Eden Winters Cover Reveal: Diversion Series



Author Name: Eden Winters
Book Name: Collusion
Release Date: Second edition releases June 20, 2015
Series: Diversion
Book #: Two


Dead men can’t love.

Former drug trafficker Richmond “Lucky” Lucklighter “died” in the line of duty while working off a ten-year sentence in service to the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau, only to be reborn as Simon “Lucky” Harrison. The newbie he trained, former Marine Bo Schollenberger, is now his partner on (and maybe off) the job. It’s hard to tell when Lucky doesn’t understand relationships or have a clue what any sane human is doing in his bed. Bo’s nice to have around, sure, but there’s none of that picking-out-china-together crap for Lucky.

While fighting PTSD, memories of a horrid childhood, and a prescription drug addiction, Bo is paying for his mistakes. Using his pharmacy license for the good guys provides the sort of education he never got in school. Undercover with his hard-headed partner, Bo learns that not everything is as it seems in the world of pharmaceuticals.

When a prescription drug shortage jeopardizes the patients at Rosario Children’s Cancer Center, it not only pits Bo and Lucky against predatory opportunists, but also each other. How can they tell who the villains are? The bad guys don’t wear black hats, but they might wear white coats.

Pages or Words: 70,000 words

Categories: Crime Fiction, Fiction, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Mystery, Romance, Thriller


For once the neighbors were fairly quiet. However, if they started their normal shit tonight, Lucky might have to kill them, or whip out the badge he kept carefully hidden in his closet, along with the golf shirt and ball cap emblazoned with the SNB logo.

A few moments later his cell phone chimed with an answer from Bo. “K. Catching cab.” Not an overwhelming response, but Lucky would take it.

He shoved dirty dishes into the dishwasher, scooped clothes off the floor and tossed them into the closet, and put a pot of water on the stove to make Bo a cup of green tea. A knock counterpointed the steady ba-boom, ba-boom starting up from the next apartment. Fucking hell! Why couldn’t the assholes be decent neighbors for one damned night? Lucky opened the door to find Bo slumped against the wall, shirt wrinkled and hair in an every-follicle-for-itself state of disarray.

“You look like warmed over shit.” Lucky held the door open, suspicions about a drug relapse igniting anew.

Bo managed a half-hearted smile. “Yeah, it’s good to see you, too.” He staggered into the apartment and collapsed onto Lucky’s couch. “God, am I ever tired.”

“Tired? What do you do every day? Sit behind a desk and talk on the phone?” Catty, yes, but after days of being ignored, Lucky wasn’t in the mood to play nice.

“I’ve been scrambling since daybreak, tracking down dead-end leads for someone who might supply us with some drugs.”

Lucky put a finger to his lips. “Shh… keep your voice down. You’ll get my crackhead neighbors excited shouting the ‘D’ word.”

Bo pinned Lucky a glassy-eyed glare. “I don’t care who’s living over there, the scary’s on this side of the wall. As I was saying, I’ve been following leads, trying to locate pharmaceuticals for the hospital.” He gave Lucky a “happy now?” face.

“What kind of leads? Any of interest?”

Bo dropped his head back to rest on padded upholstery. “We’ve been approached by seventeen different wholesalers today, not on the list I gave you, who’ve offered us stock at ridiculous prices. The first question they ask is what meds we’re having trouble getting so they can go snatch them up and sell them to us for enormous markups, the bastards. It’s against company policy to tell them anything.

“Graham called another meeting with the department heads for tomorrow. We’re putting in one more plea to let us consider a gray market broker. We’re pretty fucking desperate.”

“Graham?” And we’re?

“Mr. Danvers, the head buyer.”

Lucky had a file on Graham Danvers, such as it was. Squeaky clean with a nauseating disposition toward humanitarian awards. Apparently, he invested a good bit of time and money in local charities. Ava didn’t seem to like him. The highly vocal pharmacy tech just became Lucky’s new best friend. “Bo, remember what I told you about getting personally involved with suspects? You’ve got to remain objective.”

Bo shot to his feet. “Damn it, Lucky! Graham isn’t a suspect! He’s a pharmacy buyer, for crying out loud. Do you have to be suspicious of everybody?”

He had to ask? “Yes, I do. It’s in my job description.”

“Your job description is the same as mine. I read it, I signed it. There’s nothing in there about mandatory trust issues.” Bo added under his breath, “Or about being an asshole.”

“Hey, maybe you got a new revision. Take Keith, for example. ‘Asshole’ was definitely in his.”

Bo pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. “Lucky, I work with Graham, and trust me, he’s on the up and up.”

“Oh my God! You haven’t told him why you’re there, have you?” Shoving Bo back toward Atlanta seemed more and more likely.

Arms folded across his chest, Bo glowered, the stance and expression reminding Lucky of himself. “Do you actually believe I’m an idiot?”

Lucky opened his mouth to reply but Bo cut him off. “Don’t answer that. But remember, I graduated head of my class at pharmacy school and served my country in Afghanistan. I’m not a moron and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t treat me like one.”

After a moment Lucky ventured again, “Did you?”

“Did I what?”

“Tell him why you’re there.”

Throwing his hands up in the air, Bo stomped across the living room. “No, you suspicious son of a bitch, I didn’t. But I also believe you’re out of your mind if you consider the man a suspect.” He flopped back down on the couch with a huff.

Lucky remained standing, leaning against the bar separating the poor excuse for a kitchen from the poor excuse for a living room. He studied his partner, cataloguing the telltale signs of burnout. Tired? Check. Moody? Check. Less sociable? Double check. Some folks weren’t cut out for handling the type of shit the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau dealt with, and from day one Lucky had suspected Bo wouldn’t make it. Of course, he’d said the same about Keith and anyone else who’d stayed long enough for Lucky to learn their names.

“Are you hungry?” Lucky asked, though at the moment he didn’t have much in the way of vegetarian cuisine handy, unless he counted the makings for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

“No.” Bo stared out the window at the brick wall of the next building.

“Can I fix you some green tea?”

A weak, “That’d be nice,” barely reached Lucky’s ears.

Moseying into the kitchen and going through the motions of tea preparation allowed Lucky time to mull things over. He recognized the listlessness, the lack of greeting when he opened the door. Even to himself, he and Bo appeared to be merely coworkers right now, nothing more. Losing Bo as a lover hurt like hell, for he alone came close to understanding what made Lucky tick. Or, lacking understanding, accepted Lucky’s quirks as part and parcel, never trying to change what made Lucky “Lucky.” Bo only nudged and manipulated for the greater good, like weaning him off caffeine so he slept better. Oh, and the whole, “Tell me about yourself, Lucky” thing. Maybe Bo should have been a shrink instead of a pharmacist.

Plain and simple, the man couldn’t handle the job, though Lucky couldn’t imagine very many people dealing with sick kids and remaining unchanged. Before when the pressure reached critical levels, Bo sought comfort in alprazolam. Had he resorted to self-medicating again?

Watching a man he’d come to care about slowly slide back into the nightmare of addiction, and a possible jail sentence, was more than Lucky could bear. He’d do his damnedest, talk to Bo in a better moment, and only if he couldn’t break through would he fill Walter in.

Not tonight. If Bo allowed him to, tonight Lucky would hold him, love him one last time before doing what he had to do. Because if Lucky’s hunch proved right, Bo might never forgive him.

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About the author:

Eden Winters was captivated young by storytelling, and her earliest memories include spinning tales for the family’s pets. Her dreams of writing professionally took a sojourn into non-fiction, with a twelve-year stint in technical documentation.

She began reading GLBT novels as a way to better understand the issues faced by a dear friend and fell in love with the M/M romance genre. During a discussion of a favorite book, a fellow aficionado said, “We could do this, you know.”

Good-bye gears, motors, and other authors’ characters; hello plots and sex scenes. This has resulted in such prize-winning stories as Settling the Score, The Angel of Thirteenth Street, Naked Tails, The Wish, Duet, and Diversion.

Somewhat of a nomad, Eden has visited seven countries so far. She currently calls the southern US home, and many of her stories take place in the rural South. Having successfully raised two children, she now balances the day job with hiking, rafting, spoiling her grandchildren, and stalking the wily falafel or elusive tofu pad Thai at her favorite restaurants. Her musical tastes run from Ambient to Zydeco, and she’s a firm believer that life is better with fur kids and Harley Davidsons.

Contact Info:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EdenWinters

Facebook Author Page: http://on.fb.me/1AzHHrh

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EdenWinters1

Goodreads Link: http://bit.ly/1QX9PZ6

Publisher: Rocky Ridge Books

Cover Artist: L.C. Chase

Tour Dates & Stops: June 9, 2015

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Embrace the Fire by Felice Stevens – Friday Five-ish Good Questions, Review and Blog Tour


Embrace the Fire

Through Hell and Back # 3
By: Felice Stevens
Releasing May 26th, 2015
Loose ID

Brandon Gilbert has spent years in hiding, but finally he’s accomplished his dream of working as a public school teacher. When offered the chance to help bullied children, there was no way he could say no. Not to mention that meeting Dr. Tash Weber, the psychiatrist who helps them, a sad yet sexy older man, ignited a spark inside Brandon he’d never had before.

Though five years have passed since the death of his lover, Dr. Sebastian “Tash” Weber has no interest in relationships or love. But young, enigmatic Brandon awakens his heart and his desire. Despite Tash’s best efforts to push him away, Brandon unlocks the passion for life Tash thought he’d lost forever.

Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan for either Brandon or Tash, but neither family disapproval nor self-doubts can stop them from embracing the fire that burns between them. And when Brandon returns home to fight for a future he never imagined possible, he and Tash discover that the one thing worth fighting for has been with them all along.

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Goodreads Series Link: http://bit.ly/1GMKQER

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Denise’s Review:

Embrace the Fire is the third (and final?) book in the Through Hell and Back series by Felice Stevens. This book features the last foster brother for the reader to meet, Brandon and the previously met, and dashing Tash.

One of the things that I enjoyed most about this book was that it wasn’t filled with tons of angst. I have said on more than one occasion that Book 1, A Walk Through Fire, broke me into pieces when I read it. It is probably on my all time list as number 1, the book that I cried the hardest over. Yes, Felice put me back together in Book 2, but I will always remember how broken I was after Book 1. In many ways, that is what you want in a book. You want it to stick with you, and this entire series has done that for me.

However, there are times you want to read a book, especially the final book in a series with a smile on your face through most of it, having some “insta-love” and seeing that the worst that happens is Brandon believing he had committed a horrible crime. Those books stick with you for a different reason. They make you smile, they make you laugh, they make you happy because you know the main characters, have finally found their love, and their entire family finds a completeness they had been missing.

That’s what this book was for me, it was sweet, and honest, and loving. Tash, while older, and hesitant about the difference in their ages, was no match for the determination of Brandon who decided that he wanted that man without question. I also really enjoyed the fact that although Brandon was beyond grateful to have found his foster brothers, and reconciled, he knew that his place was by Tash’s side, and was not willing to throw himself into a situation he wasn’t comfortable with, merely because his brothers had been searching for him for years.

This book was such a great finish to the series. It answered the questions, and let you know that everyone was doing well. I loved that we still were given a glimpse into the loves and relationships of Ash and Luke. You weren’t just allowed to catch up with them, but got to still see the connection the brothers had with their lovers.

And the best part was the epilogue. That was worth its weight in gold. We wait for our HEA, and many times it is “fade to black”. This was more than fade to black, it was a glimpse into the future for these three (actually four) couples, so we were able to see their HEA in living color. That brought more than a tear to my eye, it brought a huge smile to my face, and left me that way for the rest of the day.

My final determination is four pieces of eye candy, and my sincere hope that we can see glimpses of these boys in the future.

1-4 pieces of eye candy

Five-ish Good Questions with Felice Stevens:

(A  feature on Two Chicks Obsessed with Books and Eye Candy)

  1. So…tell us about the main character(s)…not Brandon and Tash, the animals, what do you have for us in this book? J In all honesty, I absolutely love how much you put into your animals in your books, it warms my heart even more when I read your books. I think of that as your hallmark, so tell us why that is important to you.


I’m a huge animal lover; when I was a child I used to feel the strays in our backyard, so it always seemed natural to have animals in my stories. Rescued was personal, as it is based on a real life pit bull named Pearl who was rescued from a laboratory, where they were performing brain experiments on her. She is doing very well and lives with my friend.


  1. Brandon is a public school teacher in NYC, which has to be very stressful. What drives him to want to give so much in such a demanding environment?


When you read the book, the underlying theme for Brandon is that he is not your average NYC hipster 25 year old. Because he grew up in such a fractured environment, he doesn’t want others to live like that and wants to make a difference to children, like the teachers in his life made a difference to him.




  1. Embrace the Fire is a May-December romance. Why did you choose to do that with these men? (I’ll admit I haven’t read but one or two of these, so I am excited to see what you do with this.)


I’ll tell you it chose me. People may not believe it and I didn’t’ until I began writing myself, but the characters really drive the story. I started this book three times and each time, if I veered away from Brandon’s love interest being Tash, they fought me. I have to think of it as being that they really love each other (as I evidenced from the instant attraction) and nobody, especially me, the author, was going to keep them apart. Lol.


  1. What is your vision of what Brandon and Tash look like? Do you have celebrity inspirations/crushes for these two characters?


I have a Pinterest Board where I play around with celebrity inspirations. Tash is a Bradley Cooper with his glasses and Brandon is Alex Pettyfair. Check out my board for some cute pictures of the guys.


  1. I get arrested in Tampa, FL (cause it might happen in July at Rainbow Con, just saying J ). I call you for advice. Give me five words of advice.


Hmm, free legal advice huh? Well I could say “Tell them it’s ‘That time of the month’ Always got us out of gym because our male gym teacher was too embarrassed to question us.” Or “Blame it on the alcohol”


Other Books by Felice Stevens:



Brandon glanced around the empty room. “Guess we’re a little early.” Chairs were set around in a haphazard manner, and the desk in the front was bare of any material.

When Gage checked his watch, he shrugged. “Yeah, only by about ten minutes. Why don’t I go tell them we’re here?”

Before Brandon had a chance to answer him, Gage left. After wandering around the room, Brandon stood at the window, looking out over the dark city sky. It was times like these he wondered if he could risk it all, go back home, and deal with the consequences. He understood a little better now, with the wisdom coming from a life hard-lived, why his foster mother became so overprotective of him. Years of being beaten down and weakened by living with a bully and abuser like Munson would make anyone want to believe in a religion that promised salvation. While he didn’t understand the religious aspect, he supposed it gave her something to hold on to when her life crashed and burned around her.

The door opened. “Oh, hello. I didn’t realize anyone was here yet.”

Brandon turned from his contemplation and faced the man at the door. His eyes widened, recognizing the man he’d seen crossing the street. Once again his body registered an unusual heated response.

“Yes. I’m here for the mentoring program. I came with Gage Taylor.” The man was even better-looking close up. His eyes were hazel with streaks of gold, and his face had a masculine, rugged quality. Not classically handsome, but arresting and, in Brandon’s eyes, so much more memorable.

“Oh great.” The man entered the room, leaving the door ajar behind him. “We were hoping Gage was able to pick up a few volunteers to come tonight.” He extended his hand. “I’m Tash. I run the program.”

At the press of Tash’s hand, a shiver rippled through Brandon. Deciding he was reading more into the touch than he thought, Brandon withdrew his hand a little quicker than he normally would and sat in one of the chairs, drawing a quizzical look from Tash.

“Tash. That’s an unusual name.” To his shock, Brandon realized he’d gotten hard. Mortified and hoping his cheeks weren’t red, he shifted in his seat, trying to get comfortable. This had never happened before. Ever. He took several deep breaths and concentrated on the man speaking.

Tash rubbed his chin ruefully. “Would you believe my mother is an avid reader of Regency romances and Sebastian was her favorite name? My sister couldn’t pronounce it when she was a baby, and it was shortened to Tash.” He chuckled. “I suppose I should be grateful she didn’t also add the title she loved the most, or you’d be calling me Duke.”

They were still laughing when Gage walked in, followed by a group of people, some of whom Brandon recognized from the pictures hanging on the wall.

“Oh good, Randy, you met Tash.” Gage dropped into the chair next to Brandon. “Randy is the teacher I told you guys about. Even though he joined our staff as a permanent teacher only this year, he’s already made a tremendous difference in the lives of the kids he teaches.”

Brandon’s face colored, and he squirmed under the scrutiny as the attention of everyone in the room shifted to him. “It’s no big deal,” he muttered. “The kids are awesome and eager to learn.”

“My man here is too modest.” Gage stretched out his long legs. “Within weeks of the start of the school year, all the kids could talk about was Mr. Gilbert and how much they love him. All the kids want to be in his classroom. He’s taken it upon himself to stay late, well after school is over, to work with any of the kids who are struggling, not only the ones in his class.”

“Come on, Gage, cut it out. That’s not why we’re here,” Brandon protested, unzipping his jacket. He hung it on the back of his chair. “Don’t hold up the meeting. No one wants to hear you talk about me.”

“But you’re wrong, Randy,” Tash cut in. “You’re exactly the type of person we need for this program. Someone young, who the kids can identify with, someone who doesn’t look down on them. Someone with empathy for their pain.”

Their gazes held, and Brandon’s breath grew short in his throat. Like a movie where the sound is muted, the rest of the room disappeared; it was as if only he and Tash were present in that small conference room, with Tash whispering the words straight to Brandon’s heart.

Instead of the familiar trepidation at facing new people, Tash’s presence centered Brandon, untangling all the knots the big ball of his hopes and dreams had twisted themselves up into. For the first time in what seemed like forever, Brandon felt safe.

“You make me sound special. I’m not.” It was the truth. All he gave those kids was his time and concern. They craved attention and the knowledge that another person gave a damn about them. Brandon was anything but special. If they knew who he really was, they’d avoid him.

“Everyone is special.” The man he recognized as the founder of the clinic, Dr. Drew Klein, spoke. “That’s what we need these kids to understand. Because they’re different, either in their looks or their sexual orientation, that doesn’t make them weird or bad. Loving someone differently from the norm doesn’t make you wrong.” The doctor smiled at him with a clear, friendly expression.

Brandon wondered if the doctor was gay. In the chair next to his, Tash’s presence brushed up against him, warming him as if he’d been caressed. Brandon’s skin prickled with awareness.

“There’s a chance Randy can help you since he’s already taken it on himself to tutor the kids.” The door opened, and a young man walked in carrying a box of coffee and a bag that smelled like sugar. Gage’s eyes lit up. “I didn’t know you were having coffee and snacks.”

Tash chuckled and bent over to whisper in Brandon’s ear. “If I hadn’t seen how dedicated Gage was to these kids, I’d swear he did this for the free coffee and doughnuts.”

