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We’ve all had our experiences with him. The Bad Boy. The one we admire from a distance, but never think of approaching. The one with the hard body, and perfect stubble, who’s too handsome for his own good. 

For me it was Nate McKinney. We met when I joined his gym. He expressed an interest in me, but I didn’t believe it. What would a man like him want with a nerd like me? Nate had to do a little persuading to convince me his attraction was real. He showed me how deep and hot his passion ran for me. Sometimes he was gentle. Sometimes he was rough. And I enjoyed it all. 

But can I trust what he says? All signs indicate he’s using me for what I can do for his company. I can’t fall for a man like that. I can resist him. Right? 

Kevin Roberts

Denise’s Review of Nate:

So, it’s not easy to hide, I’m a Christa Tomlinson fangirl. I adore her as a person, and an author. She is a positive, upbeat person, and as an author she is a research fiend, writes so well, and is supportive of other authors. I love that!!!

I had the extreme honor of beta reading Bad Boys Need Love Too, which was Joseph and Gage’s story, and, gosh, can you say HAWT???? Christa can write a sex scene!!! So, when I found out that she was doing short stories of Max and Nate, I skipped right over and bought them.  Now, I really enjoyed Max’s story, with the lovely silver fox of Patrick. However, the one that spoke to me the most was Nate, for sure! Hence, why I am doing the Nate review.

Nate spoke to the fitness queen in me–my other life includes being a fitness instructor.  He was so passionate about his gym, and specifically making sure that the gym newbie, Kevin, had ALL his needs met. Of course, so much of that was Nate wanting a little Kevin as his cardio burn later, but that’s fine, that’s why I read Christa’s books!

The connection between the two was filled with heat, some confusion on Kevin’s part (“why would Nate want scrawny me?”) and some miscommunication. However, in the end, you could definitely pick up on the energy these two brought out in each other. I loved that Kevin was breaking out of his shell, hitting the gym when he was new at it, and embracing new things in his life.

Side note: I also really loved some of Christa’s exercise ideas in the book…I ended up using some in a class I was teaching a few days later!!!

One thing that impressed me so much with both the Nate and Max books. I found as I was reading Max, it occurred to me that the timing of all three BBNLT books that their timing was all the same. I was amazed at the level of detail, and planning that must have gone into that. Kudos to Christa for that, because that takes a lot of forethought, as well as strong plot development. Awesome work!

In the end, this couple really hit all the high notes for me, connecting with me on a level more than just emotional, but the part of me that is connected deeply with how fitness and a love of yourself are so intertwined. I would have loved more Nate and Kevin (Christa, it was too short for me! 🙂 

I don’t think she hears that often! 

Final determination. 4.5 pieces of eye candy, and follow up on these 6 men would not be remiss, just saying!

We’ve all had our experiences with him. The Bad Boy. The one we know better than to get involved with. The strong, quiet type with a voice as smooth and cool as chocolate whiskey ice cream. 

For me it was Max Stovall. We met, when at forty-two years old, I decided to get my first tattoo. He didn’t say much, but he didn’t have to. I was immediately attracted to him. I knew he was attracted to me too, even though he played it cool and pretended otherwise. 

Getting close to him won’t be easy. He’s in the closet and determined to stay there. Do I walk away, or show him life is better out here, with me? 

Dr. Patrick Bishop

Morgan’s Review of Max: 

Private, sexy, tattoo artist Max is firmly in the closet. Worried about the possible backlash from his family and community, Max is convinced he will never be able to settle down and be happy. During a tattoo convention he meets the beautiful silver haired Dr. Patrick. The instant attraction is very powerful. 

The more time Max spends with Patrick the more he opens up. It is a real struggle for Max to come to terms with his sexuality but when he does it was so great to see him finally relax and be able to be himself around his friends. 

The story was short and sweet and very enjoyable.

Final determination: Four pieces of Eye Candy. 

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“You won’t let anybody else have you, Joseph. I won’t let anybody else have you. I want you all to myself.” – Gage Mason 

We’ve all had our experience with him. The Bad Boy. The one we’ve been warned about. The one with rips in his jeans and a lazy, devil may care smile on his mouth. The one who makes you do bad things that feel so good. 

For me it was Gage Mason. We met when he worked on my Ducati. I knew immediately he was trouble, but something about that Bad Boy drew me in. Maybe it’s his dark eyes that study me like he wants to know everything about me. Maybe it’s the way he makes me feel; the rough touch of his hands, his possessive grip on my hair when we kiss, the way he feels deep inside me. Or maybe it’s the way he needs me, even though he won’t admit it. 

For once in my life I’m taking a risk. Despite everything that tells me I shouldn’t, I’m taking a chance to be with Gage. I don’t know if it will end well, but I do know I can’t resist that Bad Boy. 
Joseph Naderi

The Seargeant


“You’re the only one I want to control. The only one whose submission I want, need, and crave with every part of me, every second of every day.” 
– Sergeant Logan Pierce 

Sergeant Logan Pierce: Head of Houston’s elite SWAT team. He leads his squad with cool efficiency, taking down rough criminals while keeping his team safe. But behind closed doors he sets a darker part of himself free. He’s a Dominant in the world of Bondage and Domination. As a Dom, he’s controlled many submissives, but never had one for his own. That’s because there’s only one man he wants: Corporal Clay Foster. 

Corporal Clay Foster: Highly trained SWAT officer. He’s always the first one to face the dangerous situations of their job. Over the years he’d noticed his Sergeant’s secretly admiring glances and suspected his attraction. One night, with one kiss, he’s proven correct. Clay dives headlong into the rough passion of BDSM that Logan introduces him to. He submits to Logan’s control, accepting the sweet shackles that bind him to his Sergeant. But secrets, both his and Logan’s, force him to leave the newfound safety of his Dom’s arms. 

Logan refuses to let go of what he’s wanted for so long, Clay as his own, proudly wearing his collar. Clay wants to be his. He knows it and Clay knows it too. Can Logan safely guide Clay through the obstacles that separate them until he can claim his submissive once more?

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