THIRDS Character Spotlight: Seb and Hudson, A TCO Exclusive

catch a tigerWe are so excited here at Two Chicks Obsessed! All week, in honor of Catch a Tiger by the Tail by Charlie Cochet, releasing Friday February 5th, we will have character spotlights for your. We have asked Dex and Sloane, Cael and Ash, Seb and Hudson, Letty and Rosa, and of course Calvin and Ethan Hobbs, five questions, and you are going to love their answers. So, sit back, grab a dainty mug of tea, and enjoy today’s Q&A with Seb and Hudson.

Seb & Hudson


TCO: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Seb: Photography. A lot of people are surprised by that. They think because I’m a tiger Therian, and a Defense agent that I don’t have an eye for that sort of thing, but I do. I love taking pictures of life’s moments. Of the beauty around us.

Hudson: He really is very talented. As for me…. You won’t discuss this with anyone, correct? It’s um, well, you see…

Seb: Celebrity gossip magazines.

Hudson: Thank you, Sebastian. I was getting to it.

Seb: You should have seen him and my mom when they got together. It was adorable. The way they’d huddle over a gossip magazine with cups of tea.

Hudson: Next question, please.


TCO: Pick your poison (beverage of choice)

Seb: I’m content with just beer. Nothing fancy.

Illustration of man with black hair, blue eyes, and blue sweater with a tatoo on the neck and shield logo on bottom left.

Hudson: I much prefer a nice cup of tea or coffee to alcohol, but on occasion I will indulge in a cocktail or two.

Seb: He’s as bad as Dex.

Hudson: What are you saying?

Seb: That you’re not very good at holding your liquor.

Hudson: Preposterous! I do perfectly all right, thank you very much.

Seb: You do, huh? Should we discuss the time you had a couple of shots of Goldschlager and I had to chase you through Times Square as you sang songs from Rocky Horror Picture Show because you wanted everyone to know what a wonderful and naughty musical it was.

Hudson: I recall no such evening.

Seb: How very convenient.

Hudson: Say “naughty” again.

Seb: Shut it, mister.


TCO: Workout of choice

Hudson: I don’t work out as much or as often as my teammates, but then the requirements for our positions are vastly different. I work out once a day in Sparta. When I need to blow off some steam, I do some boxing.

Seb: He’s got a mean right hook.Sebastian Hobbs

Hudson: Which you taught me.

Seb: I did. Don’t let that sweet, handsome face fool you. Underneath his calm, posh exterior lies the ferocity of a wildcat.

Hudson: Bollocks.

Seb: I love it when you get all flustered and curse.

Hudson: Next question if you don’t mind.


TCO: Pick a weapon-only one

Hudson: I detest weapons. My weapon is my intellect. I’m a doctor. Of course, those who end up on my table are beyond my help, but my skills come in helping them find justice. In helping those who cared about them find closure. When I can, I volunteer with the THIRDS outreach program which means lending a hand and providing care for those without the means to get it elsewhere.

Seb: He’s really something isn’t he?

Hudson: Yes, well, it’s your turn I believe.

Seb: Always so modest. For me, it’s whatever’s available. I don’t like to rely on solely one skill. That way there’s less of a chance for you to get caught off guard.

Team Cash

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