Brandon snorted, knowing well his fellow teacher’s propensity for caffeine and sweets. “I know. The man should just get an IV of the stuff.”

He and Tash shared a smile, and Brandon’s heart gave a funny thump in his chest. Heat rose in his face, and Brandon knew he blushed. Embarrassed, he fidgeted with his watchband, then raked a hand through his hair. He couldn’t sit still and tore his gaze away from Tash’s mesmerizing eyes.


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Author Info:I have always been a romantic at heart. I believe that while life is tough, there is always a happy ending just around the corner. I started reading traditional historical romances when I was a teenager, then life and law school got in the way. It wasn’t until I picked up a copy of Bertrice Small and became swept away to Queen Elizabeth’s court that my interest in romance novels became renewed.But somewhere along the way, my tastes shifted. While I still enjoys a juicy Historical romance, I began experimenting with newer, more cutting edge genres and discovered the world of Male/Male romance. Once I picked up her first, I became so enamored of the authors, the character-driven stories and the overwhelming emotion of the books, I knew I wanted to write my own.I live in New York City with my husband and two children and hopefully soon a cat of my own. My day begins with a lot of caffeine and ends with a glass or two of red wine. I practice law but daydream of a time when I can sit by a beach somewhere and write beautiful stories of men falling in love. Although there is bound to be angst along the way, a Happily Ever After is always guaranteed.
Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReadsWebsite: http://www.felicestevens.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/felicestevensauthor?ref=hlTwitter: http://www.twitter.com/FeliceStevens1GoodReads: http://bit.ly/1FlTTbp

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Kage by Maris Black: Blog Tour and Review


ROUND 1 of the KAGE Trilogy

My name is Jamie Atwood, and I’m an addict. I never thought I’d say such a thing. Never had a problem being overly-attached to anything in my life. I came from a perfectly middle-class family, made good grades, and had a hot cheerleader girlfriend. But the truth is, nothing ever really moved me. So how did a guy like me become an addict?

I met Michael Kage.

Kage is an MMA fighter. A famous one. I like to think I helped him get that way.

He’s charming as hell, with looks to rival any movie star and talent to back it up. So why did he need to hire me as an intern Publicist? Simple. He has a darkness in him– like a black hole so deep it could swallow him, and me, and everyone we know– and that’s not good for business.

The first time I met him, I felt the pull. I think the addiction began at that very moment. And even if I’d known then what I know now, I would have fallen for him. How could I not?

For me, Kage is everything.

Author Name: Maris Black
Book Title: KAGE
Book Length: Full Length Novel (81,549 words)
Genre: Gay Romance, M/M
Book Release Date: 05/25/2015
Publisher: Maris Black Books
Cover Artist: Maris Black
Good Read Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25282503-kage?ac=1


Book 2: Kage Unleashed

Available for preorder: http://amzn.to/1K02kyA

R-Rated Excerpt:
Kage pushed his tongue deeper into my mouth,
and suddenly I was sucking hungrily at his tongue, winding my arms around his
neck, and pressing my lower body against his. I was desperate to get closer, to
feel through the barrier of my clothing what he had pressed against me. My
hunger knew no bounds, growing exponentially with each passing second as it
became clearer that this was not some fevered fantasy. This was actually
And I was going to let it.
He unwound my arms from his neck and reached
down to pull my t-shirt over my head so that we were skin to skin. The scrub of
chest hair against my nipples was exquisite torture, and I moaned, pulling back
to catch my breath.
“Fuck no, you’re not going anywhere!” Kage
yanked me back against him. “I’ve waited too long for this. Been patient
enough.” He covered my mouth and face with kisses, moved down to my throat, and
bit the sensitive skin there until I cried out. I was overcome with passion, my
breath coming in quick gasps as I fought to keep it together. I had always
thought of myself as a player and a skilled lover, but I swear Kage made me
feel like a virgin all over again.
“Take off your pants,” he said.
“What are you planning on doing to me?” I
asked, my voice distant to my own ears as I worked my shorts down my legs,
leaving my boxer briefs on.
“What I should have done when you first got
“How did you know I’d let you?”
He chuckled. “I could tell by the way you look
at me. Like you’re eating me alive with your eyes.”
“I don’t do that,” I protested. “I don’t even
like guys.”
“Liar.” Kage shook his head and took a step
back. “Get on your knees, Jamie.”
“Pardon me?”
“Don’t give me that look. I said get on your
I wanted to tell him no, that this was
insanity, and that I wasn’t gay. I wanted to point out that I’d just recently
had a girlfriend whom I’d fucked soundly on a regular basis. But instead I sank
to my knees in front of him and waited, looking up at his unbelievably perfect
body, all muscles and planes and smooth skin. The boyish face with the
five-o’clock shadow, the dark locks of hair that fell loosely around his face…
and that’s when I felt it. He was right. I was devouring him with my eyes,
because God help me I could not get enough.
Denise’s Review:What can I say about this book? In all honesty, if it were not for the blog tour, I likely would not have picked this book up to read it. I have never enjoyed boxing, which my father used to watch all the time, and MMA really, really would not do it for me. I just don’t like fighting. So, I likely would have passed on this book if I saw it as a recommendation in Amazon.

That being said, I could not put this book down!!! I was almost late getting somewhere I needed to be because “I just need to finish this chapter”. It is not overly graphic in the MMA information, so it was a good way to break me in…I am going to guess that the next one will be a bit more graphic just because of the direction the book was heading. The relationship between these two was a slow burn, lots of babbling, “innocent” touches, flirting through the first half, but it kept me completely engrossed.

I was impressed with Kage’s character. He clearly has a lot of demons, which the reader hasn’t received more than a hint of in Book 1. However, he clearly cares a lot about Jamie, and really wants him to be there, with him, through the beginning stages of his career.

Meanwhile, Jamie has never been with a man, so this is a GFY book. He’s never even entertained the idea, but has been intrigued with Michael Kage from the second he saw him. As they dance around each other, Jamie does everything he can to keep them in the closet, while Michael is slowly inching out.

There is somewhat of a cliffhanger, since this is Book 1 of the trilogy. It is not the nail-biting, “OMG! How will we survive until August” kind of cliffhanger, but it is there. However, I still think this book is worth reading now, as their relationship is quite sweet for most of it. Michael truly becomes a bit of a teddy bear when Jamie is around.

Definitely looking forward to Book 2 in August. This book was a solid 4 pieces of eye candy for me!

Author: Bio:

My name is Maris Black (sort of), and I’m a Southern Girl
through and through.
In college, I majored in English and discovered the joys of
creative writing and literary interpretation. After honing my skills
discovering hidden meanings authors probably never intended, I collected
my near-worthless English degree and got a job at a newspaper making
minimum wage. But I soon had to admit that small town reporting
was not going to pay the bills, so I went back to school and
joined the medical field. Logical progression, right? But no matter what
I did, my school notebooks and journals would not stop filling up with
fiction. I was constantly plotting, constantly jotting prose, constantly
casting the people I met as characters in the secret novels in my
Yep. I can blame my creative mother for that one!
When I finally started writing fiction for a living, I surprised
myself with my choice of genre. I’d always known I wanted to write romance, but
the first story that popped out was about a couple of guys finding love during
a threesome with a woman. Then I wrote about more guys, and more guys, and more
guys. I was never a reader of gay fiction, and I’d never planned to write it.
The only excuse I have for myself is: Hey, it’s just what comes out!


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Denial, Deceit, Discovery by J. James: Blog Tour and Giveaway

Denial, Deceit, Discovery is the heart-rending story based on true events in the life of Jack Ellis; a young Catholic man deep in denial of his own homosexuality.  It tells the story of how his own denial and the denial of his loved ones forced him to conform to the straight world, resulting in his marriage to his high school sweetheart.  After years of cruising gay porn sites, chatting online with endless guys and intimate encounters with close friends, Jack was pulled into a life of deceit with a string of sexual partners.
The story explains the pain and suffering of those around him as his secrets unfold and honesty rises up. The torture endured as Jack struggles to piece together the complex story of his own sexuality is truly moving.  Escaping the shame, Jack flees to Bangkok with his gay lover where a much greater world of deceit and discovery awaits them both.
Denial, Deceit, Discovery will make you laugh, cry, cringe and blush as Jack’s story unfolds from a life of shame to one of hope and acceptance for homosexual men.

