The Alpha King by Victoria Sue-Narrated by Joel Leslie: Audiobook Review with Giveaway

The Kingdom of Askara has been torn apart by conflict for centuries, where humans exist as subservient beings to their werewolf masters. Legend says it will only be able to heal itself when an Alpha King and a pure omega are mated and crowned together, but a pure omega hasn’t been born in over a thousand years. Luca is an Alpha-heir eagerly awaiting the choosing ceremony on his 25th birthday and the gifts granted by whichever omega he mates. His small pack is destitute due to the decisions of its ruling council, but being only an Alpha-heir, he has no authority to challenge them. Not until now – this moment he has waited a long time for. Kit grew up as a street-rat, an unlicensed human who would never be more than a slave for whichever master owns him. Then one day he came across a young Alpha-heir, attacked and dying of poison, and found out their fates were suddenly entwined. Luca needs to take over his pack and save his people. He cannot afford to be distracted. But when he meets Kit, he develops abilities indicating he is not just a pack Alpha, but the King his world has needed for a thousand years. Is Kit really the cause of Luca’s newfound power, the true mate he needs? How is it possible when the young man isn’t even a werewolf, and as merely a human, a mating is not only forbidden, but for Kit, a sentence of death?




This is a great Alpha/Omega book. The characters and the landscape are described in such detail that you can picture it unfolding right before your eyes.

Kit, a human slave has seen it written in the stars that his mate is a powerful Alpha, however unlikely that may be. Luca, the alpha in question is ready for his choosing ceremony so he can take a mate when he finds the young man who saved his life all those years ago.

Realizing that Kit is his mate and a human leaves Luca reeling. Luca must scramble to understand what is going on and keep Kit safe at all cost. Their world is in turmoil and it is up to the new Alpha King and his human Omega mate to make it a better place for all of them.

The story was amazing. The narration was stellar. Joel Leslie made me feel every emotion the characters were feeling. Every time Luca did something stupid I wanted to punch something. When Kit was devastated, I wanted to cry for him. I haven’t come across too many audiobooks that have made me feel this much.

If you enjoy Alpha/Omega or MPREG stories you can’t go wrong with this one.

5 pieces of eye candy

Victoria Sue is giving away an Audible copy of The Alpha King (US or UK). Just tell us whether you have read mpreg before and what intrigues you about it.

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  1. Mari Cardenas says:

    Hi Victoria! This sounds so good. Yes, I’ve read some mpreg before and I like that every author can put their own unique twist into it.

  2. Ginger Connatser says:

    Hi, Victoria. I have read mpreg before and I like the way different authors have their own take on it.

  3. ButtonsMom2003 says:

    I think your Sirius Wolves might have been the first mPreg stories I read. I fell in love with that series. I’ve read some other mPreg stories but not many other than The Alpha King which I also loved.

  4. I do enjoy the Alpha/Omga. I have never read/listened to an mpreg… yet. I have been following some discussions in my book groups though and have thought they do sound quite interesting. You never know what you might like until you try it. I like to expand my reading and authors I read. Thanks for the chance!

  5. Hi Victoria. Yes, I have read plenty of mpreg. It’s one of my favorite tropes. I love the idea of it and how a story can give it life and give readers an idea of how two men would handle a pregnancy, their emotional state, etc. It’s intriguing.

  6. Debra Guyette says:

    I have read mpreg before and I find it fascinating how the logistics (so to speak) are handled.