A Time to Rise by Tal Bauer : 5 star Review

time to riseHistory says the Knights Templar were destroyed in 1307.
History is wrong.

Vampires haunt the sewers beneath Rome, revenants desecrate graveyards, ghouls devour helpless passersby, and incubi stalk dark alleys and seedy nightclubs in Italy’s capital. Deep in the Vatican, a brotherhood exists, sworn protectors of the earth, and they stand firm against monsters from the dark depths. Operating in secret and silence, they protect our world from the sinister, the etheric, and the evils that exist beyond the Veil.

But it’s a lonely life, and Alain Autenberg knows that more than most. His lover was ripped from him years ago, and he vowed never to get close to another soul again. Even when the loneliness presses down on him, and his empty heart cries out for something more.

Something more comes in Cristoph Hasse, a new soldier arriving in Rome to serve in the Pontifical Swiss Guard. Young, brash, and fitting in at right angles everywhere he goes, Cris struggles in the murky, deceptive labyrinth of the Vatican. Propelled forward by a past he can’t understand, Cris collides with Alain, and both men crash headfirst into the darkest secret of the Vatican…and of the world.

A Time to Rise contains adult content suitable for mature readers only.

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I will start off by saying this was an AMAZING read for me. I was hooked from the very first page on. I was so sad when it was over. Can someone PLEASE make this into a movie because that would be epic!

I’ll be honest and admit I had no clue the Swiss Guard was so fascinating. I had heard of them before but I had no idea about the story behind them. The Author tells such a fantastic story I had to do more research and go read more on them. I got a pretty cool history lesson in addition to an awesome read.

Lotario was something else. When he started the story off by throwing vodka on a paranormal creature and lighting it up I knew I was going to like him. He’s also pretty kick ass for a Priest. He’s been doing his job for a very long time and it shows. He’s an interesting individual and I enjoyed seeing the type of friendship he and Alain had developed from working so closely together through all the years.

Alain is the loner in the Swiss Guard. He’s always kept to himself working on projects no one knows anything about and it’s made the rest of the Guard very wary and distrustful of him. They avoid him like the plague and I’m surprised he stayed sane with everything he had to deal with through the years. He was a really good guy with some demons of his own and I felt for him throughout the story.

Cris was the angry new recruit who felt like he had no place where he belonged. He had such a chip on his shoulder and was always upset with everything. I figured there had to be a story behind his behavior. Alain and Cris are eventually forced together when Alain is tasked with being a mentor for Cris and neither of them are very happy.

I really liked Cris and thought him and Alain were perfect for each other. When Alain finally gave into his desire for Cris the sex was seriously hot.

We have a good number of secondary characters as well. Each one plays a significant part and adds life to the story. I feel like Luca has his own story to tell and I hope we get to revisit these characters again very soon. I would love to know how Cris and Alain are holding up.

This is a very fast paced read with lots of action, drama, mystery and intrigue. It’s definitely more than just a romance. The gore factor is right up there with a horror movie and the scenes are described so well I felt like I was in the room watching. It will keep you on your toes and I had no idea what to expect next. I will be looking forward to more stories from this author.

5 pieces of eye candy from me.


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