Author Name: J. James

Book Name: Denial, Deceit, Discovery
Date:  May, 2013
Pages or Words: 364 pages
Categories: Non-fiction
‘Did you ever think of men when you masturbated?’
Sometimes I cannot believe I have arrived at this point.  This is one of many direct and personal
questions from the Catholic priest dealing with my annulment. I cannot help but
sense his judgement of me. From his failure to hide his disgust to the way his
sunken, weathered eyes glare at me as he waits for my sordid responses.  I am sitting in a room that reminds me of a
nursing home.  It is bitterly cold;
though I’m not sure if I am shivering from the cold or the depth of
questioning.  Excessively floral wallpaper
with clashing printed soft furnishings was never a good look. The mahogany 70’s
style furniture pieces marked the perimeter of the room and the over-sized
portrait of God’s beloved son hanging above the chimneybreast was particularly
distracting.  I did not feel comfortable
discussing my love of cock with a priest, let alone with Jesus in the
Two years after our thirteen year relationship ended, I have been
instructed by my now ex-wife to visit the priest to support her annulment
application – a Catholic loophole that allows two Catholics to declare that
their marriage never truly existed. We have to prove that I was incapable of
willingly entering into the marriage due to my underlying, yet undiscovered,
homosexuality.  Personally I do not have
the patience for this, but it is a small gift for my ex-wife that will enable
her to one day remarry in the eyes of God.
In 2001 we married after seven happy years and we stayed married
for another six, although maybe these were not as happy as the first
seven.  And why did I do it?  Why did I marry a girl when the answer to the
opening question was YES!  Quite simply,
because I loved her.  When I stood there
on the day of our wedding it never entered my mind that I was lying, or trying
to cover up or trick anyone. I simply loved her and wanted to spend my entire
life with her.  On reflection, I guess I
knew I was gay but I certainly did not want to live my life as a gay man.  At that point I had never admitted to myself
that I was indeed gay; something I have come to regret.  It was not out of malice or false intentions,
rather just total confusion and denial; born out of an upbringing in a
straight, Catholic world.  The signs were
all there, but no one ever asked me the question and, therefore, I had no
reason to even question it myself.
I have spent many a sleepless night trying to piece together the
complex story of my sexuality and can now define three distinct periods in my
life: one of denial, one of deceit and a final time of discovery. To some
extent they are chronological but there are many overlaps whilst in each phase
of my life. When I finally declared my sexuality at the age of thirty-one, I
ended the thirty-one years of denial – a pretty hefty sentence for anyone! To
some extent I am still there now. But there have been many exciting and
somewhat dangerous discoveries along the way; from early childhood fumbles with
girls, mutual masturbation sessions with male friends as teenagers first
discovering porn, to naive visits to male prostitutes as a young man and random
hook ups with strangers off the internet as a married man.  With some of these discoveries came webs of
deceit shrouded in guilt, lies and more confusion.  But it was these very experiences that have
shaped the gay man I am today – one who has found true monogamous love.
Since accepting my homosexuality, many people have used the line,
You had a choice…’ but to me it was anything but a choice.  In fact, I would say I did everything
possible to choose not to be gay and despite my greatest efforts to
suppress who I really was; eventually it came and bit me on the arse
Author Interview:
 Hi J, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.1) What genre is your book and what drew you to this genre?
Denial Deceit Discovery is written in the style of a personal memoir or autobiography based on true events. It was because of my own personal struggles in dealing with my sexuality that I decided to share my story in an attempt to educate others and provide support to others in a similar situation. Autobiographies are also a genre I enjoy reading as I am fascinated by the lives of others. One of my favourite was the book called, ‘A child called It’ –which I found incredibly moving.

2) How many days a week do you write?
Unfortunately writing is not my full time job. My day job is incredibly demanding so finding time to write is a real challenge. I never put myself under pressure to write as it is my hobby and passion and so I do it when I really feel inspired. Most of my writing is done during my holidays or whilst on long haul flights from my home in Thailand back to the UK. I probably spend a few hours each week either writing material for my blog or new material for my second book.

3) On average, how long does it take to write a book?
I wrote Denial Deceit Discovery in about 6 months and then spent 6 months editing and improving it. This book was easier to write because it was my own life story involving real characters so it did not involve much planning. The second book is taking me much longer because it is a different genre for me and it needs a lot more work at the planning stage. I am also trying to improve the quality of my writing and so taking more time to work on characterization and the art of showing rather than telling the reader.

4) Do you have a trailer for your book? If yes, give us the link. If not, do you think you’d like to have one done at some point?
I currently do not have a trailer for the book but it is something I have thought about doing as I have come across the trailers for a few other books and was quite impressed. I find the biggest challenge is trying to reach your target audience and you can invest large sums of money on marketing tools like trailers and still not achieve your objective. But I am game for trying anything once 

5) If I could be a character in a book, I would be _______?
I would definitely be Christian Grey from 50 Shades. I think he is incredibly suave and handsome and so mysterious. I love his lifestyle and although I am gay I admire the frenzy this character has generated amongst the female population. Who would not want to have a similar impact on society haha.

Sales Links:

About the author:
Denial, Deceit, Discovery is a new work of fiction by J. James.  Written in the style of a personal memoir,
James tells the complex, engaging and moving coming out story of the book’s
main character, Jack Ellis.  Jack is a
young Catholic man living in the UK who struggles mightily on the road to
self-awareness.  Jack’s life is inspired
by many events experienced by the author, but the universal themes of honesty,
personal growth and acceptance transcend one person’s story. Denial, Deceit,
Discovery will make you laugh, cry, cringe and blush as Jack’s life evolves
from shame and embarrassment, to hope and acceptance.  It’s a wholly relatable tale that will speak
to anyone who has struggled to understand an aspect of his or her identity.
After over a decade of
teaching, educational management and administration, James needed to find an
outlet to share his personal story. As a lifelong lover of literature and
writing, James has dedicated his career to educating students, helping them
develop the tools they’ll need to share their stories in the future.
His first manuscript
was inspired by the response James received from the Catholic priest who
officiated his marriage annulment. As part of the process, James was asked to
submit a small document outlining his feelings about the events that culminated
in the failure of his marriage. The priest commented that the piece was the
most moving and impactful account he had ever read.  He called it an “inspiration” to other men
and women struggling with similar situations.
After exploring many options, James realized that his story could help
people to understand the complex issues facing gay men in denial – hopefully,
helping to spare others from the heartache he and his loved ones experienced.
James currently lives
and works in Southeast Asia.  He enjoys
the tropical climate, and the relaxed pace, which has provided him with the
opportunity to continue developing ideas for his second novel.
Where to find the author:
Publisher: Inkslingers Publishing

Tour Dates & Stops:
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Ann Lister: Meant for Me (Rock Gods #5) Blog Tour, Author Interview, Review and Giveaway

Anne Lister - Meant For Me  CoverStory Blurb:

Tony Wilcox, the quiet keyboard player for
Ivory Tower, has always believed he was straight. A sexual encounter with his
best friend leaves Tony questioning his heart and the unwavering attraction he
has for Jared. Living and working together is no longer enough for Tony… he
wants more. He wants Jared as his.
Jared Baker, the bass player for the band, has
a past that is getting in the way of him fully embracing what he wants… Tony.
He’s tried everything to create distance between them, but none of it
eliminated the feelings he has developed for Tony.
Trying to
suppress the anger and confusion from Jared withdrawing from his life, Tony
does his best to get beyond the feelings he has for his friend. When Jared becomes
deathly ill, it’s Tony that he calls for help and Tony has to decide if he can
heal Jared without giving away too much of his heart.
Can best friends find their way to true love
and discover if they were meant for each other, or will the challenges of life
force them to choose separate paths?

Book Details:

Author Name: Ann Lister

Book Title: Meant For Me, The Rock Gods series, Book 5

Publisher: SleighFarm Publishing Group

Book Length: 270 pages, 85,000 words

Genre: Gay Romance, Erotic

Book Release Date: May 28, 2015

Cover Artist: Kellie Dennis from Book Cover By Design

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/519355.Ann_Lister

Purchase Link:


Denise’s Review:

What can I say about Meant for Me? First, I want to take Tony and Jared and give them huge hugs!

I really enjoyed the sweetness of Jared and Tony. Sometimes you just need the sweetness. And honestly for me, at the time that I read this book, I needed one just like that. It wasn’t filled with angst (other than my own, by being pissed at Harry), and they had such a loving connection. It made my heart happy. I didn’t want to read the rest of the night, once I finished MFM, because Ann Lister book cover front and backI wanted that feeling to just stay and soak it up.

I liked the fact that the angst in this book was low. They were connected, not just emotionally, but by their friendship. They both were afraid to take it further because losing a friendship over something that may not work was not worth it for them. I loved that connection, it felt real. It was organic, and had been portrayed throughout the series. In fact, there were several mentions during the book about how everyone knew they were together…before Tony and Jared knew they were together. That shows a growing of characters over a long period of time, and really made this book easy to read and believable.

I’m hoping most people come away with that feeling and enjoy it for the story it is. Not every book needs to be overdone with angst. Sometimes enjoying that connection leaves the reader feeling fulfilled.

Now, don’t get me wrong, that does not mean there wasn’t also hotness, because, I have said this before and I stand behind my statement. NOBODY writes hotter sex scenes than Ann Lister. No one! So, while their connection was emotional, and sweet, and mostly angst-free…their connection in the bedroom almost lit my iPad on fire!

In addition, Meant for Me got me totally revved for Dante and Ash. Those boys are gonna probably crash hard before they actually burn it up! 😀  That ones gonna be a hot one. Definitely some angst ahead there!!!

My final call for Meant for Me is 4.5 pieces of eye candy. When you have a book that you want to re-read, you know its going to get the rating, and this one is definitely on my re-read list.



Author Interview:

Welcome to Ann Lister! Thank you so much for joining us here on Two Chicks Obsessed!

TCO: When you started writing the first book in the Rock Gods series, did you foresee that you would take it this far? Where did you envision it going at the beginning?

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how far this would go. I started with Dagger’s band, Black Ice, and I had rough outline planned for stories about the guys in that band. What surprised me was while I was writing Fall For Me, I started hearing the voices from the men in Ivory Tower and they were LOUD. Next thing I knew I was jumping from Black Ice over to write stories for Ivory Tower. Same thing happened again when I was writing Meant For Me.

Suddenly Dante and Ashton were screaming at me to write their story and I couldn’t shut them up. First time ever, I ended up writing Tony and Jared’s story at the same time I was writing Dante and Ashton’s. Talk about head hopping!

TCO: This story is very different than the other books in the series-in my estimation. It is much more about connection and a sweet romance, supporting each other when times are tough. Was that how you saw Jared and Tony from the beginning?

