M/M Veterans Day Scavenge Hunt: Hosting Book Lovers 4Ever

MM Veterans Day Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the MM Veterans Day Scavenger Hunt

Today I am hosting Book Lovers 4Ever.

Thanks Wendy for joining us on the last day of the Scavenger Hunt!

Wendy’s Top 10 Books &/or Series Favorites for 2015

In no particular order- just my favorites so far. These are the books I’ve read this year but might not have been released this year, I’m new to the M/M genre.

Safety in Numbers (Sizzling Miami series) book 5 by Jessie G. – Loved Chris from the first time we met in the series, I was very excited to get his book. I look forward to the novella with more Chris.

Cronin’s Key (I, II & III) (Cronin’s Key series) by N.R. Walker– Umm vampires, what more can you ask for?? A sexy vampire who likes men…sold. Loved all three books.

Against the Grain (THIRDS #5) by Charlie Cochet- I think I love everything about this series. The humor and the sexy shifters. Oh and the Star Wars obsession, I know the feeling Dex. LOL (I love this entire series)

Wild Pitch, Curve Ball & Triple Play (Homeruns 1,2, & 3) by Sloan Johnson– different main characters in each book, but the characters making appearances in each book. I love that with series, I always want to know what is going on with the other characters. Big plus for me, it’s sports related, I like sexy athletic guys.

Cut & Run series (I read the whole series back to back) by Abigail Roux– enemies to friends to lovers- Oh these types of books are what I love about M/M books. The suspense and the WTF moments made me love this series.

Stay (Blackcreek series #2) by Riley Hart– Braden, one of the funniest characters and one man that needed someone to love him for him. He’s my favorite in this series.

Trust (Temptation series #3) by Ella Frank- Tate and Logan, there have been many GFY books that I’ve read but this trilogy is by far my favorite. There is something about these two men together that makes it seem like a true to life story to me.

Red Dirt Heart 4 (Red Dirt series) by N.R. Walker– Charlie and Travis- beginning to end I loved this book, I wanted so much for those two to find everlasting happiness.

Crossroads by Riley Hart– friends to lovers with GFY..I died and went to heaven with that combination.

Love Complicated by Teegan Loy– my first YA M/M book and I was very impressed with this book, I am ready for the second one. YA is not my favorite genre to read but I enjoyed this storyline

Rapid Fire Q&A

Chocolate/Vanilla- Chocolate all the way- love dark chocolate

Coke/Pepsi- COKE

Morning/Night- Night

Coffee/Tea- both, love coffee in the morning but I’m from the south, I love my sweet tea

Summer/Winter- Winter, the colder the better **TCO note here: Wendy lives in Nevada…she would have a different answer if she lived where Denise from TCO lives, Wisconsin…just sayin**

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MM Veterans Day Scavenger Hunt

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