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Anne Lister - Meant For Me  CoverStory Blurb:

Tony Wilcox, the quiet keyboard player for
Ivory Tower, has always believed he was straight. A sexual encounter with his
best friend leaves Tony questioning his heart and the unwavering attraction he
has for Jared. Living and working together is no longer enough for Tony… he
wants more. He wants Jared as his.
Jared Baker, the bass player for the band, has
a past that is getting in the way of him fully embracing what he wants… Tony.
He’s tried everything to create distance between them, but none of it
eliminated the feelings he has developed for Tony.
Trying to
suppress the anger and confusion from Jared withdrawing from his life, Tony
does his best to get beyond the feelings he has for his friend. When Jared becomes
deathly ill, it’s Tony that he calls for help and Tony has to decide if he can
heal Jared without giving away too much of his heart.
Can best friends find their way to true love
and discover if they were meant for each other, or will the challenges of life
force them to choose separate paths?

Book Details:

Author Name: Ann Lister

Book Title: Meant For Me, The Rock Gods series, Book 5

Publisher: SleighFarm Publishing Group

Book Length: 270 pages, 85,000 words

Genre: Gay Romance, Erotic

Book Release Date: May 28, 2015

Cover Artist: Kellie Dennis from Book Cover By Design


Purchase Link:


Denise’s Review:

What can I say about Meant for Me? First, I want to take Tony and Jared and give them huge hugs!

I really enjoyed the sweetness of Jared and Tony. Sometimes you just need the sweetness. And honestly for me, at the time that I read this book, I needed one just like that. It wasn’t filled with angst (other than my own, by being pissed at Harry), and they had such a loving connection. It made my heart happy. I didn’t want to read the rest of the night, once I finished MFM, because Ann Lister book cover front and backI wanted that feeling to just stay and soak it up.

I liked the fact that the angst in this book was low. They were connected, not just emotionally, but by their friendship. They both were afraid to take it further because losing a friendship over something that may not work was not worth it for them. I loved that connection, it felt real. It was organic, and had been portrayed throughout the series. In fact, there were several mentions during the book about how everyone knew they were together…before Tony and Jared knew they were together. That shows a growing of characters over a long period of time, and really made this book easy to read and believable.

I’m hoping most people come away with that feeling and enjoy it for the story it is. Not every book needs to be overdone with angst. Sometimes enjoying that connection leaves the reader feeling fulfilled.

Now, don’t get me wrong, that does not mean there wasn’t also hotness, because, I have said this before and I stand behind my statement. NOBODY writes hotter sex scenes than Ann Lister. No one! So, while their connection was emotional, and sweet, and mostly angst-free…their connection in the bedroom almost lit my iPad on fire!

In addition, Meant for Me got me totally revved for Dante and Ash. Those boys are gonna probably crash hard before they actually burn it up! 😀  That ones gonna be a hot one. Definitely some angst ahead there!!!

My final call for Meant for Me is 4.5 pieces of eye candy. When you have a book that you want to re-read, you know its going to get the rating, and this one is definitely on my re-read list.



Author Interview:

Welcome to Ann Lister! Thank you so much for joining us here on Two Chicks Obsessed!

TCO: When you started writing the first book in the Rock Gods series, did you foresee that you would take it this far? Where did you envision it going at the beginning?

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how far this would go. I started with Dagger’s band, Black Ice, and I had rough outline planned for stories about the guys in that band. What surprised me was while I was writing Fall For Me, I started hearing the voices from the men in Ivory Tower and they were LOUD. Next thing I knew I was jumping from Black Ice over to write stories for Ivory Tower. Same thing happened again when I was writing Meant For Me.

Suddenly Dante and Ashton were screaming at me to write their story and I couldn’t shut them up. First time ever, I ended up writing Tony and Jared’s story at the same time I was writing Dante and Ashton’s. Talk about head hopping!

TCO: This story is very different than the other books in the series-in my estimation. It is much more about connection and a sweet romance, supporting each other when times are tough. Was that how you saw Jared and Tony from the beginning?

I absolutely did see them as the quiet, secretive, and very private twosome that everyone questioned what they were up to. For those that have followed the series they should remember Tony and Jared always being in the background which is where they prefer to be, while quietly observing the others. Tony and Jared are immensely loyal to each other and truly enjoy spending time with each other. But spending all that time together opened up a door for them. All they had to do was decide if they had the balls to step through it and explore what was waiting for them on the other side.