I absolutely did see them as the quiet, secretive, and very private twosome that everyone questioned what they were up to. For those that have followed the series they should remember Tony and Jared always being in the background which is where they prefer to be, while quietly observing the others. Tony and Jared are immensely loyal to each other and truly enjoy spending time with each other. But spending all that time together opened up a door for them. All they had to do was decide if they had the balls to step through it and explore what was waiting for them on the other side.

TCO: You talk in your dedicatio

n about how this book was the first time you hadn’t been writing while dealing with the grief from the loss of a loved one. How did writing this story compare to writing under what had to be difficult emotional conditions for you.

  I think by now many probably know I recently lost most of my immediate family in a relatively short period of time and it did throw me into a tailspin that led to some pretty dark days. I think the writing helped me to crawl out of the hole I was in emotionally. On some days, writing felt like therapy and it was healing. There are a few sections in this story where Tony deals with a little bit of what I was going through. I’ve learned a lot about myself from having gone through the last four years. I believe I am a much stronger person from having lived it and I also feel my writing has improved because I’ve been able to fold some of this emotion into the stories that is raw and very real. I’m happy to say that I am well on my way to having the old Ann back. I missed that crazy bitch, so it is good to feel whole again.

TCO: We get a peek at what is next for this series at the end of Meant for Me. Can you give our readers what you see ahead for Dante and Ashes?

Oh, Dante and Ashton are my fighters! They love to hate each other, but beneath the surface the passion bubbling between them can only lead to one thing: heat that burns up the sheets. Both are total alphas and that leads to some loud and physical…..interactions, once they finally allow the other into their hearts.  

TCO: Fun Question.

Ann Lister Teaser

You and I are in Vegas, and get ourselves arrested. What are we arrested for? And who do we call to bail us out of jail?

   Well, we were in Vegas recently, but we shall not speak of what may or may not have happened there due to the Vegas Code of silence. But, if I were to hypothetically answer your question…..I might say we were arrested for one count of soliciting a go-go boy and several counts of lewd and lascivious behavior on stage while we were soliciting this poor boy. The actual arrest got ugly, since we thought it might be fun – and naughty, if we resisted (totally your idea), and that led to yet another count against us of assault on a police officer. Our one phone call was to Sandrine Gasq Dion because we knew she would come into the police station with her guns blazing and break us out of there. And, at the moment, there may or may

not be a warrant out for both of our arrests. 🙂


        “I’m thinking champagne and maybe some strawberries,” Jared suggested.

“Hmmm, romantic,” Tony teased. “I didn’t know you were capable.”

“Capable? I’ll show you what I’m capable of,” Jared countered. “I’ll dribble the champagne all over your naked body and lick you clean, and then I’ll get you dirty with my spunk. I’ll use my dick to paint my name across your chest in the come smears and fuck you while I watch it dry. How’s that sound?”

“Jesussss!” Tony moaned. “It sounds fucking filthy. I love it.”

Jared laughed, a deep, throaty sound that aroused Tony even more. “I knew you’d like that scenario,” Jared said. “It’s why we’re so good together.”

“We do bring out the best in each other,” Tony bit at Jared’s neck and sucked with force.

“Let’s get naked,” Jared suggested.

“I’ll get the champagne,” Tony added.

Author Bio:

Ann Lister writes erotic love stories using beautifully drawn characters; flawed and emotionally damaged, and at the height of their careers, each in search of the one thing that still eludes them: love.

The Rock Gods series gave her Bestselling Author status on Amazon. Each book in this series brings her two favorite elements together: musicians and the love between two men. These stories focus on what it truly means to love; love unconditionally, love without restrictions or labels, love without fear or judgment – to just simply love.

Ann Lister - Author Picture


Twitter: @AnnListerAuthor
Amazon Buy Links: Rock Gods Series

Fall For Me (part 1)

Take What You Want (part 2)
Make You Mine (part 3)
Looking at Forever (part 4)
Meant For Me (part 5)

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  • 1 digital set of The complete Rock Gods Series (1 winner)
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Ann Lister Schedule

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Wild Pitch by Sloan Johnson Cover Reveal and Exclusive Teaser

Homeruns Series #1
Wild Pitch 
by Sloan Johnson

Coming June 18, 2015


There’s never been any question in Sean Tucker’s mind that he’d do whatever it took to make it to the major leagues and be one of the best pitchers of his time. The day he acknowledged to himself that he was gay was also the day he vowed to stay in the closet in order to chase his dreams. The problem is, he never counted on Mason Atley.

Sean showed rookie short stop Mason Atley the ropes, both on the field and off. The two forged a friendship which continued as both of them moved through the ranks of the farm system and into the majors. Unfortunately, there’s always been one secret Mason never felt he could share with Sean. Until now.

For seven years, Sean lived with the fact that he loved a man who would never reciprocate. When Mason admits that he’s always known he’s bisexual but has never allowed himself to pursue a relationship with a man, will Sean be able to put aside his reservations about starting a relationship with the friend he’d always assumed was straight? And more importantly, will they be able to find a way to stay together when their careers keep them apart more than they can be together?

Wild Pitch by Sloan Johnson



I waited until we’d polished off the entire pizza and the dishes were rinsed in the sink before confronting Sean about what I assumed was weighing on his mind.

“So, are you still going to tell me you and Eric were just friends?” I asked, handing him a second beer. I’d switched to soda, on the off chance that he wanted to head back to the hotel. The only thing that’d make today worse was a DUI.
“We were. We are,” he protested. His gaze bounced around the room, but never in my direction.
“Bullshit. Trades are part of the game. We both know that, and yet Eric leaving managed to get into your head and throw off your game today. You can tell yourself whatever you want, but I know you better than that,” I reminded him. We’d lived together for the better part of a year, and not once was he able to pull the wool over my eyes.
“Fine,” he grumbled, taking a long draw off his beer. I thought that was the closest I’d get to an admission from him as he rubbed the back of his neck. Then he crooked a finger against the side of his chin, twisting to the left, then the right, then the left again to crack his neck. As I watched him go through his nervous routine, I regretted pushing him when he obviously wasn’t ready. Something inside of him clicked and he started to talk again. “There may have been benefits included, but really, it wasn’t more than that. Neither of us are stupid enough to get involved with a teammate, so we settled for getting cozy in the closet when the urge struck. We figured it worked pretty damn well that the two gay guys wound up in the same room. What we did was no different from the shit the rest of the guys were doing, except we didn’t have to go out and find a new trick in each town.”
“So you fucked and you were close enough that his leaving got to you, but you’re going to tell me you weren’t involved?” I shouldn’t push the issue, but I was pissed. I hated the fact that he was obviously in denial about what they meant to one another.
“Yes, Mason, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Look, just because I don’t want a relationship doesn’t mean I don’t want to get laid every once in a while,” he argued. “And not wanting a commitment doesn’t mean I want a random stranger. Eric understood that and respected it. He’s in the same boat as me and we did what needed to be done.”
“Then why the head trip? Ever since I’ve known you, you’ve sworn you’d never do anything that fucked with your game. What’s so special about him that he was worth it?” As I ranted, I thought I sounded like the scorned friend who’d never be what Sean needed. And how could I be when he had no clue that he was so much more than my just my best friend?
Sean jumped off the couch and started pacing around the room, squeezing the back of his neck. “Because other than you, he’s the only person who’s come close to understanding how much baseball means to me,” he admitted. “I knew he wasn’t cut out for no-strings sex but he was willing to settle for that for me. He’s a good guy and yeah, I’m going to miss him. There, are you happy now?”

About the Author

Sloan Johnson is a big city girl trapped in a country girl’s life. While she longs for the hustle and bustle of New York City or Las Vegas, she hasn’t yet figured out how to sit on the deck with her morning coffee, watching the deer and wild turkeys in the fields while surrounded by concrete and glass.

When she was three, her parents received their first call from the principal asking them to pick her up from school. Apparently, if you aren’t enrolled, you can’t attend classes, even in Kindergarten. The next week, she was in preschool and started plotting her first story soon after.

Later in life, her parents needed to do something to help their socially awkward, uncoordinated child come out of her shell and figured there was no better place than a bar on Wednesday nights. It’s a good thing they did because this is where she found her love of reading and writing. Who needs socialization when you can sit alone in your bedroom with a good book?

Now, Sloan is a tattooed mom with a mohawk and two kids. She’s been kicked out of the PTA in two school districts and is no longer asked to help with fundraisers because she’s been known to lose herself with a good book and forget she has somewhere to be.

Connect with Sloan Online

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Gateway Books to M/M Romance

 m/m romance books
**This might seem like a long post, but I think you’ll agree there is lots of great stuff in here, and stuff you can refer back to, so feel free to pin it, share it, whatever!**


So…I was out in an author’s street team recently and she mentioned Gateway books. She described it as “leading women to m/m romance” (which I think it should be leading anyone to m/m romance). After discussing with a friend, we decided it was more like an addiction, especially using the term Gateway. These are books that you would recommend to someone who has never read m/m and you are hoping to get them to take the leap, the leap that will be the Gateway to their addiction to reading m/m romance.

For me, I never had it recommended, except by Amazon. I was out on Amazon looking for more books along the lines of Jaci Burton’s sports books, with those delicious covers. I wasn’t finding anything I liked. Down at the bottom was the “customers who bought this also bought” section. And there was Colt Michaels from Double Full by Kindle Alexander. The gorgeous cover, done by the amazing Reese Dante, drew me in instantly, and I purchased the book based on the cover alone. I didn’t really read the blurb, just started the book and was instantly hooked (and if you have read the book, you know how it starts…how could you not be hooked?)

