Double Review for A Better Man (The Men of Halfway House) by Jaime Reese

Denise’s Review:
First, I have to say, the cover art on this is absolutely perfect for the story, as you will see when you read this book, it makes complete sense.
This is a beautiful love story about two men who are starting over in their lives, after two very different paths. It was a slow burn, they did not instantly fall into bed, or immediately reveal their secrets. The course of their relationship builds over the year that was the deadline for completing construction on the halfway house. And it was perfect for these characters. With the very real issues in front of them, taking it slow was so important. You also felt that when they fell in love, it was real.
Nasty villain in this book, I won’t give away who it was, but let’s just say, it was somewhat surprising. And the person who steps forward at the end to support our main characters, also somewhat surprising.
This is a “read it twice” kind of book, and I am really looking forward to visiting the Halfway House again in the next book, hopefully revisiting the relationship of Matt and Julian again, as they spend their days helping others rebuild their lives. This is an emotional read, that will touch you in many ways. Worth every piece of eye candy!!!

“I can’t do this,” he brokenly whispered.
“J, do what?: Matt’s voice shook.
He finally looked up and saw Matt, his eyes haunted, kneeling next to him on the ground.
Oh God, what have I done to him?
I can’t do this opening up stuff,” he repeated…”You need to be with
someone who can do this with you,” he said as he jerked upright.

“J…wait…no.” Matt shot up next to him…
“I’m sorry,” he said as he raced out the door into the night.

Val’s Review:
I loved this book. This is Jaime Reese’s debut book and she did an amazing job. I felt drawn in from the very beginning meeting Julien, who was down and out of work. Then comes Matthew who has recently been released from prison after serving a five year prison term and is trying to build a better life for himself.
They meet thru an ad in the paper for a handyman needed and what follows is an emotional journey between Matt and “J”.  You will experience how these two fought their feelings trying to be professional, then moving to the banter and on to sexual frustration. This story takes place over a year and you will enjoy every minute of this.
I very highly recommend this book and cannot wait for book two to be released.
It’s definitely a five pieces of eye candy read.

Matt.  His anchor. The only person who had ever been able to break through the huge protective wall he had taken a lifetime to build. He loved Matt more than he imagined it was possible to love another person.  Julie couldn’t envision a future without him.

Matt was his blessing and his future and he damn sure was never letting him go.

The next book in the series is only a few days away.   April 29th.  Check out this gorgeous cover!  Jaime has outdone herself on this one!

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