Rockin’ It Forever by Morticia Knight: Blog Tour, Interview and Giveaway

 Bryan and Aubrey’s story continues in Rockin’ it Forever

Can the touch of a rock god last forever?


Music journalist Bryan Gallagher’s life has completely changed in an unexpected way. Not only has he snagged a dream assignment as the memoirist to alternative music’s rock superstar Aubrey King, but he’s also promised to give the beautiful and enigmatic musician a chance for them to forge a relationship. It’s all very overwhelming for Bryan since, up until he spent a sexually charged day and night with Aubrey, Bryan has never even dreamed of being with a man.
Aubrey is completely smitten with the boyishly handsome, young rock writer, Bryan. After their instant spark grows into something more, Aubrey is desperate to keep Bryan by his side for always. He’s promised Bryan that their love is for real, that Bryan isn’t simply one of his rock star conquests.
Their road isn’t an easy one, though. Despite their deepening bond and growing need for each other, other factors intrude. Neither Aubrey nor Bryan is ready to come out, and their relationship needs to remain a carefully guarded secret. In addition, Aubrey has to answer to the demands of his profession and Bryan has to traverse the shifting waters between his personal and business relationship with his famous lover.
Then a secret is revealed and everything in their joint world implodes. When a love is so strong that two men can barely take a breath without thinking of the other, will that be enough to bridge the loss of trust? The only way they can rock their love forever is if Aubrey can reach Bryan before it’s too late.
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Early response to Rockin’ it Forever…

“This book has it all: rocker musicians, incredible sexual chemistry, struggles with being in the closet, doubts regarding the relationship, intense feelings, and the amazing HEA with a forever kind of love.”

Thank you to Morticia Knight for stopping by for a little Q&A!!!
tco-author interview

Morticia Knight Author Q&A Part I 

Where are you from, and where do you call home?

 I’m originally from the Los Angeles area – specifically the San Fernando Valley. Yes. I am a valley girl. Deal with it.

I escaped L.A. and now live on the northern coast of Oregon with raging wind and rainstorms and very loud, barking sea lions. I make the sea lions stay on the pier though, they’re not allowed inside.

What inspired you to start writing?

Crushing loneliness. I think I was five at the time. Both of my parents worked long hours, and I was essentially an only child because my brother and sister are so much older than me. Making up stories and worlds and other people was a great way for me to spend my time. And I don’t even hear the voices in my head anymore! *snort*

 How long have you been writing?

Well, I guess the standard answer is all my life, but to be specific, I started seriously pursuing it when I was twelve. As in, the other kids thought I was a freak. I wrote all the time during class (I had my trusty spiral notebook wherever I went), but after they were done making fun of me, and class got reaaaallly boring, they became curious enough to ask me to read to them out loud. Soon I had them bugging me to finish the next chapter.

So, things started out promising, but sadly, I was turned down by one of the Big Six (back when there were still six of them) I was fourteen by then, so it was one of those devastating teen moments that you don’t bounce back from easily. In other words, I was completely delusional. Then I decided to pursue something much more likely to bring me success – the world of rock and roll. My profession for the next fifteen years was as a singer/song-writer.

Once I Ieft the music industry (and anyone who reads either of the Rockin’ books will get some insight as to why!) I turned my sights back on writing. I had to force myself to no longer write in rhyme, so there was a learning curve there. So, I’ve been writing fiction again since 2011, but for ten years prior to that, I was writing music bios, press releases, reviews and articles for entertainment mags. I was also the ‘as told to’ author on one music writer and one rock guitarist’s autobiographies.

One final side note: The song lyrics from both of the Rockin’ books are ones that I performed and recorded *wink*

What advice would you give a new writer just starting out?

I always say the same thing when asked this question: write as much as you can. Write every day or as often as humanly possible. Make your muse your bitch. Don’t let her call the shots. Even if you don’t feel like writing, do it anyway. Even if its total crap and you hate it, keep going. Because writing is like any other skill – the more you practice, the better you’ll get at it.



Aubrey Fucking King.

