Fight the Tide by Keira Andrews: Release Day Review and Five-ish Good Questions


Adrift in a post-apocalyptic world, they only have each other. Is it enough?

A virus that turns the infected into zombie-like killers spreads through a burning world thrown into lawless chaos. Lovers Parker and Adam have escaped to the open sea when they hear a message over the airwaves from a place called Salvation Island—a supposed safe haven.

Orphaned as a child, werewolf Adam has always longed for a pack. He’s eager to investigate the island, but Parker doesn’t think for a nanosecond that the voice on the radio can be believed. He doesn’t trust anyone but Adam and is determined to keep it that way. They don’t need anyone else complicating their struggle to survive. Or do they?

Danger on the high seas can surface in a heartbeat, and if Parker and Adam aren’t careful, the current will drag them under.

This gay romance is a dystopian adventure featuring a werewolf, his boyfriend, and their struggle to find a place to call home.

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I was so excited to get my hands on Fight the Tide and it did not disappoint. This story was just as great as the first. Keira tells her stories in such a way you feel like you’re really there and the writing is amazing. I never knew what was going to happen next and she kept me on the edge of my seat. I caught myself screaming at my kindle at one point! Ha! The emotions were everywhere with this one.

Fight picks up right where Kick leaves off. Parker and Adam are taking it one day at a time out on the water and just trying to survive. This is truly a post-apocalyptic world they are living in now and the things and people they encounter are exactly how I believe it would play out.

Parker tends to underestimate himself a lot. He starts to feel he’s lacking in some way and may not be everything Adam needs. He has some serious struggles and getting to see him work through them and come out on the other side shows just how resilient he is.

I have to say, the sex scenes in this one were fantastic and hot as hell. Be prepared for your jaw to drop and you might even have to fan yourself a little. Just damn… Parker and Adam have a sweet relationship and I enjoyed seeing it grow more and more throughout the story. No matter what happens and what they face they always have the support of each other.

We eventually get to meet a small group of survivors in need of some assistance. I really liked all 4 of them and I thought they brought a lot to the story. We get to meet some new wolves as well and learn a little more about Adam.

I could go on for days about this but I don’t want to give anything away. I can’t stress how much I love reading about the world Keira has created. If you haven’t read Kick at the Darkness, make sure you check that out first before you start Fight the Tide. This was an amazing story and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. I still have lots of unanswered questions and I want to learn more about the Wolves and the Virus. I am a zombie/ paranormal/ horror freak and Keira has rocked my world with these stories.

5 HUGE pieces of eye candy from me!!!!


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  1. Fight the Tide got a HUGE 5 pieces of eye candy rating from Morgan. So tell the readers anything you can on what might be ahead for these two guys? Are there a set number of books you envision for the series?

Thanks so much to Morgan! There will definitely be a third book for Parker and Adam, and also a fourth book centered on a character you’ll meet in Fight the Tide. That’s all I have planned for now, but who knows what the future will bring?

  1. You always have such a unique vision to your books. The Forbidden Rumspringa is still the most surprising book to me. What was your inspiration for this series?

Thank you. My inspiration for the Kick at the Darkness series came from a lifelong love of dystopian stories, and certainly more recent TV shows such as The Walking Dead. Also the X-Men in regards to having special abilities that must be kept secret.

  1. Parker and Adam now live in a post Apocalyptic world, just trying to survive. What do you think is the most unique aspect of the world that you created for them? Is it something you can envision happening in the present day?

When I was researching the first book, I discovered that once the power grid goes dark, experts think the infrastructure would fall apart alarmingly quickly. Let’s hope we won’t find out! It’s a challenge to be unique considering how popular zombie and werewolf stories have been in recent years, so I suppose the aspect that stands out in my books is the combination of the two genres.

  1. What one thing are you most excited about with this book? Okay, you can make it as many things as you want.

The thing I’m most excited about is how the universe has clicked into place. After the first book, I wasn’t sure what would happen to Adam and Parker, and now they’re firmly on their path. I’m also excited for readers to see their relationship deepen and grow as they face more challenges. They don’t always agree and aren’t perfect, but they are 100% committed to each other.

  1. Last question is always the fun one. You write sex scenes that are hot, and with characters that likely would never get together but for inauspicious circumstances. What do you want to write as a sex scene sometime? Your dream fantasy sex scene.

Ohh, good question! I love writing sex scenes. I wrote my first fisting scene for Fight the Tide, which I realize can be controversial and not everyone’s cup of tea, but I hope readers will keep an open mind. As to my fantasy scene… That’s a tough one! I don’t really have any limitations, and it always depends on what the characters want. So we’ll see what the future brings!

