A Quickie: Book Review: Stay With Me S.E. Harmon

Book Blurb:
Private investigator Mackenzie Williams’s newest client is everything he’s looking for in a guy—charming, beautiful, intelligent, and successful. There’s only one itty bitty problem—the guy’s not exactly gay. In fact, Jordan Channing is looking for a PI to follow his fiancée. The smart thing would be to thank Jordan for his time, turn Mr. Perfect away (don’t let the door hit you on the rump, thank you very much), and forget he exists. 

Of course, Mackenzie has never been accused of doing the smart thing. Being a smart aleck is more his MO. Relationships aren’t up his alley, never have been. So why’s he so inexplicably drawn to his new client? 

Jordan has always been the high achiever, a man who lives in a focused, controlled, and carefully constructed manner. But for the first time in his life, he has to admit the impossible—another man is getting his engine running on all cylinders. Despite Jordan’s denial, it’s not long before he can no longer resist the strong undercurrents pulling them together. Now Jordan must decide if he can go against everything he’s ever known to have the only love he’s ever wanted.
Denise’s Review:
I will start this off by saying sarcasm is a second language to me, I love it, I appreciate it, and I love and appreciate it in others.  And private investigator Mackenzie Williams had plenty of it to spare.  He thought in sarcasm which I loved even more!  This book was in first person POV, which I generally am not a huge fan of, but completely worked in this book.  First, it allowed Jordan Channing’s secrets to play out without the reader quite knowing what was going on.  And second, it allowed the reader to see that Mackenzie was as snarky in his head, as he was when he opened his mouth.  Now, his level of snark will not be for everybody.  Many people may find it to be “too much”, but for this reader it was just right!  I laughed for much of the book, which was just perfect, as I had a book hangover from another book (made the price point of $6.99 a bit more tolerable).
This is a GFY book, so be aware of that going in, in case that is of concern for you.  And honestly Mackenzie knows it is a bad idea to get involved with a self confessed straight man, but pretty soon, that doesn’t matter.  Jordan meanwhile is trying to figure out what he wants, but he knows that his body wants Mackenzie, without a doubt.
My one problem with this book was some of the gaps that I felt didn’t close completely.  The biggest was that you didn’t ever “hear” that Jordan broke off with his fiancée.  Since Jordan was engaged, even after meeting Mac, you assume you would know when he broke it off…you don’t, it is just an aside in the book that “Jordan broke up with her”.  I was surprised at that, and there were a couple other things that I thought perhaps needed to be closed more succinctly, but not enough to deter my enjoyment of the book.
All in all, a 4 pieces of eye candy read for me, and I would recommend to those that don’t mind a little snark in their books.
Favorite Excerpts:
“Dude, is that like your boyfriend or something?”
I gave Dominic a glare. “Yeah. So?”
“Gross. You don’t fight like a queer.”
“You don’t look like you’d enjoy another black eye.  And yet here we are.”
I peered at the alarm clock. Six thirty on a Saturday. Sweet baby Jesus. Some sadist was whipping up a feast in my kitchen at an ungodly hour, and now I was so hungry, I had to join him and his religion.
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