THIRDS Character Spotlight: Calvin and Hobbs, A TCO Exclusive

catch a tigerWe are so excited here at Two Chicks Obsessed! All week, in honor of Catch a Tiger by the Tail by Charlie Cochet, releasing Friday February 5th, we will have character spotlights for your. We have asked Dex and Sloane, Cael and Ash, Seb and Hudson, Letty and Rosa, and of course Calvin and Ethan Hobbs, five questions, and you are going to love their answers. So, sit back, grab a HUGE Therian sized steak, and enjoy today’s Q&A with Calvin and Hobbs. (Thanks to Calvin for assisting with the interview, since Hobbs’ selective mutism makes an interview a challenge.)

Calvin & Hobbs

TCO: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Calvin: I probably have a few, but my favorite has to be spending a day lazing about with Ethan. Sometimes we’ll go to a quiet, secluded place outdoors while he’s in his Therian form, and I’ll lie down with my head on him like a pillow, and we’ll just watch the clouds go by.

Ethan: [Smiles, and holds Calvin’s hand].

Calvin: For Ethan, it’s daytime drama.

Ethan: [Gasps. Point innocently at himself.]

Calvin: Please. No one’s buying it. If we’re home during the day and not doing anything in particular, he’ll watch a soap opera. I don’t know how he keeps up with them, but no matter how many episodes he’s missed of something, he’ll know whose dead ex-husband returned from the grave to reveal he had a secret baby with his ex-wife’s sister, who turns out to be long lost royalty from some country with an evil twin sister who supposedly killed him. I don’t know. It hurts my brain just thinking about it.

Ethan: [wriggles his eyebrows]

Calvin: You’re hopeless.

Ethan Hobbs

TCO: Pick your poison (beverage of choice)

Calvin: I’m partial to rum. Not on its own though. I have a pretty high tolerance. It surprises some people considering I’m not all that big. Dex stole my drink once and ended up dancing on the table. Poor Sloane spent most of the night keeping him off furniture and from stripping. Dex is such a lightweight.

Ethan: [shakes his head in shame. Laughs, then whispers in Calvin’s ear]

Calvin: Oh, yeah. It’s hilarious. Like the time he had a couple of Bradley’s foggy specials and grabbed Ash’s ass at the bar thinking it was Sloane. The two of them were horrified. You should have seen their faces. Funniest shit I’ve ever seen.

Ethan: [Laughs and nods in agreement]

Calvin: As for Ethan, he doesn’t have a preference. He’s not particularly fond of bitter stuff, or alcopops. He’s more of a vodka and Sprite kind of guy.


TCO: Sinful snack

Calvin: Hm, I’m not much of a snacker, and not big on sweets. I do enjoy ice cream though. Ethan and I used to hang out in one of the nicer neighborhoods and wait for the ice cream truck. The guy never came to our neighborhood. Too dangerous. So we’d wait, after saving up our change, and we’d pig out on ice cream.

Ethan: [Eyes go wide and he licks his lips. He whispers at Calvin]Team Cash

Calvin: Definitely for Ethan, my mom’s pecan pie. He has to have one baked just for him. You do not want to get between him and my mom’s pie. Not unless you’re looking to lose a limb.

Ethan: [Narrows his eyes and nods]


TCO: Workout of choice

Ethan: [Cheeks go pink as he whispers in Calvin’s ear]

Calvin: [Face goes red] That’s not the kind of workout they meant.

Ethan: [Whispers in Calvin’s ear again]

Calvin: We’re not discussing that.

Ethan: [Smiles widely and puts his arms up, wriggling his hips.]Calvin Summers

Calvin: [Mortified. He covers his face with his hands] Oh God. What are you doing? Stop. Stop doing that.

Ethan: [Laughs]

Calvin: That. Whatever that is, is Ethan’s favorite. I don’t even…. Is this over yet?


TCO: Pick a weapon-only one

Calvin: My snipe rifle.

Ethan: [Makes an explosion motion with his hands]

Calvin; Obviously for Ethan, anything that goes “boom”.


As always, there is tons of extra goodies at ThirdsHQ. Don’t forget to preorder Catch a Tiger by the Tail, here. And if you haven’t read this fantastic series, please don’t hesitate, grab Hell & High Water, . I promise you won’t regret it!!!

Thank you so much to all the THIRDS characters for stopping by, and a special thank to the lovely Charlie Cochet for giving us an additional peek into their world. Congrats on Release Day Charlie!!!!


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  1. Ethan is my hero, because I have an invisible disability too. Can’t wait to read his book, as I’m behind in the series, but a bonus of that is no waiting for the next book!