Book Promo and Author Guest Post: His Beautiful Samurai by Sedonia Guillone

Book Title:  His
Beautiful Samurai
Author:  Sedonia
Publisher:   Ai Press; 2nd edition (May 14, 2013)
Book Length:  216
Genre: M/M; Mystery; Romantic Suspense
Book Blurb:
and murder don’t mix but Detective Toshiro Genjin and psychic John Holmes do…
Holmes comes to Tokyo to help stop a killer. Through the use of his psychic
abilities, he can help find out things that no one else sees. Toshi is a
policeman who reluctantly accepts John’s help, but from their first touch, John
knows he wants more than that. He wants all Toshi can give him, and the heat
between them surprises, and delights him.
The modern killer, a historical murder of two samurai,
and Toshi’s need to honor other commitments combine to make the blooming love
between John and Toshi difficult. And dangerous. The more deeply they delve
into the past, the more unsure the future looks. Could the heat between them be
the only thing that can solve the mystery, despite all of the difficulties that
stand in their way? Can they find a way to keep what is most precious to them?
Haunting and powerful, His Beautiful Samurai is a murder mystery, a romance,
and a study in the supernatural. Get your hands on it today!
Author Guest Post:

Please forgive me. I just couldn’t help myself. A
work I created and populated, born of the man in my life who means everything
to me and the path my life has taken, has become so much a part of me that I
couldn’t fight the need anymore.
What need am I talking about? Simply, my need, as an author and
person, to allow myself to spend more time in this world, the world of the
White Tigers. As you may or may not know, John and Toshi encounter the world of
the White Tiger in the sequel to His Beautiful Samurai, entitled, Beautiful
Samurai, White Tiger, when Toshi is asked by a friend of his uncle’s to search
for a missing young man. Their search takes Toshi and John to this sensual gay
men’s hotel full of gorgeous, scantily clad guys. Not long after writing
Beautiful Samurai, White Tiger, I realized there were many more stories to be
told here, a cornucopia of hot m/m romances.
You might ask, well, if you love it so much, of course, that seems
perfectly natural! Why wouldn’t you write as many stories as you can?
Especially when there is a definite group of readers (bless all of you deep in
my heart!) who also love that world.
It wasn’t so simple. Even though I adore the White Tigers and have
gotten untold amounts of satisfaction and pleasure in writing this series, I
was younger, less experienced and carried a strong belief that I had burned
myself out, written myself out, that the series was done, nothing left, even
though I had two more stories in mind (i,e, that of the twins Mod and Tatou and
that of Jin and Wu Li who make an appearance in Men of Tokyo: Sudden Heat.
I didn’t realize that it would be best just to continue this
series and not worry about writing books I believed would be more popular. Now
I have taken the time to write to people who have signed the White Tigers
Fanlist as well as all those good-hearted kind and supportive readers on sites
like Facebook and Goodreads who have personally told me how much they loved the
series or have written one after the other reviews saying how much they loved
it. Yet others have written to me personally and expressed how much the White
Tigers stories have been comforting, helped them in their lives and moved them
deeply. How could I have been so short-sighted?!

Once I understood this
truth, I set about to fixing it immediately and within an hour had half of the
first chapter done of the next book in the series, Men of Tokyo: Forbidden
Cravings, the story of Mod and Tatou, the twins who are so mischievous and
lovable. They are crazy about Quan Chan and always tease him and make him
blush, but they are also two of his greatest admirers and did everything they
could to comfort him when his heart was broken in <strong>Men of Tokyo:
Sudden Surrender.</strong> However, Mod and Tatou are also as deep and
intelligent as they are mischievous and sexy and the story of how they came to
be at the White Tiger is in the process of being told. The good news also is
that for established readers of the White Tigers, Mod and Tatou’s story is an
enriching addition to the series and for readers new to the series, Men of
Tokyo: Forbidden Cravings can be read as a prequel to the whole series!


Boston, Massachusetts
“In other world news tonight, in Tokyo, Japan, a serial killer has been terrorizing the eastern portion of the city for the last six months.”

John reached out to switch off the set, but something held him back.

“The Ronin Killer, has been dubbed so by Tokyo Metropolitan Police because of the use of a samurai sword to spear his victims.”

John sat at full attention, uncertain whether it was the military man in him, or the empathic psychic. Old habits didn’t just die hard, they went kicking and screaming. He stared at the screen. Police were loading sheet-covered corpses, apparently two bodies together, into the medical van outside of what appeared to be a fancy hotel. The top of the sheet protruded upward, attesting to the sword. It was obvious the killer had skewered his victims together. Christ…

“The Ronin Killer, so named after the masterless samurai warriors of Japan,” the anchorwoman went on, “refers to the manner in which the killer chooses his victims, seemingly at random, and then murders them with a samurai weapon. Police have been frustrated in the efforts to capture the Ronin Killer before his next strike. Their only clue is the manner in which two victims are killed at once, either in an embrace or during sexual intercourse.”

“Damn,” John murmured, a sick feeling rising in his gut. He continued to watch the footage.

“Police Inspectors Natsuka Yamamoto and Toshiro Genjin of the Criminal Investigation Bureau have been on the case since the first victims appeared nearly six months ago. They refused to comment on the string of murders.”

The cameras zoomed in on the two men. They were leaving the building. A middle-aged, shorter man walked in front of the other detective, seeming to shield him, but the cameras managed to catch glimpses of the second detective. A few seconds sufficed for John to see that the younger man was slim and handsome. John’s heart sped up slightly. The detective’s ebony hair framed an angular face in sexy layers that curled over his collar.

John watched the screen, his gaze glued on the taller figure of the young detective until he was no longer visible. The segment ended and John switched off the set. He shook his head. There was a time when he would have immediately booked a flight to Tokyo and turned up at the police station, offering his services to catch the killer. Hell, that Japanese detective was almost good-looking enough to pull him from his rest cure. However, his nerves were still shot from the series of cases he’d worked on with police over the last few years. Four months hadn’t proved to be enough of a vacation. His hands had only stopped shaking in the last week.

He pushed the image of that guy from his mind, fighting back the nagging spirals of heat whispering about in his long-neglected groin area. John Holmes filled his days with walks in the park, counseling at the VA, and whatever leisure and athletic activities would keep him fit between reading trashy detective novels and staring into space. No antique stores for him, nor any other place where the lives of the dead could crash in on him. No touching other people so he could experience all their grief and anguish and learn their deepest secrets. He didn’t even take his reading material from the library or get it at used bookstores because he’d sense the lives of the people who’d touched the book before him. He was resting until his own soul told him he was ready again.

Author Bio:
Multi-published, award-nominated author, Sedonia Guillone is
the owner-operator of Ai Press, publisher of erotic romances in all
genres.  Please come and visit!
She lives on the water in Florida with a Renaissance man who
paints, writes poetry and tells her she’s the sweetest nymph he’s ever
met.   When she’s not writing erotic
romance, she loves watching spaghetti westerns, Jet Li and samurai flicks,
cuddling, and eating chocolate.  She
writes both man/man and man/woman erotic romances and hopes you’ll find
something you like!
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