TCO: You talk in your dedicatio

n about how this book was the first time you hadn’t been writing while dealing with the grief from the loss of a loved one. How did writing this story compare to writing under what had to be difficult emotional conditions for you.

  I think by now many probably know I recently lost most of my immediate family in a relatively short period of time and it did throw me into a tailspin that led to some pretty dark days. I think the writing helped me to crawl out of the hole I was in emotionally. On some days, writing felt like therapy and it was healing. There are a few sections in this story where Tony deals with a little bit of what I was going through. I’ve learned a lot about myself from having gone through the last four years. I believe I am a much stronger person from having lived it and I also feel my writing has improved because I’ve been able to fold some of this emotion into the stories that is raw and very real. I’m happy to say that I am well on my way to having the old Ann back. I missed that crazy bitch, so it is good to feel whole again.

TCO: We get a peek at what is next for this series at the end of Meant for Me. Can you give our readers what you see ahead for Dante and Ashes?

Oh, Dante and Ashton are my fighters! They love to hate each other, but beneath the surface the passion bubbling between them can only lead to one thing: heat that burns up the sheets. Both are total alphas and that leads to some loud and physical…..interactions, once they finally allow the other into their hearts.  

TCO: Fun Question.

Ann Lister Teaser

You and I are in Vegas, and get ourselves arrested. What are we arrested for? And who do we call to bail us out of jail?

   Well, we were in Vegas recently, but we shall not speak of what may or may not have happened there due to the Vegas Code of silence. But, if I were to hypothetically answer your question…..I might say we were arrested for one count of soliciting a go-go boy and several counts of lewd and lascivious behavior on stage while we were soliciting this poor boy. The actual arrest got ugly, since we thought it might be fun – and naughty, if we resisted (totally your idea), and that led to yet another count against us of assault on a police officer. Our one phone call was to Sandrine Gasq Dion because we knew she would come into the police station with her guns blazing and break us out of there. And, at the moment, there may or may

not be a warrant out for both of our arrests. 🙂


        “I’m thinking champagne and maybe some strawberries,” Jared suggested.

“Hmmm, romantic,” Tony teased. “I didn’t know you were capable.”

“Capable? I’ll show you what I’m capable of,” Jared countered. “I’ll dribble the champagne all over your naked body and lick you clean, and then I’ll get you dirty with my spunk. I’ll use my dick to paint my name across your chest in the come smears and fuck you while I watch it dry. How’s that sound?”

“Jesussss!” Tony moaned. “It sounds fucking filthy. I love it.”

Jared laughed, a deep, throaty sound that aroused Tony even more. “I knew you’d like that scenario,” Jared said. “It’s why we’re so good together.”

“We do bring out the best in each other,” Tony bit at Jared’s neck and sucked with force.

“Let’s get naked,” Jared suggested.

“I’ll get the champagne,” Tony added.

Author Bio:

Ann Lister writes erotic love stories using beautifully drawn characters; flawed and emotionally damaged, and at the height of their careers, each in search of the one thing that still eludes them: love.

The Rock Gods series gave her Bestselling Author status on Amazon. Each book in this series brings her two favorite elements together: musicians and the love between two men. These stories focus on what it truly means to love; love unconditionally, love without restrictions or labels, love without fear or judgment – to just simply love.

Ann Lister - Author Picture


Twitter: @AnnListerAuthor
Amazon Buy Links: Rock Gods Series

Fall For Me (part 1)

Take What You Want (part 2)
Make You Mine (part 3)
Looking at Forever (part 4)
Meant For Me (part 5)

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  • 5 swag bundles (5 winners)
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  • 1 digital set of The complete Rock Gods Series (1 winner)
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Wild Pitch by Sloan Johnson Cover Reveal and Exclusive Teaser

Homeruns Series #1
Wild Pitch 
by Sloan Johnson

Coming June 18, 2015


There’s never been any question in Sean Tucker’s mind that he’d do whatever it took to make it to the major leagues and be one of the best pitchers of his time. The day he acknowledged to himself that he was gay was also the day he vowed to stay in the closet in order to chase his dreams. The problem is, he never counted on Mason Atley.

