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Elements of Retrofit (Thomas Elkin Book 1)

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Apparently I havelements of retrofite been way behind on reading some fantastic books! After several recommendations to read this series I figured I have a go at it. Dear God – why did I wait so long? I have read a few of N.R. Walkers books and absolutely loved them so of course this wasn’t any different. The one thing I will say is this was my first May/December read (hangs head in shame). I was always skeptical in reading books of any genre with the big age gap. I was always afraid that the younger MC would come off as childish or annoying and the older MC wouldn’t appeal to me. I must say, I was completely wrong in every stereotype I had of this subgenre.

Tom was sexy & serious. Cooper (also very sexy) was fun & ambitious. The constant banter between the two was witty & entertaining. Walker did an excellent job in creating such likeable characters you couldn’t help but fall in love with them. Coop was the light that Tom needed to let go and really enjoy life. I was thrilled to see that Walker made Tom doubt his actions. To be afraid of what consequences would happen for being involved with someone very young. How she handled the situations is what great writers are made of.

I am soooo excited that I took the plunge and read my first May/December Romance. I am diving into book 2 now so I’ll let you know how it goes

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Clarity of Lines (Thomas Elkin Book 2)michelle review

Have I said clarity of lineshow much I heart Tom & Coop?      Clarity of Lines picks up where book 1 ended.   Obviously I am thrilled that their story continues.   Walker does a phenomenal job in making us love Tom & Coop so much more than before.   They are starting to come out as a couple and due to the obvious age gap there are those who are not too happy about it.

Walker flawlessly wrote a story that is realistic. I think bypassing this phase of the relationship would have made the book feel unreal. Everyone struggles with family/friends accepting each others partners, but when there is a 20+ yr age gap I would expect it to not be hearts & flowers.   My heart just about broke for Coop and how his family was against them but once again Walker delivered and eventually everyone came to an understanding.

I could read them banter back forth for ever. The way Tom just doesn’t get why Cooper will not move in with him and how Cooper makes Tom work for it……freaking genius.

Heading off to read book 3 – Can’t wait to see what shenanigans they will get into.

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Sense of Place (Thomas Elkin Book 3)michelle review

WOW……I love this seriesense of places, and for some, wish they would continue forever.   Tom & Cooper hold a special place in my heart.   Sense of Place is the final installment of the Thomas Elkins Series.   Walker made sure that we would remember Tom & Cooper for many, many years. I am sure they will be at the top of everyone’s Book Boyfriend List for a very long time.

Both Tom & Cooper are having issues at work but for very different reasons.   Tom is having issues with a homophobic co-worker and Cooper is working with a rich brat who gets whatever he wants – AND he wants Cooper. Luckily Cooper is madly & completely in love with Tom, but Tom has doubts. Is he good enough for Cooper? Why would Coop want him when he can have a man the same age?    I was wishing upon a star that Tom would knock said rich boy’s lights out….lol….Maybe he did, but you’ll have to read it to find out!

If you are looking for a fun, sexy, realistic series with some fine A$$ MCs than you need to pick The Thomas Elkins Series. Definitely will be in my top favorite series.


Thank you NR Walker for giving such a fantastic series to lose ourselves in. I am forever a fan.

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Reviewed for Two Chicks Obsessed with Books and Eye Candy

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