Blog Tour and Review: After the End by Sara York

With international flights crisscrossing the skies on an
hourly basis, are we ever really safe? 

When a strain of the Ebola virus mutates; it
spreads quickly leaving the medical community shattered. People are dropping in
the streets and life, as most know it, comes to an end. Two city dweller
survivors, Dean and William, are forced to flee the city and live in the
wilderness—where dangers lurk behind every tree and in every valley. Not
everyone alive after the end is good, and William and Dean are faced with
challenges that would bring many to their knees. 

Growing up in the hood of Atlanta, Dean knows
how to overcome trials, but he knows nothing of love. Can he sustain a
relationship with William, or will his doubts end them before they even have a

From birth William has had a silver spoon in his
mouth and two in each hand, but the end brings him face to face with reality
where he has to take responsibility for his life. After the end, money has no
meaning, and life is lived on the edge. 

Join William and Dean after the end and find out
how close to the edge they come. 

Publisher:  Sara York (September 29, 2014)

Pages: 182 pages

Genre: MM, Romance


Denise’s Review:

I have said before and I will say again, if Sara York wrote a to-do list, I would read it (not necessarily do what was on the list, but I would read it). She is an amazing writer, and I cannot imagine how so much goes on in her head at one time, and she manages to get it all out on her laptop AND still lives her life.

To say that I was hesitant to read this would be an understatement. I don’t read apocalypse books. I don’t read walking dead, plague books. EVER! I like happy endings. I like my characters to go along, meet each other, have some sort of angst, and then find their HEA. This was WAY out of my comfort zone.  However, because Sara York wrote it, it was a must read for me. And I was so pleasantly surprised by this book, and so happy that I have a one-click mentality when it comes to this author.

This book follows two high school seniors, just months from graduation, looking towards college, as they watch the entire world be hit by a mutant Ebola-like virus, which kills millions of people within days of the outbreak. They have to work together to keep themselves from getting sick, and from being subject to the “I’ll hurt them before they hurt me” mentality of others they may come across.

As Dean and William begin this journey, they had already previously been involved, although not in a relationship of equals. William definitely had the upper hand from a financial standpoint, and unintentionally held that over Dean. Meanwhile, Dean just obeyed when William said “on your knees”. However, once their safety was threatened, William began to realize that he really was in love with Dean, and set out to prove just that, and hopefully get Dean to follow suit.

With their entire focus on keeping themselves safe, and away from others, they could only depend on each other, and their smarts, to keep them healthy and together from day to day. As the world finds a way to separate them, they must find their way back to each other and their love.

I really just loved this story. It contained what could very well be real world angst for these young men (you never know what could happen in RL) and the utilization of every day items to not only keep them safe and fed, but also to create that angst, was clearly the work of the brilliant mind of this author. These two fell in love, at the same time that they battled to save their lives.

My only regret with this book was I felt like the ending was a bit rushed, rather than letting it play out, and that the final chapter seemed more of an epilogue. But After the End, there was no way to deny this was so well written and I really felt like these two MC’s connected and worked on so many levels. Just another fantastic book by Sara York.

My final determination for After The End by Sara York is 4.5 pieces of eye candy. I really hope you will pick it up! It is a quick read, and one that you will have a hard time putting down!

Author Guest Blog:
Now I’m going to talk about a subject that is
very important, maybe the most important subject I talk about on this blog
tour. Coffee. I know not everyone thinks coffee is important, but the subject
will lead to things that are very important. 

I’ve given up coffee for a few months before.
When I was pregnant, I couldn’t touch the stuff, but I’ve also given it up for
various other reasons. Right now, I don’t think I could go without coffee. Even
as I’m writing this, I have a cup of coffee beside me. I like coffee and it
likes me. 

There are loads of conveniences I take for
granted. In writing After The End, I picked out a few things I need and emphasized them. 

Water. None of us could live without clean
water. What about your favorite foods? Are there certain foods you would be
bereft without? With the sheer number of people in the United States, about three hundred and nineteen million—yes,
that many—our work capacity is huge. We produce a lot of stuff. If all of that
went away, what would you miss most. 

In After The End, William and Dean find out
how difficult it is to live once all of the modern conveniences are gone. In
their journey, they both learn a little about themselves too. I hope you’ll
take the journey with William and Dean, and see how close to the edge they
come, and also how far they go for love and for each other. 


twisted through him. “Damn it, there are so many people infected. I don’t know
what to do.” 

took his hand and tugged him close. “Let’s eat. We need to keep our strength up
and stay alert. If anything happens, we need to be able to react quickly.” 

moved to the kitchen and William opened the refrigerator. Dean stood behind him
and kissed his shoulder before speaking. 

start with foods that might spoil. We can save the canned goods for last.” Dean
looked around William’s shoulder, amazed by the amount of food on the shelves
and in the bins. Three different juices along with two jugs of milk sat on the
top shelf. “Dang, that’s a lot of food.” 

“It is.
My parents always kept the place well stocked. It’s not that we’d eat this much
food, but there were always guests dropping by. Also my parents fed the people
who worked here more than one day a week. We had a maid, a gardener, the
mechanic, and a security guy who were here almost all day every day during the
week. Then there was the chef who liked to cook big meals. My parents gave big
parties so he could show off his skills. It’s crazy how much food goes through
this kitchen when my parents have a big party.” 

“I think
we’ll be set here for a while. I wasn’t expecting to see this much food.” 

about we heat something up, and we can watch TV while we try to chill.” 

liked the idea of hanging out with William. They’d never been in the position
to just hang out. Fear still churned deep inside, but he swallowed it down and
decided to concentrate on what he could control. 

heated up some chicken and broccoli in the microwave. While the food warmed, he
grabbed a loaf of crunchy bread from the pantry and cut off a few slices. 

“I’ll get
some butter.” Dean opened the refrigerator and thought of all the things that
could go wrong if a large number of people died in the US. Power was something
they all took for granted. Water too. They could eventually end up with
contaminated water and no electricity. He grabbed the butter from the fridge
and shut the door. What if it all went bad? They relied on too many
conveniences. People weren’t going to work. What if everyone stayed home? 


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Author Bio Writing is Sara York’s life. The stories fight to get
out, often leaving her working on four or five books at once. She can’t help
but write. Along with her writing addiction she has a coffee addiction. Some
nights, the only reason she stops writing and goes to sleep is for the fresh
brewed coffee in the morning.

Sara enjoys writing twisted tales of passion, anger, and love with
a good healthy dose of lust thrown in for fun.


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