Sean showed rookie short stop Mason Atley the ropes, both on the field and off. The two forged a friendship which continued as both of them moved through the ranks of the farm system and into the majors. Unfortunately, there’s always been one secret Mason never felt he could share with Sean. Until now.

For seven years, Sean lived with the fact that he loved a man who would never reciprocate. When Mason admits that he’s always known he’s bisexual but has never allowed himself to pursue a relationship with a man, will Sean be able to put aside his reservations about starting a relationship with the friend he’d always assumed was straight? And more importantly, will they be able to find a way to stay together when their careers keep them apart more than they can be together?

Wild Pitch by Sloan Johnson



I waited until we’d polished off the entire pizza and the dishes were rinsed in the sink before confronting Sean about what I assumed was weighing on his mind.

“So, are you still going to tell me you and Eric were just friends?” I asked, handing him a second beer. I’d switched to soda, on the off chance that he wanted to head back to the hotel. The only thing that’d make today worse was a DUI.
“We were. We are,” he protested. His gaze bounced around the room, but never in my direction.
“Bullshit. Trades are part of the game. We both know that, and yet Eric leaving managed to get into your head and throw off your game today. You can tell yourself whatever you want, but I know you better than that,” I reminded him. We’d lived together for the better part of a year, and not once was he able to pull the wool over my eyes.
“Fine,” he grumbled, taking a long draw off his beer. I thought that was the closest I’d get to an admission from him as he rubbed the back of his neck. Then he crooked a finger against the side of his chin, twisting to the left, then the right, then the left again to crack his neck. As I watched him go through his nervous routine, I regretted pushing him when he obviously wasn’t ready. Something inside of him clicked and he started to talk again. “There may have been benefits included, but really, it wasn’t more than that. Neither of us are stupid enough to get involved with a teammate, so we settled for getting cozy in the closet when the urge struck. We figured it worked pretty damn well that the two gay guys wound up in the same room. What we did was no different from the shit the rest of the guys were doing, except we didn’t have to go out and find a new trick in each town.”
“So you fucked and you were close enough that his leaving got to you, but you’re going to tell me you weren’t involved?” I shouldn’t push the issue, but I was pissed. I hated the fact that he was obviously in denial about what they meant to one another.
“Yes, Mason, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Look, just because I don’t want a relationship doesn’t mean I don’t want to get laid every once in a while,” he argued. “And not wanting a commitment doesn’t mean I want a random stranger. Eric understood that and respected it. He’s in the same boat as me and we did what needed to be done.”
“Then why the head trip? Ever since I’ve known you, you’ve sworn you’d never do anything that fucked with your game. What’s so special about him that he was worth it?” As I ranted, I thought I sounded like the scorned friend who’d never be what Sean needed. And how could I be when he had no clue that he was so much more than my just my best friend?
Sean jumped off the couch and started pacing around the room, squeezing the back of his neck. “Because other than you, he’s the only person who’s come close to understanding how much baseball means to me,” he admitted. “I knew he wasn’t cut out for no-strings sex but he was willing to settle for that for me. He’s a good guy and yeah, I’m going to miss him. There, are you happy now?”

About the Author

Sloan Johnson is a big city girl trapped in a country girl’s life. While she longs for the hustle and bustle of New York City or Las Vegas, she hasn’t yet figured out how to sit on the deck with her morning coffee, watching the deer and wild turkeys in the fields while surrounded by concrete and glass.

When she was three, her parents received their first call from the principal asking them to pick her up from school. Apparently, if you aren’t enrolled, you can’t attend classes, even in Kindergarten. The next week, she was in preschool and started plotting her first story soon after.

Later in life, her parents needed to do something to help their socially awkward, uncoordinated child come out of her shell and figured there was no better place than a bar on Wednesday nights. It’s a good thing they did because this is where she found her love of reading and writing. Who needs socialization when you can sit alone in your bedroom with a good book?

Now, Sloan is a tattooed mom with a mohawk and two kids. She’s been kicked out of the PTA in two school districts and is no longer asked to help with fundraisers because she’s been known to lose herself with a good book and forget she has somewhere to be.

