4 Degrees of the New Cover – Part 3

4 Degrees of the New Cover – Part 3

So, yesterday I was dragging. I mean, really dragging. I stopped into Starbucks for a Double Cold Brew coffee and an apple cause hey, I’m healthy! As I grabbed my beverage with my trembling hands, I turned around and noticed a used condom on the floor near the restroom. Being the clean freak that I am, I knew I couldn’t leave that there. I walked to the bathroom, but I stopped suddenly. Right in front of me, was the most beautiful cover I have ever seen. Talk Dirty to Me by Jessie G it said. I knew I needed to look into it more, so I moved the coffee and condom over to the other hand-I can wash the apple after all – and grabbed my phone to snap a picture. Just as I captured the picture, the beautiful woman behind the laptop noticed and slammed her laptop shut with an angry expression on her face. I figured I better get a move on, she looked like she was pretty pissed at me. Walking into the bathroom, I set everything down on the sink…because who puts it on the back of the toilet? I bent down, and grabbed the condom, but there was no trashcan in sight. I was so angry, I knew I had to say something so, I grabbed my coffee and apple, but made sure to kept them separate no because I didn’t want it near my apple of course, that’s gross. I walked towards the front counter to hand it to them, because damn – not a trash can anywhere! Why would they do that, seems very unsanitary to me. The manager yelled at me when I tried to give her the used condom. I mean really, finding that on the floor. I decided to leave the condom where I found it, while the beautiful cover and I made tracks to get out of there.

And because I love you all, I’m sharing the cover with you!

Talk Dirty To Me


Talk Dirty to Me by Jessie G

Release Date:

To be released by March 15

Cover Design:

The cover artist is Andrew Reyna at Dynamic Craft Studios


As a secret agent for the DEA, Snake’s gone deep into Devils Pride MC with the hope of bringing down the head of Miami’s lucrative drug trade and finds himself saddled with the club’s volatile and secretive SA instead. Unfortunately, after years as partners doing shit neither of them wanted to do for reasons neither of them felt comfortable sharing, Snake considers Trick his best friend. Now he’ll do anything to repair the damage his own necessary lies did to their friendship because, while Trick may have walked away from the MC, Snake needs someone he trusts to have his back.

Meanwhile, Snake’s contact at the DEA has him tied up in knots. The sexy voice and inappropriate comments have him walking around with a permanent set of blue balls. Life undercover is lonely and he lives for every phone call, but his own personal Deep Throat is skittish about committing to a date once Snake returns to headquarters. As far as Snake’s concerned, they only have one shot to build something together and he’s not willing to waste it.

Greg knows he’s not Snake’s type, or anyone’s for that matter. Former love interests called him plain, chubby, and boring. More comfortable in his tech cave than with people, he’s a grade A nerd who isn’t exactly GQ material. Normally he would never be brave enough to flirt with anyone—much less the very hot and very dangerous ginger who’d been starring in his nightly fantasies—but Snake needed something to keep him from getting lost undercover. What started out as a helping hand quickly became an integral part of their relationship—if one could call a five year phone conversation a relationship—and Greg is terrified that once Snake’s sees the wizard behind the curtain, he’ll lose the only man he’s ever loved.

Now the DEA has called Snake home to plan the next stage of the mission, leaving Greg no more places to hide. When fantasy and reality collide, will it be everything Snake hopes for or everything Greg fears? The trick will be staying alive long enough to figure out the answer.

*Note: The Devils Pride MC Series is a true series and should be read in order.


tco-also in series

Tricking Chase Cover - 500H

Tricking Chase, Book 1


As Sergeant At Arms for Devils Pride MC, Tyler “Trick” Malone’s take no prisoners reputation make him one of the most feared and respected members of the club. Unbeknownst to the MC, Trick indulges his most dangerous secret, traveling out of state twice a year to trade his cut for the whip he expertly wields at a gay dungeon.

Trick’s well organized life takes a turn when he saves bar back, and terrified submissive, Chase Ward in a Georgia dungeon. With his protector and dungeon owner dead, Chase is no longer safe in the place he once called home. With the new dungeon owners circling like sharks, he desperately begs for sanctuary in the arms of his savior.

A year later the MC is still none the wiser that Trick’s houseboy is anything more than a grateful servant. Chase knows if the club finds out they will kill Trick, the man he’s come to rely on for everything from the food he eats to the pleasure he feels to the security he craves. Even when gratitude turns to love, Chase never expects reciprocation from his ruthless Master. After all, the only way for them both to survive is if Trick remains the heartless bastard the MC knows.

Trick is positive he has it under control and having Chase around has definitely made his life easier. There doesn’t seem to be any harm in letting Chase take a part-time job at Velvet Ropes, especially after meeting privately with the owners. That is until a bomb explodes at the club, leaving Chase fighting for his life and forcing Trick to face his long hidden feelings.

Even if Chase survives, that bomb has done more than rock the foundation of the popular leather club. It’s blown Trick and Chase’s well-guarded secret out of hiding, putting their lifestyle and their lives at risk. Now there is only one thing Trick needs to do before the club gets them and that’s to get revenge on the person who dared to hurt his precious boy.

AUTHORS NOTE: Tricking Chase is directly tied to The Protector (Book 3 in the Sizzling Miami series) and can not be called a standalone.

WARNING: Tricking Chase contains an established D/s relationship, hot guys on motorcycles, an undercover DEA agent named Snake and a few visits from fan favorite Sizzling Miami characters.









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  1. I am speechless. First Wendy steals from Red, then Christina hacks Wendy, and you—who do not drink coffee—have a sudden urge for Starbucks where Christina just so happens to be looking at the cover she stole! I smell collusion! And really, you picked up a used condom while you were there? I hope you get crabs!

  2. Assuming I don’t have them is the last mistake someone might make. 🙂

  3. I think she picked it up to throw it at someone but got sidetracked by the beautiful eyes on that cover

  4. Why? Why would you pick up THAT nasty thing. Oh…BTW, beautiful cover.