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Chance “The Chancellor” Gerhardt is a mainstay for Frontier Professional Wrestling. He’s won multiple championships and has the respect of the locker room. But after ten years at the top, Chance is looking for a new challenge. The one he gets, mentoring FPW’s young rookie, is both unexpected and unwanted.

Devin Jacobs is a hot new talent signed by Frontier Professional Wrestling. He’s always been a fan of The Chancellor, and not just because of the older man’s skill in the ring. He has it bad for the steely eyed veteran wrestler. Unfortunately for Devin, The Chancellor isn’t looking to get involved with anyone. Or is he? During long nights traveling and working together, Devin catches more than one secretly admiring glance from The Chancellor…

Devin is determined to earn victories and championships in the ring. But he’d also love the opportunity to win Chance’s heart. Can the two of them navigate their way through the hyper masculinity and backstage politics of professional wrestling to the most important victory of all? Or will their shot at love be defeated 1-2-3?

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Hello everyone! My name is Christa Tomlinson. And my latest release, Showing Him the Ropes is now available. Showing Him the Ropes is the story of two men, Chance and Devin, who find love in the chaotic and hyper masculine world of professional wrestling. Today, I’d like to share with you all an excerpt from their story.

Devin was back on the road with Chance. The start of the loop had gone well tonight, with a successful live TV recording. It had been a long day; flying into Philadelphia, working out, practicing in the ring to get adjusted to FPW’s style, then watching and studying the two-hour show from backstage. But the day was nearly over. He just had to get through this long drive to Harrisburg.

He looked at the clock then at the speedometer. At the rate Chance was driving, they had about another forty-five minutes before they reached the hotel. Chance apparently was happy to listen to music the entire drive. Devin wasn’t. He reached forward and turned the radio down.

“You and Pollux mesh well in the ring. You guys had my favorite match tonight.”

Chance’s eyes flicked to the stereo then to him. He looked back at the road before he answered. “Thanks, he’s a good hand to work with.” He started to reach for the radio to turn it back up, but Devin spoke again.

“Although I have to say, probably my favorite match of all time was you versus Mike Abbot. That feud was amazing, and the final match you had was brutal. I remember at the end, Abbot caught you with an enzinguri kick. He busted you open, and it was obvious your bell was rung from the way you stumbled back and weaved on your feet.”

Devin thought back to that match. It wasn’t hard to do. He’d only watched it about twenty times. Chance had looked legitimately dazed. But he’d forcefully shaken it off and finished the match. With blood streaming down his face, he’d grabbed Abbot and carried out his finisher. Once he’d tapped, Chance had thrown him to the side, grabbed the top rope and roared right into the camera. It was completely unexpected and out of character for The Chancellor, who was usually calm and smug in his acceptance of victory. That roar was usually the moment when Devin… He coughed and cut off that train of thought.

“But you kept going, blood dripping down your face onto your chest, and finished the match. It really put a stamp on the brutality of the feud.”

“Thanks. It took seven staples to close up that gash. I think I had a headache for a week straight.”

“But you didn’t miss any shows.”

“You know better than that,” Chance said in a dry voice.Showing Him The Ropes Square

Devin smiled because he did know. In their business, everyone worked with minor injuries. Sometimes they worked with major ones until there was a good place in the script to write them off. Or in the case of broke indie wrestlers, money to pay for the surgery. It was a fact of wrestlers’ life. “True. What’s the most hurt you’ve ever worked?”

“A partially torn meniscus would probably be the worst. But the most aggravating was breaking two fingers on my right hand. They were taped pretty good, but every time I had to grab somebody it hurt.”

Devin winced. “That was about five years ago. I remember seeing your hand taped up.”

“You sure know a lot about me.”

“You were my favorite when I was watching in high school,” he said with a slightly embarrassed shrug. “I know you were a history teacher wrestling in the indies on the weekends when Mr. Mercer found you. He convinced you to go full time for his new company and within a year you were the top heel for FPW. You’re from Memphis, but over the years you’ve reined in your Southern accent on your promos. You’ve been the tag team champion twice. The last reign ended when you turned on your partner. You’ve held the Heavyweight Championship six times. Your last run with it was two years ago until you lost to Garret, which gave him his first title win.” He paused to look at Chance out of the corner of his eye. “What can I say? I was a proud Chancellor fan boy.”

“Is that right?”

“Yep. I had your t-shirt and everything.”

“You said were. I’m not your favorite anymore?”

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Chance immediately wished he could call them back. It’d be alright if they’d come out casually, like he was joking. But they hadn’t. His voice was low and husky, and in the quiet privacy of the dark car, it sounded like he was flirting. Which he was. And he didn’t know why he kept doing it.

After a moment, Devin responded, his voice as low as Chance’s had been. “Maybe you still are. I like watching you now just as much as I did then.”

That’s my boys! As you can see, Devin isn’t shy about his attraction to Chance. And although Chance doesn’t want to admit it, he feels something for Devin as well. I had fun writing these two guys. Devin was such a cutie with his unashamedly over the top flirting and poor beleaguered Chance really did try to resist him. I hope you’ll check out the rest of their story to see how it all plays out between them.

Thanks for reading!


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morgan review

I do love Christa’s writing. This was such a fun read. You don’t have to be familiar with wresting to enjoy this book. Christa provides us with a section containing terms and thorough explanations to keep you from getting confused. There is so much emotion in this first book and she tells an amazing story. As I sit reading, I keep catching myself with these huge grins stretching my face and I swear I look like a mental patient. The massive grins just keep coming. The banter between Devin and Chance is hilarious.

Deep down Chance is a nice guy but can be rough around the edges and a real ass sometimes just like his on screen character. He never wanted anything to do with relationships. Seeing him slowly fall in love with Devin made my heart melt. Devin is such a fun, happy and outgoing person. It doesn’t take him long to grow on Chance. The attraction between them from the first moment is intense and when they finally give in to each other it’s damn hot as hell. Be prepared to hose yourself down or catch fire, lol. Christa knows how to write an amazing sex scene.

I also enjoyed getting to know some of the other wrestlers in FPW. They seemed like a big family with all the drama that goes with it. Tre’ really grew on me and I can’t wait to see how his story unfolds.

I did NOT want this to end. What a fantastic start to what I’m sure is going to be an awesome series. I still have unanswered questions and I cannot wait for the next release. Definitely a reread for me.

5 pieces of eye candy.




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