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Guest Post


Isn’t this picture just the most adorable thing? When Denise and TCO asked me to participate in the 12 Days of Kissmas, I knew right off I wanted to do chibi art. It’s something I’m a fan of, and Tapla is my favorite chibi artist. I chose Logan and Clay because I’m currently working on a book two for them, and because they have a Christmas story that was published in 2014.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Logan and Clay are very grown and very sexy, why are they being such cuties? Yes, Logan and Clay are a very sensual couple, but they are also sweet and loving. And I wanted a chance to show the softer side of their relationship. The parts that are cuddles and hugs and hot chocolate in front of the fireplace.

In The Sergeant: A Christmas Story, Logan’s entire goal is to give Clay a happy Christmas. That’s all he’s ever wanted to do, make Clay happy. And of course, Clay is appreciative of his Dom’s love. He shows that appreciation with a sweet kiss under the mistletoe. But since he’s naughty, he surprised Logan with that kiss while they’re at work and in SWAT gear. Ooops! He made his Dom blush. Awww, such cuties.

I’d like to thank Tapla for creating this wonderful art for me. And for my excerpt, I’d like to share with you one of my favorite scenes from The Sergeant: A Christmas Story.


Logan took him to an actual tree farm. Clay got out of the car, looking at all of the people milling around. An open front shed was set up with a couple of heat lamps inside for the attendant. Next to it were rows of trees that were already cut. He started that way, but Logan grabbed his arm.

“Nope. You wanted a real tree. You’re going to have to work for it.” He nodded towards the shed. A wheelbarrow full of axes stood in front of it.

“Are you serious?”

“Does Dom Santa lie?”

Clay laughed. “Alright then, I’m game for this.”

They approached the attendant, who sat on a stool behind a table, sipping from a Styrofoam cup. Logan paid for them to cut down one tree, and donated extra to help with replanting in other areas. The attendant handed him the ticket they had to show before they could leave the farm with their tree. Logan asked a question as he put his credit card away.

“That hot chocolate smells good. Do you guys sell cups to customers?”

The guy shook his head. “No man, of course not. It’s free. You want two?”

“Actually, just one for now.”

They waited as the guy mixed them a cup of the hot drink. Logan thanked him before they set off.

“I didn’t know Dom Santa was selfish,” Clay said as they left the shed with the ticket, an axe and one cup of hot chocolate, which Logan was drinking.

Logan looked at him with a teasing gleam in his hazel eyes. “You’ll get yours after you cut down our tree.”

Clay scowled. “Do you also have any kibble in your pocket you plan to dole out after each chop of the axe?”

Logan took a sip of the steaming drink. “Wouldn’t you know it? I left the kibble back at the cabin.”

They trudged through the snow, Clay carrying the axe while Logan continued to sip at his hot chocolate. Logan was letting him pick the tree so he headed for a row of Blue Spruce.

“You know those needles are incredibly sharp, right?”

“I know,” He leaned in close to take a whiff of the tree he’d chosen. “But they smell really good.”

Logan shrugged. “Okay. Have at it.”

Clay took off his coat and handed it to Logan. Getting a good grip on the axe, he swung. The blade landed in the tree with a satisfying thunk. Clay tightened his grip and pulled the axe out of the trunk. He swung again, repeating the process until the small spruce fell over into the snow.

“Very good. If we were on a treat system, you’d have earned five pieces of kibble.”

Clay cut his eyes at his Dom as he shrugged back into his coat. “Hahaha. Help me carry this thing up front.”

Logan held out the cup of hot chocolate. “Here finish this off first.”

Clay took the cup, noticing Logan had hardly drunk any of it. He smiled at him over the rim of the cup, sipping slowly until it was all gone. There weren’t any trash cans nearby, so he crumpled the Styrofoam and shoved it into his coat pocket. They’d just grabbed the tree when he was jabbed sharply. “Ouch! That fucking hurt.” He looked down to see a small red mark on his wrist where he’d been pricked by the spruce’s needle.

“I told you.”

He pulled his sleeves down over his gloves to make sure he didn’t have any bare skin showing. “I don’t care. It still smells good.”

Logan laughed as they carried the tree back to the front. “So goddamn stubborn.”




Thank you for reading! And have a wonderful holiday season.



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