The Passion Series by Piper Kay

Guess what’s coming on April 11th?  Payce’s Passion by Piper Kay.  This is Book 2 in The Passion Series.
From Payce’s Passion: “I meant every word, Braxton. I do love you. That never changed, and honestly I don’t think it ever will, not for me. I never learned how to quit you.”

In anticipation of the release on Friday, Val and I thought we would give you a little taste of “A Perfect Passion”, and then, if you are really good, a teaser or two from “Payce’s Passion”.  So, if you haven’t read “A Perfect Passion”, that is your goal this week, to get yourself ready for a little Payce.  YUM!

Val’s “A Perfect Passion” Review:

This is my first book from this Author and it won’t be my last . This was such an amazing story . DAMIEN is HOT and so is Dax . This book starts off with Damien going thru hurt and how he turns it around . Enter Dax his hot straight pool boy and wow.
You have to read this book to see how things work out and also how Damien’s ex Aaron turns vicious.
I give this a five studly star and very highly recommend this book . 
I can’t wait for book two Payce’s Passion coming out April 11 to be released

Val’s Favorite “A Perfect Passion” Quote:
“Let’s go upstairs where you belong…in my bed.”

Denise’s Favorite “A Perfect Passion” Quote:
I glance across the hallway, harmless.  Dax walks out with a towel around him, and drops it to the floor.  He’s naked as a jaybird.  Holy mother of HAWT!…His ass is tight like a fucking Gladiator, and the way he just dangles in the wind…whew!
My mouth drops open.  I think I’ve shredded through the studs on the way down to the first floor!~picks carpet fibers from teeth~

So, if you haven’t read “A Perfect Passion”, get to it NOW!  Because “Payce’s Passion” is coming, and you won’t want to miss it….now, are you ready for some teasers from “Payce’s Passion”?  Be careful, your computer might just burn up!!!

Teaser #1:

“Why don’t you quit talking, Payce, and make yourself useful?” Brax raises an eyebrow at me.
“Hmmm…who’s being cocky now?” I curl my hand around his dick and yank him to me. “Like this?” I give him a grin and tighten my grip.
“No, like this.” He spins me back and slams me against the wall behind me. He buries his tongue inside my mouth, quickly swirling around mine then pulls out.
I laugh. “Fucking tease.” I tug him tighter, and quicker.

Random Comment by Denise: Oh my GAWD!!! SO HOT!!!!

Teaser #2: 
“Confident, I like that. And what exactly is it that you want from me, Brax?” He tugs me tighter.
“You yelling my name as you come,” he whispers, then licks at my lobe, growling in my ear.

“Mmmm…you taste so fucking good.” Brax groans into my mouth.
 And because we all love the romance wrapped up in these HOT books we read…. 
Teaser #3:

“My God, you’re addictive, Brax.” I lean over, kissing each eyelids. “I can’t seem to get enough of you,” I moan as our mouths meet and we kiss.
“I hope you never do.” Both hands reach up to my face and his long fingers trace along both cheeks then to my chin. “I always knew where my heart belonged, Payce.”

Now, I know you can’t preorder…but just watch our Facebook page, and we will let you know as soon as “Payce’s Passion” is available. 

In the meantime, pick up “A Perfect Passion”. It’s only 99 cents!!!! Go hurry, RUN!!!!

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