TCO Exclusive Mini-Story: The Sergeant by Christa Tomlinson

Thank you to Christa Tomlinson for this special short story! 
She wrote this based on Denise’s prompt asking for a story where Clay is allowed to “take control”, to celebrate their anniversary (and to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of The Sergeant publication date). Christa knows that Denise LOVES these boys, so without further ado…please check out this lovely story.  
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One Night Only
A Logan & Clay Mini-Story
is a work of fiction, written by Christa Tomlinson and protected under US
copyright laws. It may not be reproduced, copied, or published without the
express written permission of Christa Tomlinson.
Logan lay back in his big bed. His
submissive, Clay, lay across his chest. Logan gently brushed his fingers
through the silky, dark curls of Clay’s hair as they both caught their breath.
They’d been together for nearly seven months now. But their love for one another
hadn’t faded and neither had their passion. Logan looked down as Clay propped
himself up to look at him. The beautiful flush had faded from his face, but his
blue eyes were still soft, his lids still low.
“Do you think we’ll still be this
rambunctious in bed when we’re old?”
Logan arched a brow. “We’ve only
been together for seven months and you’re talking about us being old? I’m still
in my prime.” Clay dug an elbow into his ribs, making him wince. “Ow!”
“Sorry,” Clay said. But the sparkle
in his eyes made it clear he wasn’t really. “You know what I mean. Do old
people still play? Or will we start having vanilla sex all the time?”
Logan laughed. “Would that bother
Clay’s eyebrows shot up. “Now that
you’ve shown me sprinkles, caramel and whipped cream? Hell yeah it would.”
Logan laughed again. “There are
plenty of D/s couples who play well into their golden years. I’m sure we’ll be
just the same.”
“Good.” He closed his eyes for a
second, taking in a deep breath. Then his eyes popped back open. “Don’t go
getting any ideas with the ice cream. I’m not really into foodplay.”
“Is that right? You didn’t seem to
mind the last time I ate ice cream off of you.”
body warmed as he thought back to that night.
He and Logan had shared a
bowl of cookies and cream ice cream, while Logan told him how attractive he
found him and how much he loved him. The sex they’d had after had been so sweet
and warm. He squirmed a bit now to think of it. Clay looked up to see Logan
smiling at him. “Well maybe I can make an exception sometimes.” 
Logan’s smile grew. “Of course.”
Hi brain latched onto something
Logan had said earlier. “Did you say we’ve been together for seven months?”
“Yeah. Why?”
“Seven is a lucky number! We should
do something to celebrate.”
“Okay. Like what?”
Clay looked down, tracing a finger
over the crisp, blonde hair on his Dom’s chest as he thought. He thought of how
much he loved when Logan took control of him. Of how close he felt to his Dom when
he let him take over. He wondered if Logan felt the same way he did. He looked
back up at him. “I have an idea.” He stopped, not sure how Logan would feel
about it. After a few moments Logan prompted him.
“Are you going to share your idea
or do I have to guess?”
Clay rolled his eyes. “You might
know a lot of what’s in my head, especially during sex, but you’d never guess
Logan cocked his head to the side
and stared at him for a long moment. “You want to switch roles.”
Clay’s mouth dropped open. “What
the hell? That’s freaky.”
Logan laughed. “Nothing else would
make you hesitate like that.” He brushed a hand over Clay’s hair, making him
close his eyes and turn into his touch. “Is that what you want?” he asked
Clay kissed his palm before his
opened his eyes. “Yeah. I love it so much and I feel so damn close to you with
you in control. I’d love for you to experience that.”
Clay was surprised. “Okay? Just
like that?”
Logan gripped his arms and pulled
him up into a kiss. “You know I love you and I’ll give you whatever you want.”
“Then okay.” Clay gave him another
kiss. “Thank you.”
When he pulled back, Logan gave him
his stern look. “But for one night only.”
