THIRDS Character Spotlight: Letty and Rosa, A TCO Exclusive

catch a tigerWe are so excited here at Two Chicks Obsessed! All week, in honor of Catch a Tiger by the Tail by Charlie Cochet, releasing Friday February 5th, we will have character spotlights for your. We have asked Dex and Sloane, Cael and Ash, Seb and Hudson, Letty and Rosa, and of course Calvin and Ethan Hobbs, five questions, and you are going to love their answers. So, sit back, grab an empanada, and enjoy today’s Q&A with Letty and Rosa.

Letty & Rosa

TCO: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Letty: If this gets out, I will hurt someone. The spa. My mom buys me this spa package every year for my birthday. It’s kind of nice. I mean, I’m surrounded by big sweaty guys all day, out in the streets trudging through God knows what, dealing with bodily fluids, and blood. It’s nice to get away once in a while and just be pampered.

Rosa: Scented candles and a bubble bath. I love them. They’re just so relaxing. Believe me, after working a shift with Ash, I need something relaxing.

TCO: Pick your poison (beverage of choice)

Letty: Beer’s fine with me. The imported stuff is better. Occasionally on a girls’ night out I’ll do cocktails.

Rosa: I love cocktails. I’m fine with beer, but I love something fruity and tropical.

Juliette 'Letty' GuerreraTCO: Sinful snack

Letty: My mom’s Cuban cooking. It’s most likely full of carbs and saturated fats but it tastes so good. My abuelita makes this amazing tres leches dessert. It has to be taken away from me or I’ll easily eat the whole thing myself.

Rosa: Yeah, usually when we eat our family’s cooking, it’s double the workout the next day, but so worth it. Mine’s chocolate. I love chocolate. Especially with nuts.

Letty: How ironic. I think it’s hilarious that you love nuts and Ash is allergic.

Rosa: You’re spending way too much time around Dex.

TCO: Workout of choice

Letty: Punching bag. Preferably a fellow agent whose ass I’d like to kick.Rosa Santiago

Rosa: Like Ash. Not that I get in the ring with Ash. That would not end well. My workout of choice is actually yoga. Again, it relaxes me. Good thing I’m Recon, because if I was Defense, I’d have shot the jerk a long time ago.

Letty: I think you secretly like him.

Rosa: I think you should not so secretly bite me.

TCO: Pick a weapon-only one

Rosa: That’s like asking Letty which one vital organ she’d like to keep.
Letty: Seriously? Why would anyone choose just one weapon? Fine. A tank. That’s a weapon.
Rosa: That’s a vehicle.
Letty: That’s also a weapon.
Rosa: You’re impossible. For me, a knife. I don’t often get to use mine, which I guess is a good thing, but I’ve honed my skills over the years. I find it more personal than a gun.
Letty: Whatever. Weirdo.

As always, there is tons of extra goodies at ThirdsHQ. Don’t forget to preorder Catch a Tiger by the Tail, here. And if you haven’t read this fantastic series, please don’t hesitate, grab Hell & High Water, . I promise you won’t regret it!!!

Check back every day this week, as we bring you more character spotlights!

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