Wrenches, Regrets, & Reality Checks by L.A. Witt: Release Day Review



When Reggie’s garage became part of a popular reality show, business went through the roof. And he supposes having his shop in the black is a fair trade for jumping through the network’s hoops.

As the show’s lowest-ranking producer, Wes is tasked with proposing a new spin-off show to Reggie. The sexy mechanic makes him sweat on a normal day, but this time, Wes is holding cards he can’t show. With execs breathing down his neck, he’s expected to pitch a show Reggie will never agree to do, even if his rejection puts his existing show on the line.
The network is counting on Reggie refusing to sign. But they’re not counting on their messenger falling for the man they’re trying to fire.

First Edition published by Amber Quill Press, 2015.

Title: Wrenches, Regrets, & Reality Checks
Series: Wrench Wars: Book Three
Author: L.A. Witt
Release Date: August 31, 2016
Category: Contemporary
Pages: 67

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The next installment in the Wrench Wars series will get you hot under the collar.

The TV network wants Reggie and his crew off of Wrench Wars because they can’t walk all over them. Reggie has put his foot down more than once about what he will and will not allow. Due to the iron clad contract Reggie negotiated the network has sent Wes to talk Reggie into a find a bride type of reality show. Reggie immediately balks at the idea, no one from the network knows he’s gay.

Wes lays it on the line for Reggie. If he doesn’t agree to do the show the network will cut the garage from Wrench Wars. Reggie can’t have that, his guys are depending on the extra income. Wes himself is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He has had feelings for Reggie since the minute he met him and the idea of pitching a reality show where he finds a wife is making him sick to his stomach.

Reggie is super stressed not being able to find a way out of the spin off series. One of the guys from the shop takes him to the bar after work to blow off some steam. While sitting at the bar they notice Wes at one of the table drowning his sorrows. Wes doesn’t look his usually button up self. His hair is disheveled, his tie is undone and his suit coat is off. Reggie goes over to make sure he’s ok and the two start talking.

Wes is as drunk as Reggie thought he might be and his spills all the networks secrets. That has Reggie coming up with a plan to get out of this mess, but first he has to make sure Wes gets home safe. Reggie takes Wes back to his hotel and as he turns to leave Wes kisses him. Reggie can’t let anything happen while Wes is drunk, he’s not even sure the man is gay.

The steam starts to rise between Reggie and Wes as the pressure from the network rains down on them. Together the two have to come up with a plan to get out of the spinoff series and keep whatever is happening between them on a path to something more permanent.

I love this series so much. I love that each installment can be read in about an hour. They are great stories with surprising depth in so few pages.

The characters are always interesting and just the type I would picture in a garage. The story moves along at a great pace with no plot holes.

The sexy scenes are so steamy I thought my glasses were gonna fog up. Holy cow. *fans herself* I can’t wait for the next one.

4 pieces of eye candy


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