That was my Gateway book. So, it got me thinking, what would other people think would be a Gateway book? And what would authors that write in the genre describe as a Gateway book? I also wanted some male perspectives so I made sure to hit up a few of my fave male bloggers, as well as male authors. I got some fantastic answers! Interestingly, very few books are repeated. There are many of these books that I haven’t personally read, but clearly I need to get on them.

*All comments are those made by the authors/ bloggers to me, as they sent them.

Author 1: River Jaymes’ Backup Boyfriend, Kade Boehme’s Chasing the Rainbow Kindle Alexander’s The Current Between Us, and Melissa Collins’ Let Love Live

Author 2: Texas Pride, generally Mary Calmes books, NR Walker – Red Dirt Series. I’m halfway through that series and it’s great.

Kindle Alexander:

I think if M/F readers are truly interested in seeing what all the fuss is about with M/M romance, they should start with Suzanne Brockman or J.R. Ward. Brockman has Jules and Robin. Ward has Blay, Saxton and Quinn. Those are series book, but can be read as stand alones.

On Ward though, if you go back to book 3 or 4 and meet these guys when they are first introduced, you’ll fall in love with them before you ever learn they are gay. The story to their coming out is incredible. It’s angsty and you get why they struggle. I loved it.

Another primarily M/F author that represents gay men well is Nicole Edwards – Ethan. I love Ethan and Beau. I read that story first and loved it, then went back and met both men in the earlier books. I loved that part too.

If you are ready to just jump in, I suggest Sara York’s Texas Soul series or Colorado Heart series. They are nicely priced. Also LA Witt can write a good book. For us – that was our progression into the M/M world. We started with Ward, moved to Brockman on a recommendation and then met Sara online. We moved straight into her world. The rest is history.

Keira Andrews: I’ll recommend Widdershins by Jordan L. Hawk. Great story and characters, and I can’t see anyone not falling in love with Whyborne & Griffin.

Paul Gay Berry-Gay Media Reviews: My first book from M/F to M/M was Texas Pride by Kindle Alexander, I had no clue what M/M was, I saw it on my Kobo and then the rest was history. I have not read an M/F since then. The second one I recommend is Opposites by TM SMith, as it has everything and what a beautiful read.

Scott Burkett-Gay Guy Reading and Friends (GGR-Review):
Memorizing You by Dan Skinner
This is a work of Fictional Literature that shows sexual orientation is something you are born with. Society and beliefs do not dictate a person’s sexual orientation. This is a romance that covers all of time, it’s clean, but thought provoking. If a new reader to this genre is skittish about the sex they can read this book and learn about Gay Romance with only the insinuation of sex and never seeing the actual act.

Love Life & Circumstance by J.T. Cheyanne and V.L. Moon
This is a book that focuses on Family. It shows that 2 men can care for and raise a child in a loving home, a place that the child will be free to be whatever he/she wishes to be. It also shows true love that men can experience towards each other, but it gives a twist that shows we are all fallible in what we believe to be what we really need. The sex is good and clean without being overabundant.

Through the Last Door by J.A. Jaken
This is a good choice if you like something in more of a Fantasy setting. This is a story of enrichment and finding oneself. About a young man who is thrust into a role as leader along with the trials that come with it. It is a story of accepting his heart’s desires and once he does it leaves the reader with a sense of fulfillment for the characters. Sex is minimal while the action and adventure are abundant.

Melissa Collins: Memories of the Heart by Felice Stevens

Nicole Colville:

The very first book I read which contained m/m and m/f was by Anne Rice and it was called Cry to Heaven. The m/m relationships were second place to the m/f but they caught my attention and I found I loved reading about them more than the m/f ones. Throughout all her books there is an underlying love between the men in her books, and I so wanted to hear more from them and in much more detail. 😀

I don’t know why, but it took me ages to move onto m/m and when I did it was through another channel, fanfiction. I started reading m/m and from there on I found full books on Amazon I could buy. My very first m/m reads were strictly erotic short reads. I think I did it backwards, normally people start off with YA and move in gradually, I went for the hardcore porn and no plot, lol.

I moved on and read K.C. Wells. She did a really sweet series with coming out /coming of age. It’s hard to recommend one author or one book without knowing personal tastes, like if your into BDSM and want to read m/m, I would recommend Sage Marlowe and his Sub-Mission series as an awesome starting place.

I’d say read menage with two menage and female, but so many people react to menage and feel jealous over sharing. E.M Leya is an author who has great menage and more with mixed sexes. Give it a ago, see what you think.

I basically read the blurb and if it caught my attention, I’d buy it. It takes time to find out what you like and who will be your go to author. Some people hate sex in books, but not all m/m is about sex, some are fade to black. If you want to ease yourself in gently, and you just want relationship and no sex, these are the best ones.

Rhys Ford: Z.A. Maxfield’s St. Nacho’s, Mercy Celeste’s Light From The Dark, Jordan L Hawk’s Whyborne, Jordan Castillo Price’s PsyCop, Amy Lane’s Clear Water, Mary Calmes’ Matter of Time.

Sandrine Gasq-Dion: Rock Gods by Ann Lister and Guns and Hoses by Brenda Cothern

Jessie Gin: One Real Thing by Anah Crow

Andrew Grey: Timing by Mary Calmes  

Sloan Johnson: Smoky Mountain Dreams by Leta Blake, Senses Series by Andrew Grey, The Sergeant by Christa Tomlinson, Johnnies series by Amy Lane, and Trust the Focus by Megan Erickson

Renae Kaye: Promises by Marie Sexton. I think it’s a good book because it explores a man coming to accept his gay side, and how he slowly goes with the sex stuff. Which is a great place to start.

Tara Lain: Heaven by Jet Mykles. My own gateway book. Drawn Together or Crossing Borders by Z.A. Maxfield. Matter of Time by Mary Calmes. Edward Unconditionally by Lynn Lorenz. Hot Head by Damon Suede. Blame it on the Mistletoe or Unwrapping Hank by Eli Easton

Josephine Myles: Sex in Seattle Series by Eli Easton

Susan Mac Nicol: Adrien English by Josh Lanyon and Harper Fox’s A Midwinter Prince

Mikey Rakes: The first book I read was Cut and Run and feel in love with the genre. The Current Between Us is another I’d recommend. My husband loves the Cut and Run books and he also like Rhys Ford’s Sinners series. I loved Play It Again, Charlie.

Christa Tomlinson:

I’d say J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Two of the characters, Butch and Vishous have a very close relationship. Eventually they are open with the fact that there is some physical and emotional attraction between the two of them, even though they marry women. And they (including their wives) are all very cool and reasonable about it. Also, two other characters Quinn and Blay have a close relationship as well. Blay is gay and Quinn is Bi. The two are close, but are unable to be in a relationship together. She writes Blay in a relationship with another man and none of the other characters ever flinch. Eventually Blay and Quinn get their own book together in the series. I was already reading m/m by the time I found this series, but if I hadn’t been, this would have lead me to it.

Brad Vance: Hot Head by Damon Suede is a wildly popular book.

Sara York: Double Full by Kindle Alexander

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Blog Tour, R-Rated Excerpt, Review and TWO Giveaways: Tricking Chase by Jessie G

As Sergeant At Arms for Devils Pride MC, Tyler “Trick”
Malone’s take no prisoners reputation make him one of the most feared and
respected members of the club.
Unbeknownst to the MC, Trick indulges his most
dangerous secret, traveling out of state twice a year to trade his cut for the
whip he expertly wields at a gay dungeon.
Trick’s well organized life takes a turn when he saves bar
back, and terrified submissive, Chase Ward in a Georgia dungeon. With his
protector and dungeon owner dead, Chase is no longer safe in the place he once
called home. With the new dungeon owners circling like sharks, he desperately
begs for sanctuary in the arms of his savior.
A year later, the MC is still none the wiser that Trick’s
houseboy is anything more than a grateful servant. Chase knows, if the club
finds out their secret, they will kill Trick—the man he’s come to rely on for
everything from the food he eats to the pleasure he feels to the security he
craves. Even when gratitude turns to love, Chase never expects reciprocation
from his ruthless Master. After all, the only way for them to survive is if
Trick remains the heartless bastard the MC knows.
Trick is positive he has it under control and having Chase
around has definitely made his life easier. There doesn’t seem to be any harm
in letting Chase take a part-time job at Velvet Ropes, especially after meeting
privately with the owners. That is until a bomb explodes at the club, leaving
Chase fighting for his life and forcing Trick to face his long hidden feelings.
Even if Chase survives, that bomb has done more than rock
the foundation of the popular leather club. It’s blown Trick and Chase’s
well-guarded secret out of hiding, putting their lifestyle and their lives at
risk. Now there is only one thing Trick needs to do before the club gets them
and that’s to get revenge on the person who dared to hurt his precious boy.
Authors Note: Tricking Chase is a direct spin-off of The
Protector, which is book 3 in my Sizzling Miami series. Though I tried to
provide enough details that it isn’t necessary to have read that book, I cannot
really call this a standalone.
Warning: Tricking Chase contains an established D/s
relationship, hot guys on motorcycles, an undercover DEA agent named Snake, and
a few visits from fan favorite Sizzling Miami characters.

