Book Review: Love You Senseless (Men of London Book 1) by Susan Mac Nicol

Book Synopsis:

One of London’s up-and-coming chefs, Eddie Tripp has just the right
recipe to drive tragedy from the mind of Gideon Kent—and leave him
senseless with desire.


From Soho to Norwich, there’s no escaping love.


An award-winning chef with his own restaurant and an inexhaustible
passion, Gideon Kent once had everything. Then came tragedy. It stole
more than Gideon’s home. He hasn’t cooked since.

Until Eddie Tripp. Fun-loving and vivacious, the Norfolk redhead’s a
real up-and-comer in Gideon’s kitchen—and other places. Slim where
Gideon’s broad, easy-going where Gideon is growly, he and Gideon seem
polar opposites, and yet Eddie conjures flavors that would tempt anyone
with a taste for perfection. The sauce of love is already simmering, and
this pair is about to dine on the most delicious dish they’ve ever
prepared. Because Eddie’s been Gideon’s missing ingredient all along.

Denise’s Review:
I am going to take a moment and fangirl (just sit back and relax). Months ago, Ms. Mac Nicol posted in her FB group a picture, starting a contest to name the restaurant that would be featured in her new series, Men of London. Something in that moment captivated me. I’m not sure if it was the picture, the challenge of the competition (which I did not win, sadly), or just her description of the location and characters that were swirling in her head. Nonetheless, I was instantly taken with the idea of this series, and on more than one occasion, I might have asked Sue “when is this coming” in a not so whiny voice. She would ever so patiently answer me, and I would be relieved for a short time until it was time to ask again–usually when I needed a jolt on a book.

So, needless to say, when this book came out, I immediately jumped on it (I have already learned not to pre-order because it clearly does not help the author’s rankings, and I want them to get the best ranking possible!). Unfortunately, I was in the middle of another book I needed to read for a review, and had to wait three whole endless days–once again, I was deterred from reading another Susan Mac Nicol book–it is as if the universe has decided that delayed gratification will help me here, which is NOT true. 🙂

Anyway, how about on to the review? I was not disappointed in Love You Senseless, at all. It was everything I had been clamoring for and more. Gideon, with his painful past, and his tough as nails attitude, combined with his current sensory deprivation challenges made me fall in love with him immediately. Eddie, well, he was just plain fun, and a perfect offset to Gideon.

I really enjoyed these two characters, and their interaction was just fantastic. Eddie was such a fun loving character (watch for an interview with Eddie later this month), and was able to bring joy back to a dark character such as Gideon. They were truly the epitome of “opposites attract” and with that, they hit the perfect blend of spice, fun, and heat in the bedroom (and the kitchen-shhhh, don’t tell the health examiner).

An example of Eddie’s rather fun point of view:

“Eddie was sure one of them (abstract paintings on the wall) was a picture of an elephant with an erection, with a dwarf riding on his back. Gideon had spluttered with laughter when Eddie had innocently blinked his eyes and imparted that little gem of wisdom.

I thoroughly enjoyed the journey with these two men, as I do so often with a Susan Mac Nicol book. There is never a lack of men who are hot, and a hot mess at the same time with one of her books. I love living in Ms. Mac Nicol’s world where all the men are in love, looking for their HEA, and finding it in the most unlikely of places. I emailed Sue as I was reading LYS, and she sent me this back: “Just wait until you meet Taylor and Draven. And Leslie and Cameron.” Uh oh, looks like we are in for a ride, and certainly one I can’t wait to be on!

Final determination is 4.5 pieces of eye candy, and a “can’t wait for more of these Men of London” flag that is flying. Grab the book and get on this train!

Praise for Susan Mac Nicol

We have to re-iterate that this Author
will always be an automatic one-click for us. Her writing is flawless and her
flawed characters are completely lovable. There’s always something quirky and
fun in her stories as well as drama, angst and heaps of passion! We can highly
recommend!!” – Gitte & Jenny – Totally Booked Blog
“Susan has been hailed as a genius writer of
male/male literature. Her Saving Alexander has been nominated for
several awards and has been reviewed widely. Congrats on all your success,
Susan. You have earned it.” – Gay Lit Authors
 About Susan Mac Nicol
Susan Mac Nicol was
born in Leeds, UK, and left
for South Africa when she was eight.
She returned to the UK thirty years later and now lives in Essex. Her
debut novel Cassandra by Starlight, the first in a trilogy, was
published last year by Boroughs Publishing Group in the US. Sue’s latest
story, Double Alchemy is her fifth m/m romance.
Sue has written since she was very young, and never
thought she would see herself becoming a Romance writer, being a
horror/psychological thriller reader all her life. But the Romance genre is now
something very close to her heart and she intends continuing the trend. Sue is a member of the Romance Writers of America
and the Romantic Novelists Association here in the UK.
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