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Guest Post

As this is a Kissmas blog photodune-2816846-gay-couple-kissing-xl post, I thought I’d delve a bit into the history of kissing. Hopefully I might be able to surprise you with some of the things I found out.
Kissing- or snogging, smooching, necking to call it by another name – is something we in the Romance genre know a lot about. We write it in our stories, we use it to express affection and passion between two (or more) men and we certainly do not hold back when it comes to describing the act itself. On various parts of the body, not just the mouth, might I add.
There are two different schools of thought on how kissing evolved. One is that it’s an instinctual, natural reaction and one we are primed to be spontaneous about. The other is that it’s developed from so called ‘kiss feeding’ where mother’s masticated food for babies and then fed into them via mouth. However, as not all cultures kiss, it could be said that this is more a learned action that one of instinct or nature. A study in 2015 stated that less than 46% of the population kiss as a societal norm.
Kissing has been detailed in the Kama Sutra, was rife with the Romans and Greeks and in India it was thought to be a gesture of ‘sharing one’s breath’. I like that description, it invokes tenderness and mutual need. Kisses could be performed for various reasons- sexual, romantic, respectful, religious, peace, friendship, familial or even ritual.
There are different types of kisses. The internet will detail over 50 but I think the ones we probably all know more about is the deep, passionate French kiss with tongue, the cute Eskimo kiss, the platonic forehead kiss, the air kiss, the Spiderman kiss and even the blood sucking vampire kiss.
Animals kiss too. There is documented evidence that elephants do it with their trunks, monkeys and primates do it mouth to mouth and certain species rub noses.

Check out the adorable pictures below of meerkats and other animals indulging in this pastime.

Pucker Up, Furry Lips! 10 Animals That Love to Kiss

If you want to be a voyeur of the kiss, then watch these short videos which will make you feel all oooh and aaah and get the blood pumping……

Want to find out a bit more about ‘the kiss’?



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  1. I love second chance love stories. Sometimes the couple split just because of a silly mistake or they are just too young. When they meet again their love rekindle and will burn so much stronger. Love is love.

  2. Shirley Ann Speakman says:

    I enjoy second chance stories they are one of my favourite tropes. (I have all the books)

  3. Thanks for the interesting post about kissing. I did not know that less than half of the populations kisses as a societal norm.

    I do love second chance stories. My favorite part is the transition moment when one or both of them start to realize that it’s not over.

    Happy holidays!

  4. Erin Lazzarini says:

    I only have the first, been waiting until I collected a few more 🙂

  5. Well it kind of depends on the story for me. A majority of the time I do enjoy it. I like seeing the characters work through their issues and I also like seeing a grand gesture.

  6. Jess A Jaye says:

    OMG love the kissing vids swoon!