Five-ish Good Questions: Alexa Land

Five-ish good
questions with Alexa Land
(A feature
on Two Chicks Obsessed with Books and Eye Candy)

Today, we are interviewing Alexa Land, bestselling author of Belonging. This is the story of Gianni Dombruso and Zan Tillane. Thank you Alexa for being game to play! 
TCO: Fruit…so many
varieties. I heard from a birdie that “exotic” fruit might turn Zan into a
baseball pitcher. What fruits has he said “Bloody Hell No” to?
AL: Gianni has this crazy idea to shake Zan up a little by
introducing interesting things into his diet. He tries tangelos and kumquats,
but a fruit called Buddha’s hand really pushes Zan over the edge and he tries
to send the fruit flying. Who can blame him, really? Take a look at this bad
boy! See why he calls it a mutant space octopus?!

TCO: Zan is a famous, yet
very reclusive, musician. What would his theme song with Gianni be?
AL: In the book, I actually reference a song called So Beautiful
by Darren Hayes (formerly of Savage Garden). Darren wrote that song for his
husband, and the lyrics are just gorgeous. Give it a listen!
TCO: Gianni, the first
Dombruso POV. He seems to be someone who likes to help. What do we need to know
about Gianni?
AL: Gianni is a really caring individual. He dropped out of
nursing school because of self-doubt, but that nurturing side is still very
much a part of him. At the same time, he’s always felt he needs someone to take
care of him because he thinks he can’t make it on his own. It was great to see
him evolve over the course of Belonging!

TCO: So, I hear that Zan
might look a little like Jared Leto…is that pre or post haircut? Any other
Jared Leto features that come into play here?

AL: Oh, PRE-haircut! Jared became my muse for Zan’s character,
not only because of his (former) long hair and those incredibly soulful eyes,
but because of how relaxed and perfectly at home he is on stage, performing in
front of a crowd of thousands. Here’s one of the photos that inspired me when I
was writing Belonging. I’m not a huge fan of the beard, but those eyes just
kill me!

TCO: Nana gets to be a
Mama again. What is she learning this time around?

AL: She’s never really stopping being a mother. Nana raised her
sons, then her grandsons, Gianni, Dante, Vincent and Mikey, after their parents
were killed. Later on, she started taking in young gay men whose families
disowned them, including Jessie, her limo driver and assistant. In this book,
Nana adds a puppy to the mix, a big, rambunctious mutt she gets from the
shelter. Nana has a huge heart, it’s evident in all she does!
Thank you for interviewing me!
Belonging is approximately 98,000 words and available for
$3.99 on Amazon and Smashwords:
Contact info:
Twitter: @AlexaLandWrites

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  1. Thank you for interviewing me!! This was fun! 🙂