Author Interview: Alexa Land–with a surprise!!!

Okay, Two Chicks fans…read on for several surprises from the Best Selling Author Alexa Land.  But….ssssshhhhhh…the “big surprise” is only for Two Chicks readers, so don’t tell.  🙂
And can I just say before you move on how much I LOVE this cover??? Bane with that sexy smirk, and Tinder looking back at him…sigh…
First, welcome back
Alexa. So excited to have you back at Two Chicks Obsessed. It’s always fun to
hang out with you.
You too, thanks for inviting me back!

1. So I hear you MIGHT have something
new for us this week (readers, stick around through the end of this interview
because there may be a surprise ahead for you!). The Tinder Chronicles is
reaching its conclusion. Tell us a little about Tinder and what we have in
store for us.

Destined, the third and final book in The Tinder Chronicles,
hits the ground running. The very first scene jumps in during a big battle in
Griffith Park on a rainy summer night. Two months have passed since the last
scene in Hunted (the second book in the series). During that time, Bane has
been MIA and Tinder has gathered hunters from all over the state to work
together to fight the rising vampire threat. He’s discouraged, because they’re
hopelessly outnumbered and he knows that ultimately, they just can’t win. He
feels responsible for the hunters he’s leading, some of which are just kids.
It’s been a lot to carry on his shoulders, and it’s changing him. He’s growing
and maturing, and it’s making him re-examine his relationship with Bane as
well. But the fight for survival overshadows everything.

2. You have an extremely popular series in Firsts and Forever. How does The
Tinder Chronicles compare to those books?
All my books are about two people trying to find love, despite
the obstacles in their path. The Tinder Chronicles is no exception. Yes, it’s
paranormal, but at its core it’s a love story. It’s also about the main
character’s personal growth. Tinder is actually one of my favorite characters
I’ve ever written, because he’s just so human. He’s flawed, he makes mistakes. That
means he has tremendous potential to grow throughout the series. There are
other similarities between the two series as well. The Tinder Chronicles may be
a bit darker than Firsts and Forever, but I still inject plenty of humor into
it. And let’s not forget the smoking hot love scenes that my readers have come
to expect! Fans of my Firsts and Forever series will find a lot to enjoy in The
Tinder Chronicles.

3. The Tinder Chronicles is a
compilation of three stories for one super low price. Tell us why you chose to
re-release 1 and 2 with the conclusion

I chose to include the first two novellas with the new novel because not that
many people had read them. I’ve always believed in Tinder, and out of all my
characters, he’s produced the most passionate, die-hard fans. This will give him
his best shot at reaching a wider audience. I decided to price the new book at $2.99
and am including Tinder and Hunted for free. Those first two novellas are about
25K words each, and the new novel, Hunted, is around 60K words. I also went
back and re-edited the first two novellas. I didn’t change the content, I just
gave them an extra polish.

Two Chicks: You all will just LOVE Tinder!!!
4. What made you want
to write about a vampire hunter?
I’ve had a life-long interest in vampire mythology (you’ll
see why in the next question). The character of Tinder had been lurking in the
back of my mind for years. I’m a huge fan of Joss Whedon’s Buffy and Angel
series, as well as Supernatural, and always wanted to do something in that vein.
All three of those series are completely character-driven, as is The Tinder
Chronicles. And while they’re fairly dark, there’s also so much humor in them.
I really wanted to write a gay main character that fit into that universe.
5. Tell me about your
family and how they have a connection with real life vampires.
Even though my mother’s family is German, they were living
in Romania when my mom was born. She spent the first part of her life in
Transylvania and grew up with the history and folklore surrounding Vlad the
Impaler, better known as Count Dracula. I always found it fascinating and kind of
feel like vampires are part of my heritage, in a weird way.

Two Chicks: Wow! That is so interesting…something we really didn’t know about Alexa Land.

6. I’ve heard that Halloween is a big
deal at your house. Can you share a little about how you celebrate?
I adore Halloween, because I vividly remember what it felt
like to be that excited little kid in a costume out trick-or-treating. Back
then, I made my ten-year-old self a promise that I’ve kept: to always go all
out and make it fun for the kids in my neighborhood. My son and I both dress
up, decorate like crazy, visit the pumpkin patch, have themed meals and
decorate cupcakes. We watch Nightmare Before Christmas every Halloween after
trick-or-treating. And of course, we carve pumpkins! I get pretty elaborate.
I’ll post some of my efforts on my Facebook page so you can see just how
carried away I get!
Two Chicks: I hear there will be some fun stuff on her FB page, so stay tuned for that!!
7. Finally, I hear
you have a big surprise for your readers! Care to spill the beans?
Yes indeedy! I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve released The
Tinder Chronicles a couple days early and it’s available on Amazon and
Smashwords right now! I made my poor Tinder fans wait a year for the conclusion
to the series, that’s long enough! I know a lot of new-to-Tinder readers are
excited for it as well, so you can go get it now. I sincerely hope you enjoy
the ride! 🙂
Two Chicks:  Hurry, go grab it now!!!!
One more thing before you head out to grab the book (and you should RIGHT NOW!!!), one of my esteemed peer bloggers, Bike Book Reviews, is hosting a Tinder Chronicles Release Party tomorrow, October 16th. Alexa will be there, along with 90+ of her fans to talk everything Tinder. Click on the link to join the party!
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