GRL 2016 Blog Tour: Guest Post: Jordan L. Hawk

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**TCO is happy to welcome Jordan L. Hawk to the blog today, as we lead up to the final weeks before GRL. Check it out, and make sure to drop by and say Hi to Jordan!**

Guest Post

Thanks to Two Chicks Obsessed for hosting me for the GRL blog tour!

This will be my fifth GRL and my fourth as a Featured Author. It will also be the fourth for my spouse (and beta reader) David, who I think has his own fan club at this point. 😉

While there are a lot of things to love about GRL, the best part is just hanging out with readers. My favorite memories of previous GRLs aren’t the parties or the games, though those are fun too. But when I think back, the first moments that come to mind are sitting at the bar talking to someone, or hanging out in a group. Interacting with readers at signings or author lounges are also among those most special moments.hexmaker_final_200x300

The funny thing is, during my first GRL, I really had to psyche myself up to leave the room. My first book had just come out the month before; no one knew who I was, and I’d never met anyone else at the conference. How was I possibly going to talk to other readers, let alone the authors whose work I loved?

It was a challenge to force myself to leave the room and start conversations with people I didn’t know. But it was worth every moment. So if you’re at GRL and feeling nervous about approaching people, consider this an open invitation to talk to me at any time. I know just how you feel.

My latest book, Hexmaker, will be released October 14th—just in time for the retreat!





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  1. I wish I was going to GRL! I hope you and everyone else have a great time and lots of newbies talk to you. 🙂

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