Connect with Sloan Online

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Gateway Books to M/M Romance

 m/m romance books
**This might seem like a long post, but I think you’ll agree there is lots of great stuff in here, and stuff you can refer back to, so feel free to pin it, share it, whatever!**


So…I was out in an author’s street team recently and she mentioned Gateway books. She described it as “leading women to m/m romance” (which I think it should be leading anyone to m/m romance). After discussing with a friend, we decided it was more like an addiction, especially using the term Gateway. These are books that you would recommend to someone who has never read m/m and you are hoping to get them to take the leap, the leap that will be the Gateway to their addiction to reading m/m romance.

For me, I never had it recommended, except by Amazon. I was out on Amazon looking for more books along the lines of Jaci Burton’s sports books, with those delicious covers. I wasn’t finding anything I liked. Down at the bottom was the “customers who bought this also bought” section. And there was Colt Michaels from Double Full by Kindle Alexander. The gorgeous cover, done by the amazing Reese Dante, drew me in instantly, and I purchased the book based on the cover alone. I didn’t really read the blurb, just started the book and was instantly hooked (and if you have read the book, you know how it starts…how could you not be hooked?)

That was my Gateway book. So, it got me thinking, what would other people think would be a Gateway book? And what would authors that write in the genre describe as a Gateway book? I also wanted some male perspectives so I made sure to hit up a few of my fave male bloggers, as well as male authors. I got some fantastic answers! Interestingly, very few books are repeated. There are many of these books that I haven’t personally read, but clearly I need to get on them.

*All comments are those made by the authors/ bloggers to me, as they sent them.

Author 1: River Jaymes’ Backup Boyfriend, Kade Boehme’s Chasing the Rainbow Kindle Alexander’s The Current Between Us, and Melissa Collins’ Let Love Live

Author 2: Texas Pride, generally Mary Calmes books, NR Walker – Red Dirt Series. I’m halfway through that series and it’s great.

Kindle Alexander:

I think if M/F readers are truly interested in seeing what all the fuss is about with M/M romance, they should start with Suzanne Brockman or J.R. Ward. Brockman has Jules and Robin. Ward has Blay, Saxton and Quinn. Those are series book, but can be read as stand alones.

On Ward though, if you go back to book 3 or 4 and meet these guys when they are first introduced, you’ll fall in love with them before you ever learn they are gay. The story to their coming out is incredible. It’s angsty and you get why they struggle. I loved it.

Another primarily M/F author that represents gay men well is Nicole Edwards – Ethan. I love Ethan and Beau. I read that story first and loved it, then went back and met both men in the earlier books. I loved that part too.

If you are ready to just jump in, I suggest Sara York’s Texas Soul series or Colorado Heart series. They are nicely priced. Also LA Witt can write a good book. For us – that was our progression into the M/M world. We started with Ward, moved to Brockman on a recommendation and then met Sara online. We moved straight into her world. The rest is history.

Keira Andrews: I’ll recommend Widdershins by Jordan L. Hawk. Great story and characters, and I can’t see anyone not falling in love with Whyborne & Griffin.

Paul Gay Berry-Gay Media Reviews: My first book from M/F to M/M was Texas Pride by Kindle Alexander, I had no clue what M/M was, I saw it on my Kobo and then the rest was history. I have not read an M/F since then. The second one I recommend is Opposites by TM SMith, as it has everything and what a beautiful read.

Scott Burkett-Gay Guy Reading and Friends (GGR-Review):
Memorizing You by Dan Skinner
This is a work of Fictional Literature that shows sexual orientation is something you are born with. Society and beliefs do not dictate a person’s sexual orientation. This is a romance that covers all of time, it’s clean, but thought provoking. If a new reader to this genre is skittish about the sex they can read this book and learn about Gay Romance with only the insinuation of sex and never seeing the actual act.

Love Life & Circumstance by J.T. Cheyanne and V.L. Moon
This is a book that focuses on Family. It shows that 2 men can care for and raise a child in a loving home, a place that the child will be free to be whatever he/she wishes to be. It also shows true love that men can experience towards each other, but it gives a twist that shows we are all fallible in what we believe to be what we really need. The sex is good and clean without being overabundant.

Through the Last Door by J.A. Jaken
This is a good choice if you like something in more of a Fantasy setting. This is a story of enrichment and finding oneself. About a young man who is thrust into a role as leader along with the trials that come with it. It is a story of accepting his heart’s desires and once he does it leaves the reader with a sense of fulfillment for the characters. Sex is minimal while the action and adventure are abundant.

