What About Now by Grace R. Duncan: Release Day Review


Five years ago, everything went wrong. Braden Kirk and Rafe Jessen’s long-term relationship started unraveling. They stopped talking, fears mounted, then Braden walked in on Rafe and another man, completely misreading the situation. Without giving Rafe a chance to explain, Braden walked out. Out of their home, their relationship, and the game development company they started together in college.

After months of therapy to deal with the attempted rape Braden walked in on, Rafe begins to understand that his dominant tendencies in the bedroom aren’t a bad thing and that Braden’s submission is likely what scared his partner into silence. But Rafe isn’t ready to let go of the man he loves more than life itself. He arranges for himself and Braden to end up on the same charity cruise, knowing Braden won’t let his phobia—terror of vast, deep waters—rule him.

With a plan and twenty-eight days, Rafe is determined to get Braden back, make him see there’s nothing wrong with being submissive, and find a way to get Braden to stay with him when they get home to LA.

Title: What About Now
Author: Grace R. Duncan
Release Date: May 9, 2016
Category: Contemporary, BDSM, Erotic Romance
Pages: 284

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I though this was a well done second chance love story. Braden and Rafe were very realistically written. I really enjoyed the slow build-up of them getting back together. I thought Grace R Duncan did an amazing job creating characters that hit you in the feels. She did a wonderful job of getting you to root for these two guys to work it out. Some parts of the story were heartbreaking, while others made me hope. I really liked the way she wrote Branden and his anger without making it over the top. I felt for Rafe and what he was going through with what happened in his past and how he moved forward through it. This book is one I would read again.

4 pieces of eye candy


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