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In this collection, explore seven stories of men who don’t think they can possibly be a match… until they discover that sometimes all it takes is a little something in common. From rough starts, to friends hesitating to take that next step, to complete opposites, Talia Carmichael’s series shows the ways that love can conquer many odds.

Cover Artist: Detour, Sparks, Resonate, Irresistible, Trouble, Chances, Magnetism Cover Art: Paul Richmond. Something in Common bundle Cover Design: Paul Richmond.

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I love a long series with a ton of crossover characters and you definitely get that with this series. This series is rich with interesting characters and great backstory.

Detour: Robert is a geeky professor who gets pulled over by the sexy cop Miguel for running a red light. Miguel is instantly intrigued by the professor and sets out to cross paths with the man on numerous occasions. Robert is completely oblivious to the fact that A, Miguel is gay and B, he’s interested in the professor. Apparently subtlety isn’t working and once Miguel hits him over the head with it the sparks fly.

Sparks: Bernie is Robert’s lab assistant and he has formed an unlikely friendship with Tomas, Miguel’s brother. There is quite a big age difference between the two and with Tomas always calling Bernie “Kid” he doesn’t think there will ever be anything romantic between them. After a revelation while out dancing one night, Tomas starts to see Bernie in a new way. Now all he has to do is convince Bernie he doesn’t see him as an obligation.

Resonate: It was not love at first sight for Gerald and Bur. But is Bernie’s brother and a retired rock star. Gerald is a cop that works with Miguel. Gerald has never been attracted to a man before, but there is something about Bur he can’t get out of his mind. But Bur is carrying pain from his past and he isn’t interested in being anyone’s experiment. Gerald will have to use all of his charm to convince Bur to give love a shot.

Irresistible: Harper, Gerald’s best friend is still mourning his dead husband two years later. He’s trying to move past the pain and pick up the pieces. Del is Bur and Bernie’s brother trying to acclimate to raising his two younger brothers on his own. Bur and Bernie are after him to meet new people when his younger brother’s scheming puts him right in Harper’s path. The two form a tentative friendship trying to navigate a relationship together with two young boys.

Trouble: Alex hasn’t dated in the two years since he moved to town. Drowning in a pain he hasn’t shared with anyone, even his best friend Robert. Les, knows just how to push Alex’s buttons to make him crazy. After some time, Alex realizes he enjoys the verbal sparring with Les. After an unorthodox beginning, Les is determined to make Alex his.

Chances: Theron has spent all of his time working on opening Treble Duo, the center the Jenkins brothers have setup to help abused children. He hasn’t had time for anything else until he sees Robert’s brother Aristotle. Aristotle is a mountain of a man and has Theron intrigued. No matter how hard Aristotle resists Theron isn’t letting go of perfection.

Magnetism: Taggart is a cop who works closely with Treble Duo to ensure some cases don’t fall through the cracks. Treble Duo’s head of security Rhodes has peaked his interest. Now, he just has to come up with a plan of attack and reel Rhodes in.

This is going up on my list of all time favorite series. I love the diversity in characters, the unique names and the individual stories. Each story was entertaining in its own way and no two were the same.

You always like some characters more than others and I can’t tell you how happy I was that after everything Harper went through he got a happy ending.

This is the first book I have read by Talia Carmichael, but it won’t be the last. I’m so in love with this group of characters I really hope there are more to come.

5 pieces of eye candy


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