Name: Jessie G
Book Name: Tricking Chase
Series: Devils Pride MC, Book 1
Release Date: May 8, 2015
Pages or Words: 97,383 words
Categories: Contemporary, Gay Fiction, Romance, Biker, BDSM
Publisher: Jessie G Books, Inc.
Cover Artist: Andrew Reyna, Dynamic Craft Studios (http://www.dynamiccraftstudios.com)

Purchase Link:
Exclusively Available at Amazon: http://amzn.to/1K1Ejbt

Denise’s Review:

Tricking Chase is the first book in Jessie G’s spin off MC series. Although considered stand alone, I think the reader would appreciate this story even more by having read all the books in the Sizzling Miami series, first.

One of the things I loved about this book is that it didn’t just cross over characters, but time and place as well. That is such a challenging thing for an author to do, to have the same event in two different books from more than one POV. Props to Jessie for this. She wrote that so well for this book as well as The Protector. Keeping everything from a couple dozen characters to the timing of when events happened, and crossing them between books makes it more engaging to the long term reader.

Another great aspect of this book, is that Jessie knew to add a glossary of sorts at the beginning, for those that are not familiar with the real life lingo of motorcycle clubs. It helped immensely with the reading, as you weren’t pulled out of the story by trying to guess what a “cut” or “church” were.

Chase and Ty “Trick” were introduced in the Sizzling Miami series, but with their story you were able to see what drove these men. Chase with no real family, and a previous Dom who was neglectful needed structure and someone who could appreciate his loving nature. Meanwhile, though Ty had a purposeful goal with being in the MC, he could not deny his need for Chase. A match made to last.

These two interacted so well as a couple. Focusing their lives on each other, and how to find Ty’s sister, they connected with people, coming to need their assistance, as much as their companionship. Ty, not wanting any of the “F” words, such as family and friends began to connect to those around him, not just Chase, helping the reader to see inside him so much more. He wasn’t just about keeping Chase safe, and finding his sister, but also found himself helping where he was needed, despite wanting to keep out of it. I will admit that sometimes my mind had to stop and take assessment of where everyone was at, and what was going on, since it is all a very complex timeline.

Ty and Chase found the right place for their own love, and it really shone through in the writing by Jessie. They didn’t need to follow the “correct” BDSM rules. Chase called Ty by his name outside the bedroom, and was able to voice his needs and wants with clarity. Ty meanwhile respected Chase’s opinions and gut reactions in the situations they were in. Their relationship was not what is typically portrayed as a BDSM relationship in books. It was their own relationship, one they created, and they maintained in the way that was best for them. I loved that! It showed such respect for the characters and where they were in their lives. On top of it, Ty’s respect for Chase’s eyes and how others reacted to them, it was just so touching!

Of course, these two men work their tails off for their happy ending, and I will say it was a surprise ending for those two characters. They were blown away by how their world was about to change,

Getting to catch up with the characters from Sizzling Miami was fantastic. We saw the progress of Javier in his new triad relationship, and get to look forward to further updates on Saul, Kyle and Javi, as well as a second book.

I’m looking forward to Snake’s book next year…which you can see below is with “Top Secret” (evil eye to Jessie), but next up is the book for the four men of the halfway house. That should be an interesting story to find out what drives these men.

Jessie has created a complete world for all these men, from locations, to secondary characters to her villians. And I am enjoying stepping into it for the times that she has given us to read about. Looking forward to so much more. See below for all her books, past, present and future.

4.5 pieces of eye candy from this girl!

R-Rated Excerpt
Somewhere below, the doorbell rang and Ty sighed. Chase leaned in and licked his mouth, hoping to savor this moment for as long as possible. “Your gentle kisses always make me want more.”Ty laughed at him. “Is there anything that doesn’t make you want more?”

“Of you? No.” Wanting was a constant state for him. When he was alone all he did was think about what they did together and when they were together all he wanted was to be as close as possible. If he was expected to go downstairs and show some restraint for Clay’s friends, he wanted more of this moment. “Perhaps a little spanking before I put my suit on?”

“You’re incorrigible.” Ty’s grin said he’d like nothing more than to bend Chase over the nearest surface and deliver a good hard spanking followed by a good hard pounding. He was totally on board with both ideas.

Without shame, he pushed his erection against Ty’s denim covered one and whispered, “Isn’t that what you like most about me?”

“It’s definitely one of your charms,” Ty mused, gripping his hips and taking his teasing nudge up to a full on grind. He was so close and the rough fabric on his bare skin felt amazing. All he needed was a minute, maybe less.

The heavy knock was like a bucket of ice and he couldn’t hold back the disappointed curse if he tried. Ty held him firm and continued the steady grind as if someone wasn’t trying to interrupt them. Just knowing that someone stood on the other side of the door while Ty worked to get them off drove him right back to the edge. Another knock had him groaning loudly.

“Seriously!” Clay demanded through the door.One hand slid over his ass, grabbing Chase roughly and that was all it took for both of them. He cried out and that hand squeezed painfully, drawing out his orgasm until he was dizzy with it. Gasping for breath, he caught Ty’s evil smirk and laughed.

Still holding him close, Ty reached over and opened the door. Clay’s hostile glare made him laugh again. “Dress your boy, the party is starting without you.”

Ty snatched his swimsuit from Clay’s hand and pointed out, “We were having our own party up here until you interrupted us.”

“Yeah, yeah, there’s plenty of time for that later.”

“You’re getting real boring in your old age.” Before Clay could answer, Ty closed the door in his face. Chase took his suit and tugged Ty toward the adjoining bathroom, feeling lighter than he had in a long time.

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 Author Bio:
of Many Hats” is a title that was given to Jessie by a former employer
some twenty years ago. This dubious distinction, along with the job description
“everything is her fault”, came after she fixed an electrical
problem—during her interview—that the office had been having for years. After
that, if anything went wrong, her coworkers immediately declared it her fault
so she’d have to fix it. This position of importance inspired the owner to
convert a closet into an office, thereby providing her coworkers endless
opportunities to refer to her as “the girl in the closet.”
Today she is
still the “Wearer of Many Hats” and her family has readily jumped on the
“everything is her fault” bandwagon. Most mornings start at 5am, where she
stumbles into her home office (which is step or two up from a closet) to tackle
her personal email, watch gay porn and satisfy her Trivia Crack addiction. By
six, she’s caffeinated and ready to take on the world. Wearing her favorite red
power nightgown, she expertly designs websites, provides SEO and social media
services, freelances as a bookkeeper, cooks, cleans and writes.
Writing has
been the elusive, life-long goal that seemed to be getting further away as the
years went by. It took 30+ years to achieve, but she’s decided that timing is
everything. The world wasn’t ready for m/m romance back then, and now that it
is, the girl in the closet has finally found her writing home.
Jessie is a
firm believer in marriage equality, love at first sight, power dynamics and
happily ever after. She’s a lover of strong secondary characters and series
filled with families, biological or chosen. All are themes you’ll find
throughout her books.


Contact Links:
Books & Reviews:
Social Links:
Twitter (NSFW 18+):  https://twitter.com/JessieGBooks
Tumblr (NSFW 18+):  http://jessiegbooks.tumblr.com/


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Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway: Suit Yourself (Men of London #3) by Susan Mac Nicol


Scarred both physically and emotionally after a motorcycle accident, twenty-five year old ex fashion model and porn star Oliver Brown is about to be stripped bare by flamboyant twink Leslie Scott—and they’ll rebuild love from the bottom up.


Twenty-five year old Oliver Brown is addicted. Two years ago, he was at the height of his career as “Nicky Starr,” fashion model, porn actor, partier without peer. Then came the accident. Hiding his scars, both emotional and physical, he’s gone into hiding. But fine clothing is some solace. A new suit by Debussy? Better even than a ride on his motorcycle Hulk or all the things he used to give and take on camera.

Enter Leslie Scott, the flamboyant, dark-haired, heel-and-tiny-short-wearing twink sent to deliver Oliver’s newest fix. A firecracker, Leslie is dapper, generous, in touch with his feminine side but all man, and as gorgeous as any garment ever made. He makes Oliver dream of ending his reclusion, of recapturing a future forever denied him. But for that to happen, Leslie would have to strip him to the bone. Only then will they rebuild life from the bottom up.


Oliver’s arrived home horny and needs to relieve the tension…

The film, titled The War Whore, started and Oliver wondered if he was a narcissist watching his own movie. However, he wanted to see Adam in action, imagine it was Leslie above him, see those cobalt blue eyes staring into his as he fucked him. His cock rose and Oliver sighed in satisfaction as his hands got busy. There was something to be said about living alone and having the privacy to jack off in your own living room using the lube that was scattered around the place.

Through lazy eyes, he watched himself lying on a medieval divan, dressed in an opened leather waistcoat, chest hair showing. He remembered that those pants had been the most uncomfortable leather ones he’d ever worn. They were opened to show his cock upright and purpled, already glistening and definitely ready for the slave who stood in front of him. Adam smiled invitingly on screen and dropped his tunic to reveal an impressive dick and a slim, muscled body. He also had a backside that you could bounce coins off. The man’s arse had been bite-worthy, and Oliver’s mouth filled with saliva as he imagined what Leslie’s would be like. From what he’d seen today, the man had a tight, bubble arse and Oliver really wanted in.

Languid strokes to his cock made his pulse race; his mouth opened and his heavy breaths echoed in the room. He watched the events playing out on screen, as Adam straddled him and then rammed down on his cock with a fierce battle cry and began to bounce up and down like a yo-yo. Oliver closed his eyes and imagined that scene, but with Leslie in the slave role. Black bangs over blue eyes framed a face that was pale and delicate, yet with the strength of a man’s jaw and square cheekbones that made no mistake about the gender of the person currently riding Oliver’s cock.

