Love Keeps Giving by Casey Cameron: Quick Review



“How much longer is rock bottom supposed to last?”

Broke and overstressed, Orlando is doing everything he can to get his life and mental health back on track–and score a date with shy-but-sexy Geoff before the new year. But when the biggest mistake of Orlando’s life reappears on his doorstep with the daughter he never knew he had, he has to drop his plans of romance and focus on what’s important: the eight-month-old baby now depending on him.

“It’s not every day someone has to learn to be a dad literally overnight.” 

But Geoff isn’t giving up on that date he was promised, baby or no baby, and his adorably dorky charm is enough to sweep Orlando off his feet. Geoff seems too good to be true–patient, generous, smart, funny…he even adores the baby who’s suddenly become the center of Orlando’s world, and his sure and steady hand helps ease the new dad through the panic-inducing trials of parenthood. All that can’t come without a catch.

“Nothing good ever happens this fast.” 

Even as their lives intertwine, Orlando is convinced Geoff is way out of his league, and Geoff has his own reservations. Falling too hard, too fast is a recipe for disaster, but neither man can help getting a little carried away. If they want to truly turn their ragtag group into a family, both of them will have to face their insecurities in this sweet and steamy holiday romance.

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Did ya see the cuteness of the cover? I mean… did ya?
Go take another look…. I’ll wait….I know… cute, right?!
I would have got this book for the cover alone, that’s how adorable it is.

Okay, okay… now, onto the story… It’s just as cute and made me tear up a time or two; so I’ll just give you the gist without trying to give too much away….
Orlando is kind of a mess. He’s trying to get his life together after a long week of self-medicating for his anxiety and depression issues gets out of hand some months back… 8, to be exact. He’s got a job, even though it’s not as much hours as he needs, he’s got a small, one bedroom apartment, even though it’s not in a great neighborhood and a car that seemingly on it’s last leg…. he’s doing it though; he’s doing it and he’s pulling himself up, slowly but surely.
Every day on his way to work at a local gym, he goes to a coffee shop where he spotted a guy who goes in there to do some work on his computer…. his anxiety makes it hard for him to make the first move, but he does it…. and to his surprise, Geoff says yes!

Unfortunately, the night they’re supposed to go out, a woman he barely remembers shows up on his doorstep with a sick little girl in a crappy carseat and tells him she’d be better off with her daddy; and that’s that. She leaves. Don’t worry though, this isn’t the kind of story where she comes back right when we all fall in love with her and tries to yank her away from her daddy…. It’s not like that, really there is little angst at all in this story and I loved that. I’m not an angsty reader…

Geoff though, he’s great. He’s endlessly patient and supportive and caring and he helps Orlando so much while he tries to get the hang of this dad thing. Unfortunately, again…. he’d been in a relationship… a long relationship with someone who had bipolar disorder and he was a little anxious about being in a relationship again with someone who has mental health issues. It was understandable, especially after he explained; but… it kept the niggling doubt in the back of Orlando’s head, because he wanted to be good for Geoff, not another person he felt like he had to “fix”….

So, there are some bumps in their road, but overall; it’s just a cute, feel-good, christmassy kind of read. I really really enjoyed it and was so glad they got their happily ever after. I would love, love love to see more from these two and their gorgeous daughter Noelle.
I’m such a sucker for hot guys and babies…. sigh…..
5 well deserved pieces of eye candy from me.



meet the author

Casey Cameron lives in a rare urban center in the U.S. Midwest, where she can be found among her fellow deviants writing porn in coffee shops. She writes contemporary and paranormal gay romance and erotica with diverse characters, sex-positive relationships, and subversive themes, and apparently has a penchant for writing about men cooking for each other.

Twitter: @caseybcameron
Facebook: authorcaseycameron

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