First Post! About US!

Let me start by saying a HUGE thank you to everyone for all
their love.  This just kind of came about
through a few conversations.  I didn’t
expect to launch so quickly, or to get so many people supporting our page in
just a few short days.  It means a lot to
get that kind of love!  Valerie and I are
A little about us.  Valerie and I have seen each
other online for a while, and we are kind of opposite in what we can and can’t
do.  She is fantastic with making fan
art, and getting the promotion out there. 
Me, I like to read, and I like to write. 
I don’t have the balls to actually write a book, as I hate
rejection.  So, instead one day while
chatting with Kindle Alexander I said “I should write a blog, but I’m so bad at
promotion”.  Kindle suggested Val would
be a perfect fit, and well, there you go. 
So, I will do what I do best….read and give my opinions, and Val will do
what she does so well, make awesome art, and get the word out.
This blog and FB page will be devoted to the M/M romance
genre.  There is a chance that every once
in a while something else might sneak in, but let’s face it…that is how we
connected, right, through the M/M books?  
 I discovered the M/M
genre when I happened upon the new release of Double Full by Kindle as I was
scanning through Amazon.  I’m not sure
why it was on my recommendations because I had never read any, but it was
sports related which is a passion of mine, so I thought “why not?” (Check out the
trailer for Double Full here:
)  I was instantly hooked.   As in, I literally ditched work
for a while so I could read it.  Then I
read the rest of her books, and sent her a message begging for other authors
who wrote similar.  I have just soaked it
all up.  I have favorites, of course, but
I like to read across the genre and see what is out there.
Oh, and since this is a blog about both books AND eye candy…you can expect a little eye candy with each post.  You’re welcome.  🙂
Hope you enjoy what you see, both here and on FB, and if you
don’t, well, let me know!
So enough about me…check out the review in the next post.
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  1. I'm so excited that you girls are starting a blog….this is a VERY good start. Yum…

  2. You women are dear to my heart and clearly, based on that photo, we think the very same. I love you guys. Thank you for the love, but its really all you two. This will be perfect!

  3. Excellent – I look forward to reading more! I'm happy for you both!

  4. Good luck to both of you on your new adventure. There is nothing better than m/books and eye candy. Coffee belongs in there as well. Can't wait to read your reviews. 😉

  5. I love this!! I am excited for you both and can't wait!! ……plan to visit often …and yes Kindle ….this is Perfect!! 🙂 Much love!!

  6. Welcome to the Blog-o-sphere from The Indie Bookshelf.

  7. Glad to see this–will follow–go Ladies

  8. Good Luck Guys cant wait to start reading your blogs

  9. Congrats on your Blog! Good Luck!

  10. Congratulations! Best of luck with your blog:)

  11. I just finally saw all these comments! Thank you so much for all the love!!!