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TCO would like to give away a copy of Fight the Tide to one commenter. So, tell us, what do you envision as the scariest part of being in a post-apocalyptic world?

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Sloan Johnson: Friday Five-Ish Good Questions and a Big Surprise!

Wild Pitch by Sloan Johnson

  1. What was your inspiration to write a baseball themed series?
    I was working on another project and looked up just in time to see a really nasty hit on the sports highlights. The story for Wild Pitch started brewing as I wondered how it’d be if the pitcher and the batter were friends. Since I write m/m, it morphed to what would happen if one of the players were gay and had a crush on the other. I wrote one scene and put the story away. Then, someone was talking about how she wished there were more baseball m/m books, and I pulled it out and showed this one scene to her. From there, the book took on a life of its own, including a complete rewrite when I was almost done because my vision of the characters changed.
  2. Friends to lovers is a trope you often see in the m/m romance genre. What makes this story different for these two men?
    Sean and Mason have some unique challenges in their relationship. Mason is bisexual and in the midst of a divorce while Sean is gay and in the closet. Not only does baseball keep them from being open about their relationship, it keeps them apart much of the time. 
  1. Sex scenes are not easy to write. And if writing is your full time gig, life sometimes gets in the way. What is your “method” to “get in the mood” to write a sex scene? Do you need some Luther Vandross on the radio? Maybe some low candlelight? Or do you just need the kids out at Chuck E. Cheese so you have the house to yourself?
    Typically, I hide out from the rest of the family. Kids tend to kill the mood for writing sex just as they do when they come knocking on the bedroom door. Luther Vandross is on one of the playlists I have, specifically for when I’m writing a “love-making” scene as opposed to a good, hard screw. I’m heavily influenced by music, and each type of sex has its own set of songs.
  1. At the end of Wild Pitch you included the first chapter from book 2, which is Jason and Cam’s story. What do you see ahead for the Homeruns series?
    Right now, my plans are somewhat fluid. I am already planning Drew’s story as the third book in the series. You meet him briefly at the very end of Wild Pitch and he’s Cam’s best friend in Curve Ball. Then, the fourth book will be Eric’s story. I felt bad for the guy, trading him away at the very beginning of the book, and I want him to have his HEA after everything he’s gone through! Beyond that, I’m not sure where it’ll go. I might do more books directly in the series, or I may spin it off to something different. As much as I love series, I don’t want to tie myself into writing this one line indefinitely.
  1. Gotta get my fun question in! You get one choice of vacations: either a beach resort, sitting sipping mai tais, and getting massages or camping, muddin’ and cooking hot dogs over a fire pit. Which one do you choose and why?
    As nice as the beach resort sounds, I’m much more of a muddin’ and fire pit girl! Some of my best memories are times spent around the fire, kicked back with a beer in one hand, listening to everyone tell stories. 
  2. One last thing before you go. When is Wild Pitch coming out?
    Well, originally it was going to come out on the 18th of this month. Then, I finished the book, got it back from my editor, went through formatting and everything else. That’s when Johnny Kane (the model portraying Mason) started taunting me. He’d stare back at me from the cover and I could hear him whispering, “Do it. You know you want to…” I’ve always said I’m at the mercy of my characters, so Wild Pitch is live RIGHT NOW! Readers can pick it up on Amazon, and it will be on all other outlets as soon as they approve the files.

Thank you so much to Sloan Johnson for stopping by, and bringing us her special surprise! 🙂 Grab the book now! I hope you love Mason and Sean as much as this reviewer does!

**Giveaway: Sloan has offered a signed paperback of Wild Pitch to one commenter on this blog post! So, tell us what you think!


There’s never been any question in Sean Tucker’s mind that he’d do whatever it took to make it to the major leagues and be one of the best pitchers of his time. The day he acknowledged to himself that he was gay was also the day he vowed to stay in the closet in order to chase his dreams. The problem is, he never counted on Mason Atley.

Sean showed rookie short stop Mason Atley the ropes, both on the field and off. The two forged a friendship which continued as both of them moved through the ranks of the farm system and into the majors. Unfortunately, there’s always been one secret Mason never felt he could share with Sean. Until now.

For seven years, Sean lived with the fact that he loved a man who would never reciprocate. When Mason admits that he’s always known he’s bisexual but has never allowed himself to pursue a relationship with a man, will Sean be able to put aside his reservations about starting a relationship with the friend he’d always assumed was straight? And more importantly, will they be able to find a way to stay together when their careers keep them apart more than they can be together?

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