thankful to my amazing cast of reviewers!!! (BTW, this profile picture is from the Brooklyn Bridge where I placed a lock for Kindle Alexander’s Kane and Avery from Always.)


1 - CopyMeet Jennifer

My name is Jenny, and I am a 31 year old (currently trying to pull of 29, for at least another year or two)  stay at home mother of two, rowdy yet adorable and somewhat snarky pre-teen boys!

If that’s not enough to keep my hands full, I also try my hand at the house wife gig but my true love is reading. (it’s okay.. my husband already knows)

I’m obsessed with “happily ever afters” and all things book related and if you ever see me without my kindle in hand; you might want to take my temperature…or run….definitely run because something is definitely amiss!

I enjoy spending time with my family; I have a whole slew of brothers and sisters and cousins and nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles and any time we can get together to play music or silly board games, is my idea of the best time.

I believe love and laughter can cure just about anything and I do both as much as I can. 🙂


Meet Morgan13396903_10153731204896985_747871722_o

I’m a little Country girl who lives in the south with my husband, son, 3 dogs and a cat. I can be really energetic, very loud, and I love to read. I am a lover of all types of books, especially paranormal romance. Give me a book, some hard rock, some good food and I’m a happy girl. My husband and I love to volunteer at horror and comic cons and we are such nerds. We also love competing with each other on video games. Reviewing for the blog is something I’m very grateful I get to do with some amazing people. I am blessed every day to have such an amazing life.







Meet Paula

I am a single mom of two amazing boys who drive me insane and keep me sane all at the same time.  If I’m not working or reading you can find me at the batting cages, playing footgolf, at the gym, or doing just about anything outside.  Give me a lake, a tent, and maybe a kayak and I am in heaven.  If it’s to nasty outside then I can be found in the kitchen, parked on the couch watching Food Network or getting my butt handed to me by the kids playing video games.

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t reading.  Growing up I moved a lot and lived in a lot of really small towns, so books were my window to the world I couldn’t see.  I am so grateful to all the amazing authors that give us their worlds and let us fall in love. I’m not real picky in regards to my tastes in books, I just avoid the dark one because my attitude tends to reflect what I read and nobody should be subjected to that.  My favorite thing is finding amazing not well known authors.

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