The Ridiculous Balls of a Plagiarizer

When you are pissed about something, and you have a blog…sometimes you have to let that rant out, so here it is. Expect some not nice language.

If you blatantly plagiarize work, BLATANTLY, and you have the ridiculous balls to come back with “your new work” under your original name, I have to give you props. Because either you are completely ignorant of all that has gone on around you, or you know that if you are going to be able to pay your legal fees from said plagiarism, and you need your original name in order to get something on the best-selling list.

Finding out today that Laura Harner has continued publishing, in the m/m genre is a slap in the face, not just to readers, but especially to the authors who work their asses off to put out a book of their own work every 3-4 months. Finding out said book is number 36 on a list, just seems like cruel punishment to the hard working people in this genre.

How is this woman allowed to continue to publish at all? She has been proven to be a plagiarist. I would imagine the authors that she has plagiarized have sued the pants off of her-at least I hope so, and yet she is allowed to continue to publish (and yet, I’m not allowed to post reviews on Amazon-sigh). Amazon should have kicked her ass off of KDP and told her to take her shit elsewhere. But she has brought cash to the table, and so she continues to publish, under her own name.

That takes balls, so I have to hand it to her. Of course, if she had the brass balls to plagiarize in the first place, who is really surprised that she had the biggest balls ever seen to come back with her own name. All that means is we need to keep the word out to people that she plagiarizes. Not just once, not accidentally, not one paragraph, multiple ENTIRE books. The more we let people know, the less she can do, and let’s face it, she should feel the wrath for her crimes, and yes, it is an illegal act if it infringes on another author’s intellectual property rights, such as a copyright. To quote another author (because that is what you do when you want to use their words) she has “no remorse or respect”, plain and simple.

I’m so incredibly sorry that all authors are having to see this happen again. And that readers are having to hear about this awful person again. But let’s face it…everyone is wondering “is this her work?” and everyone should be vigilant. Don’t buy her stuff, go with tried and true authors who you know have written, bled and loved every single word they wrote themselves.

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  1. Erin Lazzarini says:

    BRAVO Denise!

  2. Well said…

  3. Natalie says:

    There was a series with her name on it that I really liked and now I won’t ever read it again because I can’t trust that it’s her own work. Maybe she’s trying to repair her rep or whatever but she won’t do it on my dime. I have no respect left for her and no trust.

  4. Natalie says:

    BTW, there’s a Laura Harner book in the pic for your MM Gateway books link. You might want to change that.