Melissa Collins: Memories of the Heart by Felice Stevens

Nicole Colville:

The very first book I read which contained m/m and m/f was by Anne Rice and it was called Cry to Heaven. The m/m relationships were second place to the m/f but they caught my attention and I found I loved reading about them more than the m/f ones. Throughout all her books there is an underlying love between the men in her books, and I so wanted to hear more from them and in much more detail. 😀

I don’t know why, but it took me ages to move onto m/m and when I did it was through another channel, fanfiction. I started reading m/m and from there on I found full books on Amazon I could buy. My very first m/m reads were strictly erotic short reads. I think I did it backwards, normally people start off with YA and move in gradually, I went for the hardcore porn and no plot, lol.

I moved on and read K.C. Wells. She did a really sweet series with coming out /coming of age. It’s hard to recommend one author or one book without knowing personal tastes, like if your into BDSM and want to read m/m, I would recommend Sage Marlowe and his Sub-Mission series as an awesome starting place.

I’d say read menage with two menage and female, but so many people react to menage and feel jealous over sharing. E.M Leya is an author who has great menage and more with mixed sexes. Give it a ago, see what you think.

I basically read the blurb and if it caught my attention, I’d buy it. It takes time to find out what you like and who will be your go to author. Some people hate sex in books, but not all m/m is about sex, some are fade to black. If you want to ease yourself in gently, and you just want relationship and no sex, these are the best ones.

Rhys Ford: Z.A. Maxfield’s St. Nacho’s, Mercy Celeste’s Light From The Dark, Jordan L Hawk’s Whyborne, Jordan Castillo Price’s PsyCop, Amy Lane’s Clear Water, Mary Calmes’ Matter of Time.

Sandrine Gasq-Dion: Rock Gods by Ann Lister and Guns and Hoses by Brenda Cothern

Jessie Gin: One Real Thing by Anah Crow

Andrew Grey: Timing by Mary Calmes  

Sloan Johnson: Smoky Mountain Dreams by Leta Blake, Senses Series by Andrew Grey, The Sergeant by Christa Tomlinson, Johnnies series by Amy Lane, and Trust the Focus by Megan Erickson

Renae Kaye: Promises by Marie Sexton. I think it’s a good book because it explores a man coming to accept his gay side, and how he slowly goes with the sex stuff. Which is a great place to start.

Tara Lain: Heaven by Jet Mykles. My own gateway book. Drawn Together or Crossing Borders by Z.A. Maxfield. Matter of Time by Mary Calmes. Edward Unconditionally by Lynn Lorenz. Hot Head by Damon Suede. Blame it on the Mistletoe or Unwrapping Hank by Eli Easton

Josephine Myles: Sex in Seattle Series by Eli Easton

Susan Mac Nicol: Adrien English by Josh Lanyon and Harper Fox’s A Midwinter Prince

Mikey Rakes: The first book I read was Cut and Run and feel in love with the genre. The Current Between Us is another I’d recommend. My husband loves the Cut and Run books and he also like Rhys Ford’s Sinners series. I loved Play It Again, Charlie.

Christa Tomlinson:

I’d say J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Two of the characters, Butch and Vishous have a very close relationship. Eventually they are open with the fact that there is some physical and emotional attraction between the two of them, even though they marry women. And they (including their wives) are all very cool and reasonable about it. Also, two other characters Quinn and Blay have a close relationship as well. Blay is gay and Quinn is Bi. The two are close, but are unable to be in a relationship together. She writes Blay in a relationship with another man and none of the other characters ever flinch. Eventually Blay and Quinn get their own book together in the series. I was already reading m/m by the time I found this series, but if I hadn’t been, this would have lead me to it.

Brad Vance: Hot Head by Damon Suede is a wildly popular book.

Sara York: Double Full by Kindle Alexander

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

So, this blog post will be quite different than most of our blog posts. And I will say that this is coming directly from Denise. And as I write this, I know I will have some people that will let me know, likely with very strong language, that they disagree with me and what I am saying. Then, I am sure there will be many that agree, possibly also with strong language, whole-heartedly with what I am about to address.

