Wild Retaliation by Ethan Stone: Release Day Review


Chief of Police John Dakota is in a world of trouble. His peaceful town of Seaside, Oregon, has been rocked by a wave of unsolved murders. The bloody deaths are eerily reminiscent of ones that occurred in Seaside years ago. Back then John worked hard to make sure the truth about the killer was never revealed. Now he’s afraid the past is coming back to haunt him.

Trevor English, the nosy reporter who occasionally shares John’s bed, is demanding information about the crimes. He also wants more of John’s affections. But John can’t afford to give in to either demand without risking the revelation of Seaside’s biggest secret: the town is a haven for shifters, and John is one of them.

To solve the crime—and prevent more victims—John must delve into the past. Many members of Seaside’s shifter community are involved, but it’s becoming harder and harder to tell which residents can be trusted. Even John’s family isn’t above suspicion. The body count is rising, and it looks like John is the killer’s next target.

Title: Wild Retaliation
Author: Ethan Stone
Release Date: September 7, 2016
Category: Paranormal: Werewolves/Shapeshifters, Mystery/Suspense
Pages: 117

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deanna review

The mystery and intrigue pulled me in from the first page and I couldn’t put it down.

Chief of Police John Dakota is investigating a string of murders that appear to be copy cats of murders that happened 9 years ago. The murder must somehow be connected to the old case, because they know details that weren’t released to the public.

On top of that he is starting to have strong feelings for his sometimes bed partner, Trevor than he is willing to admit. If John was 100% sure that he could trust Trevor with his secret he would dive in head first, but he isn’t sure how Trevor will take the news that he is a bear shifter.

Trevor is a reporter for the local news paper and has been love with John for a while, but he knows not to push the man too far or else he may walk away. Willing to take what John is able to give he hopes one day John will be able to open up to him.

When Trevor uncovers eerie similarities between the current murders and those from 9 years ago John is forced to reveal his secret. Together they will have to discover why the murders are being reenacted and who is behind it before it’s too late.

This book was awesome, I stayed up way too late reading because I was so engrossed and couldn’t put it down.

The mystery kept me on my toes, I never would have guessed who was behind it. There were a lot of characters in the book, but they were well described so I never was confused.

The story moved at a steady pace and there weren’t any plot holes that I found. This was a thoroughly enjoyable read. I can’t wait for book 2.


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