“Of course. No way your bossy ass
could give up control for longer than that.” Clay grinned, completely expecting
the smack on the ass Logan gave him.
Clay watched as the uniformed cops
hauled off the woman they’d just apprehended. She’d been sitting in the parking
lot in the back seat of her car. The windows had been down and she’d been
screaming that the overlords wanted her to blow herself up. That had been strange
enough. The gun she’d been waving around as she refused to get out of the car
had brought in SWAT. And the bomb she’d threatened to detonate had brought in
the explosives squad. Thankfully, the situation had been defused without anyone
hurt, and it turned out there was no bomb in or on the car.
Now that the crisis was resolved,
Clay’s attention returned to what he’d been thinking of all week. Being in
control of Logan. They had sex without any D/s elements often. But they’d never
switched roles to where he was the dominant one. He was still surprised that
Logan had agreed to his idea, but he was down for it one hundred percent.
Twenty minutes later, they were in
the Bear, headed back to the station. And Clay was still thinking of tonight.
He knew that he wanted to have their seven month role reversal celebration in
their play room. But he hadn’t decided what he wanted to do once they were in
there. He looked over at Logan and found him watching him with a grin. Clay
narrowed his eyes. He knew Logan knew exactly what he was thinking; he’d been
teasing him all week, asking about his plans. Clay rudely popped his middle
finger up and licked it. Logan burst out laughing. He shook his head and turned
to talk to Jody.
Hector had apparently seen his
gesture. “Geez man. Can’t you wait until you two are snugged up in the supply
closet before you start with the sexy times?”
“Shut up, Hector. That wasn’t
“Whatever, amigo,” Hector said in a
disbelieving tone.
Clay just rolled his eyes at his
teammate before he went back to thinking about just how he planned to take
control of his Dom.
They’d just gotten out of the
shower. They were dry but undressed. Clay stood in front of the dresser, about
to open the drawer for a pair of briefs. Now that the time was approaching, he
was starting to get a little nervous. He was able to take charge out in the
field all the time, but that part of his personality seemed to take a break
whenever he was intimate with Logan. Would he be able to go through with this? He
jumped as Logan came up behind him, wrapping his strong arms around his waist.
He kissed his ear before asking, “Have you decided yet?” Clay nodded. “Yeah. I
want to be in the play room.” He looked up and met Logan’s eyes in the dresser
mirror. “If that’s alright?”
Logan smiled. “Whatever you want.
You’re in charge tonight.”
Clay took a deep breath. “That’s
right. I’m in charge. Let’s go.”
They left the bedroom, walking down
the hall to the playroom Logan had built for them. Clay could feel Logan’s
presence looming behind him. He should have had Logan walk in front, but he
hadn’t been thinking. He was slightly on edge with Logan at his back like he
always was, but he forged ahead, unlocking and opening the door to their
private space. Once inside, Clay headed towards the tall stand where he’d first
been restrained in this room. They were both already naked, so thankfully he
didn’t have to order Logan to strip. He cleared his throat. “I want you here.”
Logan immediately obeyed him,
walking over to stand underneath the solid wood frame. But his gaze was steady
and direct and Clay had to fight not to look down as he usually did. He stepped
closer, their naked bodies brushing together as he fit the restraints around
Logan’s thick wrists. Logan turned his head, nuzzling his neck and kissing him
behind his ear. Clay closed his eyes for a moment, leaning into him. But then
he stepped away. “I didn’t say you could kiss me.”
Logan looked at him. His lids were
low, but his gaze was still as direct as ever. “Sorry,” he said softly.
Clay didn’t say anything to that.
He just worked the pulley system, tugging Logan’s arms up and over his head.
When he was restrained the way he wanted, he ran his eyes over his lover. His
body was so big and strong. Firm with muscle and dusted with golden blonde
hair. And his erection was already full, standing up and slightly away from his
body. Clay bit his lip. He wanted to take him into his mouth but was that the
right thing to do if he was in control? Without realizing it, he looked to
Logan for approval.