Bryan hid what he was certain would be a goofy grin behind his fingers. He didn’t need the older woman in the seat next to him on the plane to think he’d lost his entire mind. But the mutual masturbation with Aubrey in the shower that morning was emblazoned in his memory. Their inability to keep their hands off each other had left Bryan with precious little time to get to his hotel, grab his things then make it to the airport without missing his flight. Being trapped on the airplane for his journey from the west to the east coast was the first chance he’d had to relax and dwell on the previous couple of days filled with utter craziness. However, his immediate thoughts had landed on the visual of their slickened cocks rubbing together.

It was difficult to decide which event had him more thrilled, confused, elated, freaked out or stunned—that he’d had sex with his rock star idol or that he’d had sex with a man. He shook his head, unable to help himself.

“I’m sorry, but it’s inflight rules.”

Bryan jerked his chin up. “Huh?”

The flight attendant pointed at his laptop. “I said, you need to stow that for takeoff.”

“Oh! Sorry, I…uh, of course.”

His cheeks heated as if the pretty blonde attendant had any idea what sort of filthy thoughts had been drifting through his mind. She was the sort of woman he’d always been drawn to—confident, attractive, feminine. Another thought tried to wriggle its way into his ponderings, but he preferred putting it off for the time being. Everything had been so heated, so urgent between him and Aubrey—it had barely allowed him a moment to process the emerging lust and connection they now shared.

That was all real, right?

He idly played with the collar of his long-sleeved cotton shirt that was made up of a block plaid pattern in varying shades of blues and greens. Aubrey had commented on the colors, had said he liked the way Bryan’s lighter hair and deep blue eyes contrasted with them. Bryan allowed his fingers to travel under the fabric, to run across his clavicle. He couldn’t feel it—feel them—but he knew they were there. The marks Aubrey had sucked up on his skin. Then there’d been the rather prominent one Aubrey had asked Bryan to put on him so that everyone would know that Bryan was the one to whom Aubrey belonged.

It was silly, really, but it’d also been very sweet. People might surmise that Aubrey had been with someone, but they would have no idea it was rock journalist Bryan Gallagher. Bryan attempted to tamp down yet another unsettling thought and realized he was going to run out of space to hide from everything in his mind in an awfully short time.

No one will know because Aubrey won’t tell anyone he was with a man. But then again, neither will I.
deanna review

I was interested in seeing where this book went after reading the prequel, Rockin the Alternative. I did enjoy this book so much more than the first and I think that was because the book was longer with so much more detail.

At the end of the first book Aubrey and Bryan decide to give a relationship a try while writing Aubrey’s memoirs. Bryan is fumbling through his first relationship with a man and Aubrey is trying hard not to be a diva and rush Bryan.

The two start out strong learning new things about each other and learning to work and live with each other. They battle through having a private relationship versus the image they reveal to the public. Bryan has yet to tell his family about Aubrey and Aubrey hasn’t revealed himself to the world yet.

Someone from Aubrey’s past shows up threatening their new relationship. Aubrey has to decide if he can trust Bryan with his secret, by the time he makes that decision it may be too late.

If you could take the prequel novella and this one and smoosh them together you would have a great story. I definitely felt a stronger connection between the characters that wasn’t there in the first book.

The story was entertaining and interesting. I would love a follow up novel with Jimmy’s story, he made a great supporting character. I enjoyed the music in the book, the lyrics Aubrey wrote for Bryan were awesome.

3 pieces of eye candy

3-pieces of eye candy


meet the author

M/M Erotic Romance author Morticia Knight enjoys hot stories of men loving men forever after. They can be men in uniform, Doms and subs, rock stars or bikers – but they’re all searching for the one (or two!) who was meant only for them.Morticia

When not indulging in her passion for books, she loves the outdoors, film and music. Once upon a time she was the singer in an indie rock band that toured the West Coast and charted on U.S. college radio. She is currently working on more installments of Sin City Uniforms and The Hampton Road Club, as well as the follow-up to Bryan and Aubrey’s story from Rockin’ the Alternative.

Author links: Website || Facebook || Twitter || Goodreads || Amazon || Rockin’ It Pinterest page

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