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Officer Ryan Bennett: He’s pursuing his dream of being promoted to Houston’s elite SWAT team with a single mindedness that won’t accept any outcome but success. But that’s not all he dreams of. Ryan wants more than a coveted position on SWAT. He wants to be owned by a strong Dominant. To give himself up to a Dom who will make him shudder with pleasure beneath a firm yet loving hand. Unfortunately, Ryan has had nothing but failure in that part of his life. Now, he’s hidden that dream away from everyone, including himself. And he refuses to let anyone close enough to see what he truly wants, and who he truly is.

Detective Sam Roberts: Cool and calm, Detective Sam Roberts is good at reading people. That’s why he sees past the hard layer of arrogance surrounding Ryan Bennett to the hurt submissive hiding beneath. He wants to help Ryan, even though the stubborn young man resists him. But Sam isn’t one to back down from a challenge. He’s determined to help Ryan embrace the soft, giving nature of his submissive side. Sam knows he can do it. What he doesn’t know is just how far they’ll both have to go in order to make that happen.

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Five-ish good questions with Christa Tomlinson (I know…its’ not Friday, but I like to pretend every day is Friday!)

(A sometimes feature on Two Chicks Obsessed with Books and Eye Candy)

  1. Let’s start with serious: The Sergeant was a HUGE book, it really hit so many people’s must read list, and I know people who have re-read it multiple times (not just me!). How difficult is it to try to follow up book 1 with another book that must be read.

Very difficult! I actually had a bit of a crisis because I was so concerned about trying to follow The Sergeant. I didn’t realize for a long time just how loved Logan and Clay were. But when I did, it hit me that I had a lot to live up to for Ryan and Sam. As I was writing their story I tried to force them to be like Logan and Clay. Ha! That didn’t work. When I finally let Ryan and Sam be themselves, their story unfolded and I fell in love with them.

  1. What is your vision of what Ryan and Sam look like? Do you have celebrity inspirations/crushes for these two characters?

ryan1 Ryan is young and average height but in really good shape. He has pale blonde hair and gray eyes. My celebrity ryan2crushes for him were Ryan Harrison from Queer as Folk and Chord Overstreet from Glee. Sam is my big, tall Texan. He’s a brunette with denim blue eyes and a low beard. Sam is relaxed and easy going with a naturally lean body and a slow Texas drawl. So of course Matthew McConaughey was my inspiration for him.


  1. The cover of The Detective’s Pleasure is clearly Ryan. Tell us the significance of the cover for you, and how it relates to the story.

I love the cover for TDP. It was done by Jay Aheer and out of all the covers she’s done for me so far, it’s my favorite. Capturing the tone of a book is very important in the cover. I’m not ashamed to admit that I write some moody, angsty shit. The darkness and shadows of this cover really convey that tone. I also love the pose of the model. He looks so vulnerable with his lashes lowered and the slight pout on his mouth. It makes me want to cry for Ryan. Excuse me while I get emotional…

  1. Sex scenes are not easy to write. And if writing is your full time gig, life sometimes gets in the way. What is your “method” to “get in the mood” to write a sex scene? How do you deal with it all?

Oh, sex scenes. I think it’s hilarious that I’m good at writing them when I’m such an introverted and modest geek. To get ready to write them I have to have music. No way I could write anything sexy while listening to my dogs wrestling or the garbage truck racing over the speed bumps behind my christahouse as LOUD AS POSSIBLE. Listening to music helps block all that out and I always choose a song that helps set the tone for the scene I’m writing. If I want a soft, sweet scene, I go with Ed Sheeran Kiss Me. For passionate sexy times I like Sail by AWOLNATION. And for anything emotionally rough and turbulent, Marilyn Manson Tainted Love is my go to. Of course, going back and polishing a sex scene is another matter altogether. I normally end up doing it like this because I’m so embarrassed reading what I wrote:

  1. Now, for the fun one. You call me to bail you out of jail. Oh, who are we kidding, you would be my call to bail ME out of jail…so what three things would you bring me? 🙂

Haha! Well, number one is pants. Because I don’t know what went down, but I’m sure you somehow lost your pants. A bottle of wine in case you need a little Hair of the Dog and of course the cash to bail you out. So keep it to a misdemeanor. I hate going into the bank and the ATMs only allow you to take so much out.

Thank you, Denise! This was fun.


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We are giving away three arcs for The Detective’s Pleasure. Comment on this blog post with your favorite sexy song, what you would write to, if you could. 🙂

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  1. Shorty Chelle says:

    I love Far Away by Nickelback. Thank you for the chance.

  2. Eric Thornton says:

    I would write to Domino by Jessie J. Thanks for the chance.

  3. Sabrina D. says:

    Closer by Nine Inch Nails…

  4. Leslie Gardner says:

    Something with a good strong beat, I like the Nine Inch Nails idea, would love to win

  5. Something like Pretty Tied Up by Guns ‘N Roses…strong, fast paced song.

  6. Gotta Talk to You by Seungri – every now and then I hear it and that stays in my head for many hours afterward. Always gets my imagination flowing faster except for during the chorus when I have to do a little chair dance and mouth the words.