“Whatever you want to do to me,” he
answered the unspoken question in a low voice.
Clay lowered himself to his knees.
He stroked his fist over his lover’s cock a few times before he leaned in and
swallowed him down. Logan hissed, his thigh muscles tightening. Clay kept
sucking him, changing the rhythm as he pleased. He went slow, making Logan
groan. Then faster, until his lover was thrusting his hips forward.
Clay took his mouth away. “Don’t
move. Stay still while I suck you.” He cupped the heavy weight of Logan’s
balls, giving them a slight squeeze. “Understand?”
Logan looked down at him, his face
fierce with a tightly clenched jaw. “Understood.”
Clay leaned forward again, lightly
tonguing the tip of the thick, wet cock in front of his face. He played for a
moment, teasing Logan with soft licks all over before groaning and sucking him
back into his mouth. This time he took him slow and deep over and over until he
too was hard, just from tasting his lover and feeling him in his mouth. He
moaned around Logan’s cock, bringing his hands up to stroke the thighs in front
of him. Logan groaned and Clay looked up to see him with his head thrown back,
his arms straining as he pulled at the restraints. Clay watched him, thinking
how gorgeous he was. He started to squirm on his knees and he felt Logan
throbbing in his mouth. Clay realized he needed to stop before he took them
both too far.
He pulled away, resting his
forehead on Logan’s thigh. “Don’t… don’t come yet,” he said between deep gasps
for breath. Clay got to his feet. He stood there in front of Logan wanting to
feel his lover’s arms around him. But he couldn’t because Logan’s arms were
chained over his head. So instead he leaned against him for a moment,
initiating a kiss. He took the lead at first. But as the kiss went on Logan
grew more aggressive, controlling the pace, biting at his lip. Clay moaned,
resting a hand against Logan’s chest. He had to force himself away before he
sunk in to it and let Logan completely take over.
Both of them were breathing hard as
he looked at Logan. He couldn’t move as he stared into his lover’s eyes,
completely forgetting what he wanted to do next. Logan ran his tongue over his
lip and yanked on his restraints. The sound of the chain rattling had him
focusing again. “Sorry. You-.” Clay cut himself off. He was in control, he
didn’t need to apologize. “I’ll be right back.”
He left Logan there while he went
to the cabinet where the whips and other toys were kept. Clay grabbed the
leather covered paddle and a small bottle of lube. He walked back to Logan.
“You’ve spanked me so many times
I’ve lost count.” He kissed him hard, this time pulling away before he could
try and take over. “It always gets me hot, let’s see if it does the same for
Clay went behind his lover. He
stroked a hand over his ass, teasing him just as Logan always did to him. Then
he pulled his arm back and slapped the paddle right onto his left cheek. Logan
jerked once but showed no other reaction. Clay pulled back again, this time
striking the other cheek. Logan jerked again. A soft sound that seemed to be a
mix of surprise and pain accompanied the movement. Clay smiled. He knew that
feeling. He grew bolder, wielding the paddle faster and harder against the
firm, round ass of his lover. He stopped for a moment to wrap his arms around
Logan’s waist.
“I wanted you to feel this Si –
Logan. Does it feel good?”
Logan’s answer was roughly voiced
making Clay smile. He slipped one hand down to Logan’s erection. He wasn’t as
stiff as when he’d been sucking him off so Clay bent down to the bottle of lube
on the floor and poured some of it into his hand. Standing, he gripped Logan’s
cock again, stroking him slow and soft. “Remember, you can’t move,” he
whispered into his ear. A frustrated growl came from Logan but he held still.