As I said, this is a different post, and I am hoping that with it, as you read this, you will open your mind, and possibly think about all this entails.

I have been reading m/m romance for about 18 months, and have had this blog up and running for over a year. I am very involved in my blog, in our presence on Facebook, both on our page, as well as in groups, and Twitter. I am also very good friends, with several authors. I’ve attended two author/reader conventions, and plan to hit Rainbow Con in July. So, although I am “new” to this genre, I think my experience comes from spending lots of time with everything from reviews, to events to beta reading. And although this is a review blog, I think of it as more of a recommendation blog. I really won’t post anything less than 3.5 stars.

On the whole this genre is just so awesome! I love the openness and acceptance, the willingness to help other authors. I love the joy the readers get when they find that special book that they read over and over again. Yes, you may find dissension between readers about this book or that book, but on the whole, most people are so very respectful. The sharing that goes on between authors and readers, both, is fantastic. Whether it is asking for a recommendation on a type of book, to seeing an author post about a new author’s upcoming release, you will see the number 1 best selling authors, pushing someone who has never made it past the top 50. Or you may see a reader mention their love of a book you have never heard of. With all of that, I have such a great respect for so many of the authors and readers that I have literally met, and virtually “met” who are willing to brave writing and reading what is basically a sub-genre of books. However, as always there are outliers, people that feel the need to rain on someone’s parade. That is where this blog post comes in.

Recently, I found out about a situation that in my eyes is unacceptable, and appalling. A book came out recently, and hit the top of the Amazon charts.  The reviews started coming in, and most were 5 star reviews, as would be expected by this popular author. However, out of those reviews, there was a couple that were not, a 2 and a 3 star, as you will see. In those reviews, the reviewer was honest and gave their opinions. And as you can see did not bash the author, merely said that they did not like some of the book, and gave their honest feedback. I loved that even though those reviewers clearly received an ARC, they gave their own feedback as to why the book did not work for them. (And let’s face it, a 3 star review is not bad! It’s not great, but it’s not bad.)

Then, and this is where I get really upset at this situation. Other people, and because I have no idea of their names, I will for lack of a better word call them “commenters”, responded to those reviews with scathing comments. These comments were bad enough that the reviewer felt the need to have to respond to those comments defending themselves and their position. The original comments made to the review have since been deleted by Amazon, likely because they were no appropriate at all.

One of the comments to the 2 star review by LC told him/her to “get a life”. While a comment to the 3 star said the reviewer gives “every book a bad review” and to “go find a different hobby”.

I am attaching print screens of these two reviews and the follow up comments.

 This is the 2 star review.
This is the 3 star review.

This is ridiculous! Why would someone attack these people? Again, I will call these commenters, however, I feel that it must be noted that some of the people that are fans of this particular author are, rather avid, to say the least. And I totally get that! I am a HUGE fan of certain authors. I speak to several of them on a daily basis, have beta read for them. But I will not degrade them or myself by attacking innocent people for having an opinion that does not agree with my own personal opinion.

In the past, I have seen some of these same commenters do similar things, degrading another author’s book to “honor” (that is the only word I could come up with for that kind of blind devotion) that author’s choice to denounce the other author’s book publicly.

Seriously people! Let’s get a grip here! These are romance novels!!! They are supposed to make you happy, they are supposed to make everyone happy!!! You should read one, and then want to spread that happiness elsewhere when you have gotten to your HEA. Treating other people, whether it is a reviewer giving their honest opinion or an author writing what was THEIR book to write, like they are in the wrong is not only selfish, but very self-serving, and all I can think of is what lemmings do. Do those people want to be a lemming? Because nothing good comes from being a lemming.

It’s okay to have an opposing opinion. And it’s okay for someone to express that opinion. What is not okay is people being treated like absolute shit for giving those opinions. Commenting on a review by giving negative, horrible comments is childish and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Not everyone is going to like every book, and that is okay too. I have read books that I have said “nope, won’t read that again” and sometimes I will leave a constructive review for the author. Other times, I have chosen not to leave a review at all, subscribing to the “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” theory. You can expect that a book you absolutely loved, will be absolutely hated by another person. Since we all have different tastes, that is fair.

Think of it this way. I cannot stand coffee. It has put me at odds with friends who don’t understand how I go through my life without it. And yet, I do, and I am fine with that. My friends may question me on how this could be, but they do not denigrate my choices. They respect those choices.