Buy Links:





All Romance:





Want to find out more about the book and the characters? Head down to visit his website and have a truly visual sexperience. Meet Nicky in all his glory and see what he has to say about the porn industry, love, and life in general. This is a website intended for over eighteens only and if you are easily offended, we suggest you stay away.


Denise’s Review:

This book is the third in the Men of London series, finding love for the lovely Leslie. In the previous two books, his best friends Eddie and Taylor find their soulmates. Now, it is Leslie’s turn to find love.

Leslie meets Oliver, and quickly recognizes him as Nikki Starr, a former porn model who disappeared from society after a tragic motorcycle accident. Leslie, being the open, somewhat flamboyant man he is, doesn’t allow Oliver to hide away. He presses for a friendship, and quickly more.

However, Oliver continues to have self-doubts and concerns, believing Leslie to be worthy of more than him, for love.

I truly loved how Leslie would not give up. This man lived his life out, proud, and was willing to throw himself 100% into finding the love of his life. He wouldn’t let Oliver hide away in his house, wanting Oliver by his side, for dates, as well as important life events.

Oliver, through his tragedy was so filled with self-doubt, it was heart-breaking to see him question how someone as wonderful as Leslie could want to be with a scarred man such as him.

I really enjoyed this book. It was about love, plain and simple. Finding it, holding onto it, and trying to find it inside to love yourself, as well as that special someone. Oliver had a rough road to that place, but Leslie doesn’t give in. Even at his lowest, he still cared so very deeply.

This book was a quick read, and the characters were just so much fun!

4 pieces of eye candy from this girl!


One of London’s up-and-coming chefs, Eddie Tripp has just the right recipe to drive tragedy from the mind of Gideon Kent—and leave him senseless with desire.


From Soho to Norwich, there’s no escaping love.


An award-winning chef with his own restaurant and an inexhaustible passion, Gideon Kent once had everything. Then came tragedy. It stole more than Gideon’s home. He hasn’t cooked since.

Until Eddie Tripp. Fun-loving and vivacious, the Norfolk redhead’s a real up-and-comer in Gideon’s kitchen—and other places. Slim where Gideon’s broad, easy-going where Gideon is growly, he and Gideon seem polar opposites, and yet Eddie conjures flavors that would tempt anyone with a taste for perfection. The sauce of love is already simmering, and this pair is about to dine on the most delicious dish they’ve ever prepared. Because Eddie’s been Gideon’s missing ingredient all along.


The murder of a shared friend leads a high-profile investigator and a psychic into a mystery involving lies, blackmail, BDSM—and into each other’s arms.


From Charing Cross to Waterloo, there’s no escaping love.


28-year-old Draven Samuels has a tragic past, but as an investigator with a high-profile London company he now gets what he wants. Tough, sarcastic, and sceptical, he has no patience for lies and even less for people who waste his time. Even if they’re as beautiful as the wild and dark-haired Taylor Abelard. Especially when they’re talking over the body of a murder victim.


Psychic Taylor Abelard is used to people calling him a freak. He can see past events and feel the ghostly vibrations of people close to him who’ve passed on. It’s why he doesn’t get too close to the living. But this time, against his better judgment, despite Draven’s mocking rejoinders, Taylor will get closer than ever before. The mystery of a dead friend will lead the two men down a dark and seedy trail of blackmail and lies. Add in the heartbreak of a family tragedy, and events lead them straight into each other’s arms. By the end of this night, all their demons will have risen—and been banished with the dawn.

Susan Mac Nicol is a self confessed bookaholic, an avid watcher of videos of sexy pole dancing men, self confessed geek and nerd and in love with her Smartphone. This little treasure is called ‘the boyfriend’ by her long suffering husband, who says if it vibrated, there’d be no need for him. Susan hasn’t had the heart to tell him there’s an app for that…

She is never happier than when sitting in the confines of her living room/study/on a cold station platform scribbling down words and making two men fall in love. She is a romantic at heart and believes that everything happens (for the most part) for a reason. She likes to think of herself as a ‘half full’ kinda gal, although sometimes that philosophy is sorely tested.

Lover of walks in the forest, theatre productions, dabbling her toes in the cold North Sea and the vibrant city of London where you can experience all four seasons in a day , she is a hater of pantomime (so please don’t tar and feather her), duplicitous people, bigotry and self righteous idiots.

In an ideal world, Susan Mac Nicol would be Queen of England and banish all the bad people to the Never Never Lands of Wherever -Who Cares. As that’s never going to happen, she contents herself with writing her HEA stories and pretending, that just for a little while, good things happen to good

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Gay for Pay

An All Cocks story
by TM Smith
Tentative release is mid to late June 2015

Christopher Allan Roberts thought he had a promising future. Captain of the football team with the promise of a scholarship to play for Alabama. His high school sweetheart and best friend for as long as he could remember Amanda by his side, and the love and support of his family. One night, one mistake changed everything. Chris moves to New York, adrift and alone. A walk one night brings him to the flashing lights, loud music and thrumming bodies at club Berlin. A flyer in the men’s room promises fame and fortune for anyone willing to go on camera and have sex, with another man. Money is money, and how hard could it be, right?

Linc Larson is All Cocks most requested, most versatile model. The openly bi-sexual gay porn star will do anything with anyone, which pretty much writes his ticket in a versatility charged industry. Lincoln Carter is honest with everyone in his life, including his family, about who he is and about his sexual preferences. It’s not his sexuality that interferes with his personal life though; it’s his inability to trust. 

What Linc wants right now, more than anything, is the chance to do a scene with All Cocks newest acquisition, Kris Alen. Six foot two with Auburn hair, an exquisitely toned body and enough ink on his skin to put Crayola out of business, Kris Alen is sex personified. Linc doesn’t know if it’s the “I want the shiny new toy” aspect that calls to him, or the distant and wounded expression that haunts Kris’s eyes. It becomes painfully clear soon enough that Kris is straight and only working the gay for pay angle that All Cocks brings to his bank account. 

Can a bi-sexual man with trust issues break down the barriers that Christopher has built around himself and help Kris come to terms with the painful past he is hiding from. 

Gay for Pay is a gay for you story about two men that will have to come to terms with the mistakes they made in their past if they want to stick around and have a chance at a future.

Gay for Pay is the first book in a series I’m planning that centers around the particular online gay porn site, All Cocks. I’ve always been intrigued by the inner workings of the industry, I follow the cockyboys site and their fearless leader, Jake Jackson, closely. They really seem like a family of sorts. So that is what I hope I’m creating with this new series. A group of guys that are drawn together for whatever reason, and become a family. 

This first book will focus on the story of Christopher and Linc, but several of the characters you’ll learn more about as the series progresses are introduced. Chris and Linc were born from a conversation I had with a couple of gay porn stars at a book convention I attended in 2014. I don’t want to give too much away, as I want to keep everyone anxious to grab a copy when the book releases in June. And for anyone attending Rainbow Book Fair in Tampa in July, I’ll be there as well with a ton of paperbacks so you can stop by my table, we can visit, and you can grab some goodies!

~ An excerpt from Gay for Pay…

A trip to the bathrooms and Chris learned there
really were Glory Holes in men’s rooms. And from the sounds that were leaking
out from under the stall next to him, he was certain someone was getting nailed
to the wall in there, literally. A loud thud and the wall shook, then a scream
and a guttural moan alerted Chris that whoever was in there had found their
peak. A cute little thing with long black hair streaked blue, eyes lined black
as night fell out of the stall while zipping up his pants, with what could only
be described as a grizzly bear following behind him. Chris had to look up at
the guy, and that didn’t happen often.

Quickly making his way back to his group of friends
smiling, anxious to tell them what just happened, he stopped in his tracks when
he saw Linc pushed up against the bar, a big guy with black hair claiming his
mouth. Linc wrapped his arms around the guys neck as he pulled the man closer,
rutting up against him. Even over the bass of the music and the ringing in
Chris’s ears, he could hear the moans Linc was emitting. He thought for a
moment that the guy was going to fuck Linc right there up against the bar. He
was sort of hard, a little jealous and very confused at those two emotions. He
had never been turned on by another guy when he wasn’t in the mindset of Kris
while filming a scene. Or out at the house surrounded by all that sex and the
job. But right here standing in this loud, dark, smelly bar with half naked
bodies writhing all around him, watching Linc climb up the guys body and wrap
his legs around his large waist, Chris was turned on. 

A military brat born and raised at Ft. Benning Georgia; Smith is an avid reader, reviewer and writer. She now calls Texas home from her small town on the outskirts of the DFW Metroplex. Most days you can find her curled up with her kindle and a good book alongside a glass of something aged and red or a steaming cup of coffee! 

At 42 years young, she’s decided to enter the next phase of her life by adding the title of “author” to her list of accomplishments that includes single mom of three disturbingly outspoken and decidedly different kids, one of which is Autistic. Smith is and outspoken advocate for Autism and equal rights for the LGBTQ community. 

Her Opposites series is based outside the normal parameters of social acceptability, examining a ‘what if’… What If to be gay or lesbian were the norm? What if to be straight labeled you as an Opposite and made YOU the Outkast?

Author links: Amazon | www | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Youtube | Pinterest

Please join me over on Facebook for the cover reveal party! There will be several different authors stopping by to help celebrate and there will be games and prizes. Follow this link to join the event… Facebook event


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