Promo: Wolf’s Sacrifice by Draven St. James


Sean Maddox has one basic goal: to protect the
Northwest Pack. That priority helps him stay grounded—until the day the pack
rescues Liam. Suddenly Sean is finding any excuse to be around the sweet, blind
shifter. But trying to focus his thoughts on keeping Liam safe and not
exploring the whole laundry list of carnal fantasies he’s been having is
anything but grounding. It doesn’t help that Sean’s wolf makes it damn clear it
believes Liam belongs to him.

From the first deep breath of Sean Maddox’s
intoxicating scent, all Liam wants to do is strip naked for the sexy beta and
let the wolf claim him. Hiding away his desires seems like the best plan, given
after a lifetime in captivity Liam is just learning what it means to be free.
What does he know about being a mate? More to the point, would Sean even want
him if he knew the truth? 

As Sean and Liam struggle with their growing craving
for each other an old enemy steps out of the shadows. With secrets lurking and
fate twisting two worlds together a sacrifice must be made, but can the two
mates live with the consequences?
he was certain Liam didn’t intend for it to be a sensual strip tease, Sean’s
mind drifted in that direction anyway. Birds sang and the wind bellowed, while
Liam’s hands danced over the contours of his body.
can feel you staring at me,” Liam accused, although amusement colored his
words. The levity kept him from turning away and giving Liam privacy.
just standing here,” he replied in a low rough voice. Standing there
envisioning someplace much more private so he could do wicked things he
shouldn’t be considering.
huh.” Liam shrugged his shirt from his shoulders and Sean bit his lip to
keep his groan at bay. Screw the water, he wanted to press the man to the
ground and lick him from head to toe.
him directly as though Liam could actually see him, Liam toed of his shoes and
shimmied out of his pants. He did manage to keep on a snug pair of black boxer
briefs Sean had taken him shopping to get.
            Deep breathes. Deep breathes.

more than this,” Liam said with a stubborn twist to his lips. The words
effectively jerked him into the present. “I may not be able to see you
looking at me, but I can feel it.”
His curiosity peaked at that admission, but he left the statement alone, for
now. Deep within he wanted to know everyone about Liam, but didn’t want to push
so hard the man locked him out. The last thing he needed was for Liam to know
how much he wanted him to remove that last scrap of clothing.
Liam held his hand out. “I need some direction here.”
grinned and closed the distanced between them. He laced their fingers together
and directed Liam toward the edge of the water. “The rocks are a bit
slippery, so be careful.”
waded into the chilly water and towed Liam in after him, not surprised when the
man gasped, “Shit, that’s cold. Are you sure we should be doing
swim here every morning. Your body will adjust.”
you’re crazy,” Liam muttered under his breath. “It’ll adjust when
hypothermia sets in.”
chuckled and carefully turned away from the lake so he could direct Liam out
into the water. “Come on. Today I won’t throw you into the deep. It will
be about getting you comfortable with the water.”
comfortable? You’ll leave me in here until I’m too numb to climb out?”
smartass,” Sean responded with a snort. “It’s about you feeling the
stones under your feet and the slight current along your body.”
face crinkled into a looked of disgust. “It feels gross down there.”
is moss covering the floor of the lake. I promise it isn’t anything that is
going to come out and grab you.” Sean brushed his thumb over Liam’s hand
in reassuring gesture. “I’ll protect you.”
that sounded condescending.”
know this lake like the back of my hand. I’ve been swimming here since I was a
boy. I probably can map out about every rock.”
chill from the water was a relief from the heat the sight of Liam’s nearly
naked form inspired. The man’s pale body reflected off the surface of the
water, his narrow waist, and slim toned torso. The fall of his hair danced
around his shoulders from the soft breeze that blew across the lake. His brow
furrowed in concentration.
had never taken anyone to the lake with him. He considered it a private place,
one he now shared with the puzzling man before him. A man who he wanted to
unraveled to reveal all his secrets and protect him from any harm that may
still be lurking in the shadows. Now if Liam weren’t so damn stubborn.

St. James is a born and raised Oregonian. She has traveled extensively in
search of mischief and mayhem to fill her books.  Her ventures have been quite successful in
inspiring a wealth of stories.  Of course
at the end of the day, coffee within reach, laptop at the ready is where she
finds her peace.
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