In the end, if you choose to disagree with someone, use that respect my friends have given me for not liking coffee. It may not be your choice, and you may say “how can you not like coffee?”, but there is no need to tell me that I need to “get a life”. Instead, why don’t you offer to buy me a cup of hot chocolate instead?

I’m all about positivity, so let’s all remember that this genre has enough going against it with so many people thinking it is not a viable genre, and friends or family asking “how can you read that trash”. Why can’t we just take the time to appreciate and love everyone’s choices and differences? After all, isn’t that really what this genre is REALLY about?

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3rd Annual Keith Milano Memorial Fund Book Fundraiser

The Keith Milano Fund Banner

An amazing group of authors have agreed to donate a portion of their May 2015 books sales to the Keith Milano Memorial Fund at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).
The Keith Milano Memorial Fund was established to help raise awareness about the devastating and deadly disease that is mental illness. Our hope is that by having the strength to say that Keith was “Bipolar” we can strip away the stigma.
If anyone wishes to make a direct donation to the Keith Milano Memorial Fund they can do that HERE.
Our goal is to raise awareness about mental illness and to get people talking…..
Suicide is the second leading cause of death for ages 10-24; the US loses 22 Vets a day to suicide, more than they lose in combat; there is one death by suicide in the US every 13 minutes. These statistics are scary but together we can work to make a difference!
Here is a list of the participating authors and books:

Author Book(s)
Alison Bailey The “Perfect” Series and Past Imperfect
Amy Harmon The Song of David (preorder live May 11th)
Amy Lane Chase in Shadows
Ann Lister Rock Gods series – Fall For Me, Take What You Want, Make You Mine, Looking At Forever, Meant for Me (releasing in May)
Anthology – Kindle Alexander Toni Aleo, Sawyer Bennett, Chelle Bliss, Eden Butler, Brenda Rothert The Night Shift – Dirty Things Happen in the Dark
Andria Large At War
Beverly Preston Surviving Broken
Brenda Rothert Killian and Unspoken
Cassia Leo The Story of Us Series – The Way We Fall book 1 and book two The Way we Break released in May
Cardeno C Jumping In
Claudia Connor Worth the Risk
Chelle Bliss Throttle Me
Faith Gibson The Stone Society Series – Rafael, Gregor and Dante (releasing the end of May)
Emily Snow and Avonlea Cole Bad Advice
Felice Stevens Through Hell and Back series – A Walk Through Fire, After the Fire and Embrace the Fire
Ginger Scott Wild Reckless
Harper Sloan Full Catalog
Holly Roberts The Completion Series: Play, Strike, Kick, and Slam
Ilsa Madden Miles Very Wicked Beginnings
Julie Jaret Perspectives series (currently two titles: Extreme Close-Up and Over-Exposed
K Bromberg Fueled
Katy Evans The Real Series
Kelly Jamieson Loving Maddie from A to Z
Lainey Reese Full Catalog
Lauren Blakley Full Catalog
Lisa Eugene Grayson
ME Carter Change of Hart
Melissa Collins On Solid Ground
Michelle Lynn Love Me Back
Nicole Edwards A Million Tiny Pieces by Nicole Edwards and Unhinged, Unraveling, & Chaos – The Unhinged series by Timberlyn Scott
Nina Levine The Storm MC series – Storm, Fierce, Blaze, Revive, Slay & Relent
Rebecca Brooke Letters Home
Raine Miller Rare and Precious Things
Sandra Owens Someone Like Her
Samantha Young On Dublin Street
Samantha Towle Trouble
Sawyer Bennett Clash (Cal and Macy #1), Grind (Cal and Macy #2), Yield Cal and Macy #3), Uncivilized, On the Rocks (Last Call, #1) , Make It a Double (Last Call, #2), Sugar on the Edge (Last Call, #3), With a Twist (Last Call, #4), Shaken, Not Stirred (Last Call, #5), Legal Affairs Boxed Set (Legal Affairs #1-6), Confessions of a Litigation God (Legal Affairs #7) Off Sides (Off #1), Off Limits (Off #2), Off the Record (Off #3), Off the Course (Off #4), Off Chance (Off #5), Off Season (Off #6)
Scott Hildreth Baby Girl series
SJD Peterson “Joe” Full Catalog
Stacy Borel Hitchhiker
Susan Mac Nicol Love You Senseless and Sight and Sinners (Men Of London series)
Tina Reber Jacked
Violet Duke Can’t Resist Series: Resisting the Bad Boy, Falling for the Good Guy, Choosing the Right Man and Finding the Right Girl and Nice Girl to Love Trilogy boxed set
This year the event will also include an online auction and author takeover over 4 amazing days!! We hope that you will join us for not only some great auction items but to have an opportunity to speak with participating authors during an epic author take over event.

