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Surveillance, seduction, and extra-dirty politics.

Christian Chatsworth-Brandeis has a problem. A huge one. The US senator he works for has run away with his latest mistress on the eve of a make-or-break fund-raising event, and it’s up to him to cover his boss’s irresponsible tracks.

Stone Jackson, the senator’s new bodyguard, looks enough like the senator that, with some extensive grooming, he might pass for Senator Lacey. Christian and Stone hatch a plan to fool everyone by substituting Stone for the senator, but Miami madness and the incendiary heat between them are throwing obstacles in their way. It’s a race to find the senator and pull off the con of the century before the attraction between them spins completely out of control.

Title: Ace in the Hole
Series: Wild Cards
Author: Ava Drake
Release Date: July 1, 2016
Category: Dreamspun Desires, Contemporary
Pages: 216

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This was my first book by Ava Drake, although if you look on Amazon, you might find it is her only book (at least there). 🙂 But I would not have known that it was her first book. Everyone knows I love the Dreamspun Desires series. Always reminds me of taking two hours to finish the dinner dishes as a teenager, because I was reading with rubber bands around the paperback, then having to move it page to page. Yep, I did it. Don’t judge.

Nevertheless, great job by the author, and Dreampspinner Press to get this book out so well. The plot was fun, sexy and high drama. These two alpha males, Stone and Christian easily melded together to find the right go-ahead for themselves. Both wanting control, yet, willing to give up control to the other. There was a need on the part of the reader to suspend disbelief a bit that Stone was able to pass himself off as a famous senator, but everyone has a doppelganger, don’t they?

The secondary characters were well done as well. The illustrious politican’s wife was great, and I loved how she moved herself forward despite the challenges brought on by her husband. And Christian’s grandmother! If I had one wish, it would be to have had more of his grandmother, at least one more scene (Ava, would you like to write a bonus scene to post on Two Chicks? Hey, I can ask, right?)

The climax was well done, and fairly unexpected, at least the who-done-it part. And I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. Read it practically in one sitting.

It sounds like this might be a series, and if so, I will put my hand up and be willing to suffer and beta read book 2. 🙂

Great job by the author, and I can’t wait to read more of what’s ahead.

4.5 pieces of eye candy



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