Flight or Fight by Dirk Greyson: Release Day Review

flightsynopsisLife in the big city wasn’t what Mackenzie “Mack” Redford expected, and now he’s come home to Hartwick County, South Dakota, to serve as sheriff.

Brantley Calderone is looking for a new life. After leaving New York and buying a ranch, he’s settling in and getting used to living at a different pace—until he finds a dead woman on his porch and himself the prime suspect in her murder.

Mack and Brantley quickly realize several things: someone is trying to frame Brantley; he is no longer safe alone on his ranch; and there’s a definite attraction developing between them, one that only increases when Mack offers to let Brantley stay in his home. But as their romance escalates, so does the killer. They’ll have to stay one step ahead and figure out who wants Brantley dead before it’s too late. Only then can they start the life they’re both seeking—together.

Title: Flight or Fight
Author: Dirk Greyson
Release Date: August 5, 2016
Category: Western, Mystery/Suspense
Pages: 200

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paula review

I love a good whodunit and this book didn’t disappoint. Brantley leave the big city after something pretty shitty happens to him. He buys a ranch hoping for some peace and quiet. What he winds up with is a dead body on his front porch. I really enjoyed Mack. His gruff personality is at the beginning it awesome. I enjoyed watching Mack’s attitude towards Brantley grow from suspicious to protective. These two together were HAWT! The tension and heat in this book made it hard to put down. The characters were very well written and the story flowed really well and kept you wanting to know what would happen next.
4 pieces of candy
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