Undercover Boyfriend by Jacob Z. Flores: Release Day Review DSP


Two men, one lie, and a whole bunch of trouble.

Marty Valdez is in serious trouble. His sister’s wedding is around the corner, and everyone expects to meet Marty’s super-successful underwear model boyfriend—whom Marty invented. Now Marty has to produce a half-naked hottie or suffer the worst humiliation of his life.

FBI agent Luke Myers is in serious trouble. He’s been working undercover to take down a dangerous drug cartel, but his cover’s blown and he needs to disappear. Luckily, a geeky yet intriguing comic book artist gives him the perfect opportunity. Luke just has to pretend to be his boyfriend, and pretending is what he does best. But between Marty’s mother and his ex, Luke might’ve bitten off more than he can chew, and Marty’s knack for finding trouble might ruin more than just his sister’s wedding.

Title: Undercover Boyfriend
Author: Jacob Z. Flores
Series: One Fine Day
Release Date: June 15, 2016
Category: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense, Dreamspun Desires
Pages: 236

deanna review
Holy cow! I couldn’t put this book down, I ignored the huge pile of laundry calling my name and read this in one sitting.

When Marty broke up with his worthless ex he invented a new boyfriend, underwear model Tim to keep his family off his back. With his sister’s wedding quickly approaching he is getting pressured by him mom to bring Tim.

Luke is trying to claw his way out of a blown undercover assignment when he runs into Marty at a bar. Needing to lie low for a while Luke agrees to masquerade as Tim to help out Marty.

Marty has a knack for finding trouble and Luke and Marty find their trouble might be intertwined. Both will need to survive long enough to solve Luke’s case before it’s his last.

This story was quirky and funny and supremely entertaining. The plot was fast paced and interesting without any plot holes. I was truly entertained from the first page to the last, I laughed out loud several times. While there were many characters between Marty’s family and the FBI it was easily distinguishable and I wasn’t ever left confused because the characters were well developed and relevant to the story.

This is my first read by Jacob Flores but it won’t be the last.

4 pieces of eye candy


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