Clay grinned. He liked having this power. So he kept pumping him slowly. Logan
didn’t move his hips, but he did start pulling on the restraints. And every
time he did so, Clay swung the paddle, slapping him hard on the ass. Eventually
he let his cock go, stepping back a bit to get a better angle with the leather
Clay thought briefly about going to
get another toy from the cabinet. But he figured for his first time out, he’d
better stick with the basics. So he continued to use the paddle. But he changed
the rhythm up, sometimes striking hard and fast, sometimes waiting long periods
between strikes. And sometimes he just rubbed the paddle or his hand over the
warm, red skin of Logan’s ass. Sometimes like now, he pressed in close for
another hug, rubbing his own erection over Logan’s hip and ass while he stroked
his lover’s.
Logan groaned. “You’re very good at
Clay laughed softly. “I’ve been
taking mental notes.” 
He stepped back again, returning to
using the paddle. Logan’s groans came more frequently now. His head was thrown
back and his arms bulged as he put tension on the restrains. Clay heard Logan’s
rough groans. But somehow in his head, they were morphing into his groans from when Logan punished him.
It started to feel weird and wrong to be doing this. He was turned on. But it
wasn’t as intense as it usually was. And it felt … off. Every time he heard the sound of leather meeting flesh, he
expected to feel the sting on his ass. He wanted to be the one feeling the
sweet pain of the paddle. He stopped.
Clay stood there silently for a
moment. He wasn’t sure how to proceed. He felt jittery, and when he reached a
hand out to touch the red skin of Logan’s ass, his hand shook. After a few
moments of him doing nothing, Logan called his name. His voice was softer than
normal but Clay still heard the underlying note of command. He went around to
Logan’s front.
looked at his sub
. He was fine with them switching roles for tonight. But
he could tell that Clay was losing the urge to stay in control. That didn’t
surprise him. Clay wasn’t usually dominant sexually. And to do this – it wasn’t
like flipping a switch. But he wouldn’t say anything until he was one hundred
percent sure Clay wanted to give control back to him. So for now, he just
looked at his lover
. He’d brought his head back up and he was watching him
closely, like he was studying him. Clay took a deep breath. He desperately
wanted to hear Logan’s deep voice telling him what to do. But that would defeat
the purpose. He could do this.
Clay took three steps forward so
that he was right in front of Logan. He grasped Logan’s cock. It was so thick
and hot in his hand and he immediately started thinking of the way it felt
inside him. Clay moaned, tucking his face into the crook of Logan’s neck. “I’m
sorry. I know I’m supposed to be the one in control. But…” He left the rest of
the sentence unfinished and pressed closer, rubbing his face into the hair on
Logan’s chest, wishing he could wrap his body around him. After a few moments,
Logan turned his head and whispered into his ear.
“Unchain me, Clay.”
Relief immediately swamped him. He
put the handle of the paddle between his teeth. His hands still shaking, he
reached up and released Logan from the restraints. Logan lowered his arms,
rubbing his wrists a few times. Clay took a step back.  Logan’s hazel eyes were sharp, his jawline
firm. Clay recognized that look and he knew what it meant. Taking the paddle
out of his mouth, he held it out to him. Logan took it and threw it to the
side. Before he could blink, his Dom had grasped him by a fistful of hair and yanked
him into a rough kiss. Logan’s breath was hot on his face and his teeth were
sharp on his lip and Clay fell against him, fell into the kiss, handing the
reins back to him without hesitation. Logan picked him up and now Clay wrapped
his arms and legs around him like he’d wanted to earlier. Logan walked them
over to the nearest wall, pressing Clay against it to help hold his weight.
“Did you really think you could
control me?”
Clay pushed his hips up, rubbing
his cock against the hard muscles of Logan’s stomach. “I thought … I wanted …
but I need you.” Clay couldn’t get his thoughts in order. But he didn’t have
“You need me in control.” Logan
adjusted their positions and started to bring him down onto his cock. “You need
me inside.”
