Keeping Karma by Tory Temple: Release Day Review

keeping karmasynopsisAlex Myers is keeping deeper secrets than just his pet ferret, Karma, who is illegal in California. Both Alex and his twin sister, Tabitha, can “hear” the thoughts of animals. It’s an ability he puts to good use working at an emergency animal clinic while studying to become a veterinarian.

One night, local animal-control officer Dylan Travers comes into the clinic with an injured fawn, and it doesn’t take the two men long to act on their mutual attraction. But the closer they become, the harder it is for Alex to keep Karma and the rest of his menagerie from Dylan. And then there’s the matter of his ability…. Will Dylan even believe him if he tries to explain?

Add to that debilitating migraines from especially “loud” animals and a scheming coworker threatening the clinic, and Alex needs Dylan’s support more than ever. Alex just wants to keep his job, his pets, his lover, and his sanity. But he can’t do it alone.

First Edition published by Torquere Press, 2009.

Title: Keeping Karma
Author: Tory Temple
Release Date: August 24, 2016
Category: Paranormal: Other, Erotic Romance
Pages: 138

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Alex works the nightshift at the emergency animal clinic while he puts himself through vet school. Alex has the ability to “hear” animals which sometimes leaves him with debilitating migraines.

Dylan is an animal control officer who meets Alex when he brings an injured fawn into the clinic. The two feel the attraction immediately and the two agree to meet for breakfast. Their relationship steadily progresses from there and Alex is waiting to see if it becomes something more before he spills his little secret.

The douche bag son of one of the animal shelter’s biggest donors strong arms Alex into helping him get a job at the clinic. The guy is a real tool, and it’s obvious that he doesn’t really like animals. Alex can’t figure out what his game is, but the tension has him wondering if he should find a new job.

On a random night off Alex decides to ride along with Dylan as he answers calls for Animal Control. The last call of the night is to pick up two abused and abandoned dogs. The cries for help from the dogs send Alex into the mother of all migraines.

Dylan is able to get Alex to his sister where she explains Alex’s “condition.” Dylan doesn’t take it well, telling Alex he believes that Alex believes he can hear the animals. Dylan’s brush off of Alex’s abilities puts a huge strain on their relationship. It’s like the elephant in the room no one talks about.

One night on his break Alex goes to eat his dinner with the animals in the shelter and stumbles upon a robbery in progress. Will Dylan be able to get to him in time?

This is a cute, quirky story but it felt unfinished to me.

From the blurb and the book title I got the impression that Alex was hiding Karma his ferret because Dylan was a straight laced, by the book kind of guy. I didn’t get that impression from Dylan. I loved Dylan, he was the perfect guy. Kind, caring and compassionate.

I felt like the storyline with the arrogant son of the clinic donor was rushed and didn’t seem to have a lot of motive or substance. It was quickly explained away with little to no detail. I’m a details girl, I like a lot of them.

Also, after Dylan rescued Alex there was no more mention of Alex’s abilities or whether Dylan had accepted it. There wasn’t any closure.

Alex’s little menagerie of animals were cute and I loved the connection he had with them. Overall, this was a cute enjoyable read.

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