Tangled Web by S.A. Ozment: Release Day Review

tangled websynopsisBy day Ashley Stevens is a dedicated nurse; by night he runs multiple social media sites for his crush and all-time favorite actor, Sebastian Gray. After a particularly grueling day at work, Ashley drinks away his misery while dreaming about being with Sebastian—only to realize it’s no dream when Sebastian actually contacts him.

Sebastian asks him to officially run his sites and Ashley is thrilled—right up until Sebastian makes it clear that he thinks Ashley is a girl. And maybe it’s the wine, or maybe it’s a fear that if Sebastian knew the truth, he wouldn’t want him, but Ashley never sets him straight. But keeping the secret becomes a nightmare as Ashley and Sebastian talk online night after night, forging a true connection. And the longer Ashley waits to tell the truth, the more tangled the lies become.

A plane ticket from Sebastian along with an invitation to meet in New York City for a fan event brings it all to a head. Ashley must face Sebastian and tell all, but he might not be the only one keeping secrets.

Title: Tangled Web
Author: S.A. Ozment
Release Date: May 18, 2016
Category: Contemporary
Pages: TBC (Novella)

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This was a cute quick read. Sometimes you want a good story but don’t have time for a long novel and this book fits the bill.

Ashley, a male ER nurse spends his nights running a fan page for his favorite celebrity Sebastian Gray. Sebastian contact Ashley, thinking he is a woman to ask him to run the official fan page. Ashley never corrects Sebastian’s assumption and the weeks turn to months. As the two build a close friendship online Ashley knows he needs to come clean but is afraid that the relationship will be over.

Sebastian surprises Ashley with tickets to a fan event for the two to meet. Ashley’s secret goes over like a lead balloon, but he realizes that he may not be the only one keeping a secret.

Original storyline, almost all of the interaction was through social media so there was no heat, just one chaste kiss. I did like the buildup of Ashley’s anxiety over telling the truth and the fallout when he dropped the bomb was believable. I could see this story being developed into a great full length novel, but you won’t be disappointed with the short story either.

3 pieces of eye candy

3 pieces of eye candy

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