THIRDS Character Spotlights: Dex and Sloane, A TCO Exclusive

catch a tigerWe are so excited here at Two Chicks Obsessed! All week, in honor of Catch a Tiger by the Tail by Charlie Cochet, releasing Friday February 5th, we will have character spotlights for your. We have asked Dex and Sloane, Cael and Ash, Seb and Hudson, Letty and Rosa, and of course Calvin and Ethan Hobbs, five questions, and you are going to love their answers. So, sit back, grab a HUGE mug of coffee, and enjoy today’s Q&A with Dex and Sloane.


Dex & Sloane

TCO: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Dex: I don’t really have any guilty pleasures because when I want something, I just have at it. I mean, really. Life’s too short.

Illustration of two young men, one with dark brown hair and one with light brown hair in uniforms with logos in the back and on uniform sleeve.

Sloane: Yeah, he has at it, and then I’m the bad guy for making him work it off.

Dex: But I love it when you make me sweat, babe.

Sloane: I don’t think this is that kind of interview.

Dex: Sloane’s guilty pleasure is empanadas. You should see him. It’s like catnip.

Sloane: That is true. They are so good.

Dex: You have a little, a bit of um, drool on the corner of your mouth.

Sloane: Shut up. I do not.

Dex: You’re right. My bad.


TCO: Pick your poison (beverage of choice)

Dex: Coffee. All. The. Coffee. If it’s alcohol, anything. Sadly, I’m not too big on the hard stuff.

Sloane: Which means pretty much all alcohol. He’s a lightweight.

illustration of a young man with dirty blond hair, blue eyes, a dark jacket and blue shirt with dog tag chain. Bottom left graphics of police shield with image of justice statue, white lettering saying THIRDS, City of New York Division

Dex: Babe, seriously. How can you do me like that? Speaking of do me—

Sloane: Stop. Just… behave yourself.

Dex: Ha! It’s like you don’t know me.

Sloane: I’m not really into anything fancy. I’m usually good with a beer.


TCO: Sinful snack

Dex: Anything with cheese. I love cheese. Oh, and gummy bears. But not with cheese. That’s just gross. Isn’t it? Hm, yeah, I think that would be gross. Unless it was a gummy bear made of cheese! Oh, but then it wouldn’t be called gummy would it?

Sloane: You had another triple shot of espresso in your coffee didn’t you? I’m pretty sure I said one shot.

Dex: One shot. Pardon me while I laugh haughtily. For those who couldn’t hear me, I just laughed haughtily.

Sloane: This is every day.

Dex: And you love it.

Sloane: I do.


TCO: Workout of choice

Dex: Sexy-times.

Sloane: That’s not what the question meant.

Dex: Well it should be. I mean what better work out is there? All your muscles get worked out, and—

Sloane: Okay, we should move onto the next question. Oh, and my answer is weights.

Dex: Like my weight. You’re very good at lifting my weight.

Sloane: I can’t take you anywhere.


TCO: Pick a weapon-only one

Dex: My charm. It’s… disarming. See what I did there, babe?sloane
Sloane: Unfortunately. For me, I’m going to say when I’m in my Therian form, my claws.

Dex: You’re wrong.
Sloane: Am I now?
Dex: Yep. Your weapon is your sexiness.
Sloane: Aw. You want something don’t you?
Dex: Can we stop by the bakery on the way home? They have new donuts.
Sloane: Why are you asking me? You know even if I say no, that you’ve had far too much sugar today, you’ll just make that face, and see! There it is. That face, and the lip thing. Fine. Let’s go get your donuts.
Dex: Woohoo!

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  1. *snorts* Hillarious as ever the Dex J. Daley, Sloane’s a saint putting up with him. XD

    Thanks for this post & the interview. Looking forward to the book release.

  2. That was great. They are quite a pair.

  3. LOL! These two are always great together. I loved it when Sloane said, “I don’t think this is that kind of interview.” It could have been, though. We wouldn’t mind. 😉

  4. LOL These guys are so cute, and I just love them to death! Can’t wait for Catch a Tiger <3 Seriously, I need it in my life right now.

  5. it’s always a pleasure reading about Dex. Thanks for the snippet.