Emergency Services by Sean Michael: Exclusive Guest Post and Blog Stop


Can love truly conquer all?

Jet Wannabi has been working undercover for over a year with nothing more than the odd furtive phone call to his lover and master, Blaze Swanson. All that’s about to change, though, as a year’s worth of work is coming to a head in the biggest bust Jet has ever been a part of. When the SWAT and Narcotics teams roll in early, Jet gets trapped between them and the bad guys, with disastrous results.

Firefighter Blaze Swanson is more than ready to have his lover and sub home with him when he finds out that Jet’s been hurt in the bust. He gets to the hospital as fast as humanly possible, only to find out that Jet has banned Blaze from seeing him. Jet believes he’s ruined and that letting Blaze go to live his life is the right thing to do.

Blaze is going to have to call on all of his stubbornness, love, patience and abilities as a Dom to convince Jet that not only do they need each other, but the lifestyle they’ve enjoyed in the past is not out of reach, not if Jet puts his trust in his master to take care of him.

Join Blaze and Jet on their journey to rediscover how they fit together.

Guest Post


Thank you very much to Two Chicks Obsessed for hosting me today!

I asked if there were any topics that they’d like me to blog on, and Denise said she likes to know how authors research their books.

Okay, here is where I admit that I’m not a terribly good researcher. You’d think I’d be better at it, given I have a Bachelor’s in English, but I’m not. It isn’t even that I don’t like learning stuff about, well everything, but research takes time away from the writing. On the other hand, research is sometimes necessary.

I research kind of like I write – I’m not an outliner, I’m a pantser. In research terms that means I’m not a research aheader, I do it on an as needed basis. So when I come across some details that I don’t have at the tip of my brain, I will look it up. Occasionally, I will leave myself a note in the manuscript – look up what frozen meals Swanson makes – to look up when I am doing my read-through before submitting, but I have often found that I need the information I’m looking up to inform what happens in the next few chapters, so it’s usually easier to just look stuff up as I get to it instead of saving it for later.

For Emergency Services, this wound up being some medical stuff, and a bit of how shifts work for firemen here in Canada.

In a perfect world, I would have all the time in the world for research and then I’d just read books on all sorts of subjects, some of which would hopefully come in useful for the writing, too. One day, right?

Smut fixes everything

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When Hunter Simms goes undercover at an underground BDSM party, the last thing he expects to see is SWAT’s leading shooter Keifer Magnessen bound, gagged, plugged and very bare. He is immediately drawn to Keifer, and wants to get to know his fellow cop better. Much better.

With such a high stress job, Keifer needs to give up control on his down time in order to decompress, but it’s a secret he holds close to his vest. So, when Hunter walks into his chosen place to submit, he tries to cut and run. Lucky for him, Hunter is shrewd, persistent and quite possibly just the Dom that Keifer needs.

Can these two strong men find a way to make their personal lives mesh?

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meet the author

Best-selling author Sean Michael is a maple leaf–loving Canadian who spends hours hiding out in used book stores. With far more ideas than time, Sean keeps several documents open at all times. From romance to fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi, Sean is limited only by the need for sleep—and the periodic Beaver Tail.

Sean fantasizes about one day retiring on a secluded island populated entirely by horseshoe crabs after inventing a brain-to-computer dictation system. Until then, Sean will continue to write the old-fashioned way.

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