Dreamspinner Press Exclusive Guest Post: Andrew Grey, RWA Centennial Award Winner

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Writing is hard work but writing more than 100 books is astounding. But that’s exactly what Andrew Grey has accomplished. In July Andrew was awarded the Romance Writers of America’s Centennial Award for writing more than 100 romances. Andrew is the first male author and first author of gay romance to receive the RWA Centennial Award. You can read an interview with Andrew here.

If you’re an avid Andrew Grey reader, or new to his titles, you will fall in love with his Forever Yours series while it’s on sale at Amazon and the Dreamspinner Press store: eBook one, Can’t Live Without You, a reunion romance between a now-famous actor and his high school boyfriend, is 99 cents; eBook two, Never Let You Go is available tomorrow and features a soldier returning home who must battle secrets to re-establish a relationship with his boyfriend.

Andrew Grey’s unique blend of sweet and sexy will have you happy that his catalogue includes more than 100 titles for you to read!

Congrats to Andrew on this huge achievement!

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  1. Congrats to Andrew on winning RWA Centennial Award! For the first Gay Romance author, too – what an achievement. Well deserved! Even as a long time reader of his, I still have some catching up to do if I am to read ALL of his titles! 🙂

  2. So wonderful to see a deserving author acknowledged for his accomplishments. I’ve read some of Mr. Grey’s books; just finished and totally enjoyed Setting the Hook and Ebb and Flow., and loved Eyes Only for Me, as well. Planning on reading the Carlisle Cops books next. Congratulations on winning the RWA Centennial Award. Looking forward to reading more of Andrew Grey’s great stories.

  3. Denise Dechene says:

    Congratulations to Andrew on winning the RWA Centennial Award. I’m a huge fan and have quite a listing of his books. Here’s to many more years of great writing

  4. Marinieves Cordero Guzman says:

    Congrats to Andrew! ❤

  5. ButtonsMom2003 says:

    I was so happy to meet Andrew Grey in person at the RWA book signing at Walt Disney World this year. What a nice person!