Murmuration by TJ KLune: Release Day Review



In the small mountain town of Amorea, it’s stretching toward autumn of 1954. The memories of a world at war are fading in the face of a prosperous future. Doors are left unlocked at night, and neighbors are always there to give each other a helping hand.

The people here know certain things as fact:

Amorea is the best little town there is.

The only good Commie is a dead Commie.

The Women’s Club of Amorea runs the town with an immaculately gloved fist.

And bookstore owner Mike Frazier loves that boy down at the diner, Sean Mellgard. Why they haven’t gotten their acts together is anybody’s guess. It may be the world’s longest courtship, but no one can deny the way they look at each other.

Slow and steady wins the race, or so they say.

But something’s wrong with Mike. He hears voices in his house late at night. There are shadows crawling along the walls, and great clouds of birds overhead that only he can see.
Something’s happening in Amorea. And Mike will do whatever he can to keep the man he loves

Title: Murmuration
Author: TJ Klune
Release Date: October 28, 2016
Category: Science Fiction, Historical: Americas
Pages: 324

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What the F?

Ok, so…. I’ve read all things T.J. and I’ve cried my eyes out to the point I made myself sick, with Jack and Jackie. I laughed til I made myself sick with “Tell Me It’s Real”… I did a little of both and then ended up smiling til my face hurt with BOTK and I’ve dabbled a little of a little of the in between. I’m not usually a fan of paranormal, I don’t read them, just not my thing, but it doesn’t matter what this author writes, I’ll be reading it.

This one though? This one had me scratching my head, my heart racing, me flippin’ pages like a crazy person and I think a couple times I even loudly said “whaaaaaaaaaaaat”? It was confusing and crazy and romantic and wonderful… it was so many contradictions all in one, I didn’t know what to do with myself at times but to shut up and keep reading. I’d love to go into detail and wax on and on about every little thing I found fascinating about this read, I want to spoil the crap out of it so you can understand my point of view with it all…. I guarantee it that you’ll have a different one, and the next person will have a different one…. That’s why it’s so amazing, in the craziest way… It was a mind-f for sure and I loved every second of it.

In the beginning I wasn’t sure what to think so I was just along for the ride, but every time I kept thinking of putting it down, I thought…. Just one more chapter because I have to see what that was all about… It was like, the movie Pleasantville with a whole lot of Twilight Zone thrown in. I loved how things went back to the days when “courting” was normal and slow and a simple touch or a kiss was thought on for an age before it happened. People were respectable and friendly; and I’ll even admit a bit creepy at times as well. Mike and Sean were perfect for each other; they had a very complimentary way about each other and it was like they fit together; and even though Mike wasn’t good at saying it, it was very much known how much he cared for Sean. I loved it, the way he fought to get back there; what all he had to do to get back there, it made that slow torment of courting worth it; it made me route for them, Mike especially. And that ending…. I found the excitement bubbling up in your throat a real and true thing because I wanted it so bad and I was so scared it was going to be another wake up moment and forget what we were just doing and where we were just at. I would have broken my kindle I think in the rage I would have felt for these fictional characters.

I know I read a lot of chatter about this book; I got hints from the author on facebook and little things here and there… I felt prepared for going into this one with an open mind and a readiness to get in deep into some head tripping… but nay… nay I tell you.. I was not ready.

Do not pass up this book, I dare you to try to explain it once you’re finished…. It will most definitely chew you up and spit you out, and then put you back together again all happy and hopeful. Genius!


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