Clay dug his fingers into Logan’s
back. “Oh, god. Yes. Please.” He closed his eyes, leaning his head back against
the wall, expecting Logan to fuck him. But he didn’t. He just stayed still,
barely an inch inside him. He opened his eyes again to see Logan watching him.
“Tell me you need me in control.”
“I need you in control,” he
Logan pushed inside him another
inch. “Tell me again.”
“I need you in control,” Clay
repeated. And he kept repeating it as Logan slowly pushed all the way inside
him. Logan leaned forward and kissed him. Clay moaned as he finally started
moving his hips, pulling out slowly, sliding back in slowly.
Logan breathed the words into their
kiss. “Tell me, baby.”
Clay said it again, telling his Dom
that he needed him to be in control. Logan kept kissing him, demanding that he
say it again whenever their lips parted. Clay obeyed him, his body trembling,
wanting Logan to speed up his pace. But he didn’t. He just kept thrusting into
him so slowly, making him feel every single inch of his cock as it slid in and
out of him. Pleasure and frustration rolled through Clay. His whispers grew
more urgent, more frantic, growing in volume until he was shouting “Control me!
Control me, Sir!” He squeezed his legs around Logan’s hips, tightening his ass
around his cock. He knew better than to rush his Dom, but he couldn’t help it.
A muscle clenched in Logan’s jaw,
his eyes narrowing, but he finally stopped holding back. He slammed into him
over and over, so hard Clay’s shoulder blades were jammed painfully into the
wall. Clay again dug his fingers into Logan’s back, wanting to scream at how
thick Logan felt inside him, at how he stretched him, making him feel so
deliciously overpowered.
“Get yourself off. But don’t you
dare come before me.” Logan kissed him, ending with a sharp bite to his lip. “Wanna
feel your climax make your ass grip my cock after it’s already nice and
sensitive from my orgasm.”
Clay shuddered at Logan’s words as
he reached down to grip his shaft. He stroked himself, going right to the edge,
but not going over it. He was tense, his body trembling even harder, but he
managed to hold back. Finally, thankfully, Logan pushed deep inside and pressed
tight against him with a loud groan. Clay felt the heat of his release, just
before Logan bit his neck.
“Now, baby. Let me feel you.”
Clay moved his hand faster over his
shaft, pumping several more times until his climax rose up and washed over him.
His hips pumped, his cum spilling out onto his hand and both of their stomachs.
He dropped his head into the crook of his Dom’s neck, breathing in his scent as
the pleasure rushing through him started to ease back. “Logan. Sir. Thank you.
Thank you.” His answer was Logan’s hand in his hair again, tugging his head
back so that his Dom could take his mouth in a deep, controlling kiss.  
They were in the bed in the
playroom. Logan sat up against the headboard, Clay lay with his head in his
lap. Clay picked at the cover, disappointed in his performance. “I failed. I
couldn’t do it.” Logan’s big hand massaged the back of his neck.
“You did not fail.”
“Really? Then how’d we end up with
you in control again? Not that I didn’t love it of course.”
“You tried something new, but your
body and your brain are used to something else. There’s nothing wrong with
that. It’s difficult to be completely in control. It takes an entirely
different mindset.”
Clay laughed softly, remembering
how he’d wanted to be the one experiencing the pain he was dishing out. “That’s
for damn sure.”
Logan ran his fingers through his
hair, lightly scratching his scalp. “And it’s not like we can’t try again
Clay sat up. “Seriously?”
“Seriously,” Logan agreed.
“Well right on.” But then he looked
at Logan with a sheepish grin. “But not for a while okay? I really like letting
you be the sexy time boss.”
Logan laughed and brought him close
for a hug. “Of course.”
Clay relaxed back into his Dom’s
embrace. “This was nice. It’s going in my diary.”
“You don’t have a diary. You’ve
never had a diary.”
“Then buy me one so I can put this
in it.”
Logan’s laugh was smothered this
time as he pressed a kiss to his temple. “Whatever you want.”
The End.
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