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Hello all! Thank you so much for joining me here today for the first stop of my blog tour celebrating the upcoming release of my Dreamspun Desires story Forgive and Forget. For those who may not know about Dreamspun Desires, it’s Dreamspinner Press’s category romance line. Like many romance readers, I grew up reading all kinds of romance, including category romance from Harlequin. You know the ones. Those fabulous tropes about secret babies, amnesia, heiresses, mistaken identities, and secret heirs. We had billionaires and cowboys, sheikhs and secretaries. I had so much fun with those books, so when the opportunity came up to write my own category romance, I jumped all over it.

Obviously with category romance there’s a certain level of predictability. The lovers will always get their HEA. The fun part is what happens on the way there. In Forgive and Forget, we get a sweet, fun little romance with humor and even sexy times. We meet Joe Applin, a somewhat eccentric, awkward, and shy pie maker who rarely leaves his little pie shop in the heart of New York City. Joe doesn’t believe in happily ever afters. Not anymore. He’s content with his life of baked goods, and making his customers happy. He has his motley crew, Bea, Elsie, and Donnie who help him run Apple’n Pies. Enter our mysterious stranger. Well, more like, find a mysterious stranger face down in the garden. Which is where Joe finds the man he calls Tom. Tom has amnesia. Que dramatic music! Tom is sinfully handsome, dangerous, and gives Joe the impression he tastes sweeter than pie.

Joe’s uneventful life is turned upside down and inside out. Just who is Tom and what kind of trouble is he in? How far is Joe willing to go to help a man he knows nothing about? A man who doesn’t even know who he is or what he does? Is apple truly the king of pies? Will Joe ever get the last word over Bea? Find out the answers to these questions and more in Forgive and Forget.

Do you have a favorite category romance trope? Is it mistaken identity? Amnesia? Secret billionaire cowboy sheikhs with secret babies??


As the owner of Apple’n Pies, Joe Applin leads a quiet, uneventful life, content to spend his days serving customers who come from all over to eat his delicious homemade pies. Along with his motley crew—Bea, Elsie, and Donnie—Joe couldn’t be happier in his little kingdom of baked goods and java.

Experience has taught Joe that love is overrated—and at times dangerous. He has no intention of repeating past mistakes. But then he meets a mysterious, handsome man with amnesia, and Joe can’t deny something sweet is in the works. He isn’t one to take risks, not with his heart and certainly not with his life, but the more time he spends with the man he knows as Tom, the closer he is to losing both.

Genre: Gay Contemporary Category Romance
Novel, 194 Pages
April 1st, 2016
Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist:
Paul Richmond
Ebook ISBN-13:
Paperback ISBN-13:


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denise reviewI will admit to being a bit of a Charlie Cochet junkie. I mean how can you deny it when you have the same books (yes, multiple) in three different formats? But whatever, we all need some addiction in our lives, right? So, getting to read Forgive and Forget early was no hardship, I’ll assure you. And I have been enjoying the Dreamspun Desires series so much!

This book had intrigue, amnesia, guys with guns, and a sweet guy named Joe who just wanted to live his life contentedly making his pies and enjoying his quirky friends. Tom falls into his life, and Joe turns all his previously staunch beliefs that he should be alone on its side. What an enjoyable ride this was!

Always some sexy times with Charlie’s book, but this book was fun, with some hotness, bad guys flirting around the edge, and a mystery to unravel. In the end, Joe…and Tom…get their man, and of course there is your HEA, because it wouldn’t be a Harlequin-esque book, or a Charlie Cochet novel, if there wasn’t an HEA.

I finished this book smiling, and wanting to go right back and read it again, and isn’t that exactly what you want in a novel?

4.5 pieces of eye candy for this one. And a re-read for sure!

1-4.5 pieces of eye candy

meet the author

Charlie_Cochet_by_madison_parker150Charlie Cochet is an author by day and artist by night. Always quick to succumb to the whispers of her wayward muse, no star is out of reach when following her passion. From Historical to Fantasy, Contemporary to Science Fiction, there’s bound to be plenty of mischief for her heroes to find themselves in, and plenty of romance, too!

Currently residing in South Florida, Charlie looks forward to migrating to a land where the weather includes seasons other than hot, hotter, and boy, it’s hot! When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading, drawing, or watching movies. She runs on coffee, thrives on music, and loves to hear from readers.

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  1. Elizabeth Marshall says:

    This sounds like another great read! Will be adding it to my TBR list pronto! Congrats on the upcoming release! 😀

    • Elizabeth Marshall says:

      Ooh! Also… My favourite tropes in romance vary… I’ve read several with the amnesia and loved them. I also like Enemies or Friends to lovers too 😀

  2. James Robert says:

    I enter and tell my sisters about many booksI feel they would like so it is them that are the readers more so than I M. So not positive of favourite tropes

  3. I’m really loving this series. Sweet reads to raise me up when I’m feeling a bit down. I’m sure this one will be another great read!

  4. Thanks for the giveaway!!! Looking forward to read it!

  5. Thanks for the great post! My favorite trope is hurt/comfort, but as far as category romances go, I love the amnesia trope and also the unknown-identical-twin-shows-up- and-wreaks-havoc.

  6. I like friends-to-lovers (as well as “reluctant porn performer discovers he’s a natural”)…

  7. Love friends to lovers stories!

  8. Donna Mayer says:

    I already have this pre-ordered. I also like long time friends to lovers. Cowboy and cowboy.

  9. Sabrina D. says:

    I love all the tropes, whent ehy are done well! If it’s not done well no trope can be saved!

  10. Shirley Ann Speakman says:

    My favourite tropes are friends to lovers and second chance at love.

  11. This actually hits one of my favourite tropes. I love how a person’s character and true personality comes to the fore when there are no memories to fall back on.

  12. I love all Charlie’s books! My favorite tropes are enemies to lovers and rich man saving poor man. I love those those are my top favs

  13. I love friends to lovers😊

  14. waxapplelover says:

    This sounds so great! My favorite trope is age gap romances.

  15. I’ve no preference in romance tropes other than less too much drama and/or tearjerker the better for me. Hehe…
    Good luck on your upcoming book release, Charlie and thank you for a chance at the giveaway.

  16. Really I like almost anything with well-defined characters, a decently-paced plot, a happy ending, and not too many distracting typos. 😉 Recently, however, I’ve been having a bit of a “romance complicated by kids” and “geek/wallflower/shy introvert with a heart of gold” kick, and it seems like “Forgive and Forget” would fit into the latter category quite nicely. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


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  17. I have two favorite romance tropes: second chances and friends-to-lovers. I just LOVE the potential UST for both situations. Thank you for the giveaway chance and congratulations on the book release.

  18. Thank you for the review!

    Congrats on your new upcoming release! Favorite trope? I always say friends to lover.

  19. Ineztey Garcia says:

    My favorite tropes are opposites and enemy to lovers.

  20. GFY is one of my favourites

  21. I’m not sure I have a favorite trope in romance, I’d say it is every trope that isn’t one of my pet peeves… I probably enjoy most second chance romances as I kind of get older myself 😉

  22. Ree Dee says:

    I have many favorites – friends to lovers, geeks and jocks, musicians or artists and anyone, second chances, etc., etc., etc.

  23. I like most tropes, so perhaps age difference or opposites attract.

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