Book Review: Salvation by Alexa Land


Can two men from wildly different worlds prove to be each other’s salvation? 

Trevor isn’t surprised that he’s a twenty-year-old virgin. He sees himself as skinny, clumsy, and shy, and is sure no one could possibly want him. Vincent Dombruso is about to prove him wrong. 

Mysterious and troubled, Vincent masks a lot of secrets behind his handsome exterior. As the spark between them ignites, both men are surprised to find a kindred spirit in such an unexpected place. But Vincent’s Mafia ties and whatever he’s not telling Trevor could destroy their chances of a happily ever after. 

Salvation is the fifth book in Alexa Land’s best-selling Firsts and Forever series, but each book is written to stand alone, so jump in anywhere.

Denise’s Review:

Back when I just had started to read M/M erotic romance, I asked the ever helpful Kindle Alexander for some suggestions on books similar to theirs, and immediately was pointed in the direction of Alexa Land.  I immediately purchased Way Off Plan (because I can’t read out of order [seriously it hurts me to do it!]…can you say OCD?).  Anyway, I read it in one sitting, and then purchased the rest of the books in this series.  (These are ALL re-read books).  So, I was out of the loop when Salvation came out, I had no idea!  But I snatched it up right away, and read it in about a day, amongst all the other things I had to do over the weekend.

This story is about the sweet Trevor, who would help anyone, and the mysterious man, Vincent Dombruso, one of Nana’s grandsons.  First question…what is in the water over at the Dombruso household that there are that many gay and bisexual brothers in that family?  🙂  Ah well, better for us, I say!

Trevor is just 21 years old, and a shy virgin, who when he sees Vincent at a party, rambles on, and just can’t seem to get himself together.  Fortunately, though, circumstances allow them to find their way together, and they are an awesome couple together.  You find that Vincent, aka Vinnie, is actually a very sweet man, who was really turned inside out when his parents and sister were killed as a young boy.  Growing up in a Mafia family could not have been easy, yet he found his salvation in Trevor–and a Big Sur mansion.

Now, I have to digress and tell you a little story here.  I purchased this book and started reading it as I was waiting for my husband to arrive on his bus, for us to head home.  At about 9% into the book is THE CLOCK SCENE, as I will call it.  (And it absolutely needed to be in capital letters!)  As I was reading THE CLOCK SCENE, I started laughing so hard, that when my husband got to the car, he asked me what was wrong, why was I crying?  I literally laughed so hard and was crying and hiccuping so much, that I couldn’t drive away right away.  I had to wait and calm down.  Literally one of the funniest scenes I have read in a book in quite a long, long time.  Seriously, if you don’t laugh hysterically during THE CLOCK SCENE, you have got to be one step above a serial killer.  I’m not sure how Ms. Land was able to type through that scene.  And the best part is, having spent a lot of time in San Francisco, I could totally see that scene playing out.  So, if nothing else gets you to go purchase this book, THE CLOCK SCENE should.

Anyway, back to my review…Nana is her crazy, nutty self, and continues to mix herself up with all the “gay homosexuals”, and they love her all the more. You will enjoy her “cooking lessons” for Trevor and River, another funny scene.

Trevor and Vincent are great together.  They really connect well.  They have fun and laugh together.  And Ms. Land does a great job with the highs and lows of the book.  Trevor has a period where he hits an all time low, breaking your heart as the reader.  All you can do is hope that he is able to come out of it stronger and learning something about himself, and see a future that he might not have considered before.  I also really loved catching up with all the previous couples!

The only thing I would ask is that Ms. Land get back to writing, because I loved the excerpt from Skye Blue and am super anxious for Skye’s story!!!

My final words: If I was going to reduce my rating on this book, it is only because I wanted it to go on and on. I just absolutely loved this one!!!  (By far, this is my favorite, if you didn’t know!!!).  So, Salvation gets a full 5 pieces of eye candy from this reader, and sends out a “hurry up” to Alexa Land.  🙂

Favorite Quote:

“Oh no, sister, that ain’t happening.  You got white-boy-bisque there with that powder and while that’s fine for my pasty-faced friend here, that does not go with my already flawless part-Mexican mochaccino skin tone.”
“It’s translucent,” she insisted, “it works for everyone. It’s just to keep the shine down on camera.”
“Step away from the Latino,” he told her.

Until next time, read and enjoy some m/m lovin!


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  2. You are very welcome!