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Personal Message from Denise Milano Sprung: When Keith passed away, I made a promise to myself that he would not go quietly nor would he be forgotten. It is with the help of all of you that 10 years later, I am able to keep this promise and most of all to be able to help others who may be suffering in silence.
Thank you does not seem like enough. So please know that from the bottom of my heart to the depths of my soul, every one-click of these books helps others and continues to reduce the stigma that is associated with mental illness. THANK YOU for all you do and for spreading the word and for opening your hearts to help others.
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The Keith Milano Memorial Fund benefits the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).
Donations at the end of the May Mental Awareness Event will be made by the authors directly to The Keith Milano Memorial Fund at AFSP. Keith’s fund is a self-directed memorial fund. 100% of the money is spent on programs and research programs selected by the Milano / Sprung family
For examples of programs:
AFSP is the only national not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research and education, and to reaching out to people with mood disorders and those affected by suicide.
AFSP is a fully accredited 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization incorporated in the state of Delaware with primary offices in New York City. Federal tax ID # is 13-3393329. AFSP’s Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) number is 10545.
All donations to AFSP are tax deductible.
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Five-ish Good Questions: Alexa Land

Five-ish good
questions with Alexa Land
(A feature
on Two Chicks Obsessed with Books and Eye Candy)

Today, we are interviewing Alexa Land, bestselling author of Belonging. This is the story of Gianni Dombruso and Zan Tillane. Thank you Alexa for being game to play! 
TCO: Fruit…so many
varieties. I heard from a birdie that “exotic” fruit might turn Zan into a
baseball pitcher. What fruits has he said “Bloody Hell No” to?
AL: Gianni has this crazy idea to shake Zan up a little by
introducing interesting things into his diet. He tries tangelos and kumquats,
but a fruit called Buddha’s hand really pushes Zan over the edge and he tries
to send the fruit flying. Who can blame him, really? Take a look at this bad
boy! See why he calls it a mutant space octopus?!

TCO: Zan is a famous, yet
very reclusive, musician. What would his theme song with Gianni be?
AL: In the book, I actually reference a song called So Beautiful
by Darren Hayes (formerly of Savage Garden). Darren wrote that song for his
husband, and the lyrics are just gorgeous. Give it a listen!
TCO: Gianni, the first
Dombruso POV. He seems to be someone who likes to help. What do we need to know
about Gianni?
AL: Gianni is a really caring individual. He dropped out of
nursing school because of self-doubt, but that nurturing side is still very
much a part of him. At the same time, he’s always felt he needs someone to take
care of him because he thinks he can’t make it on his own. It was great to see
him evolve over the course of Belonging!

TCO: So, I hear that Zan
might look a little like Jared Leto…is that pre or post haircut? Any other
Jared Leto features that come into play here?

AL: Oh, PRE-haircut! Jared became my muse for Zan’s character,
not only because of his (former) long hair and those incredibly soulful eyes,
but because of how relaxed and perfectly at home he is on stage, performing in
front of a crowd of thousands. Here’s one of the photos that inspired me when I
was writing Belonging. I’m not a huge fan of the beard, but those eyes just
kill me!

TCO: Nana gets to be a
Mama again. What is she learning this time around?

AL: She’s never really stopping being a mother. Nana raised her
sons, then her grandsons, Gianni, Dante, Vincent and Mikey, after their parents
were killed. Later on, she started taking in young gay men whose families
disowned them, including Jessie, her limo driver and assistant. In this book,
Nana adds a puppy to the mix, a big, rambunctious mutt she gets from the
shelter. Nana has a huge heart, it’s evident in all she does!
Thank you for interviewing me!
Belonging is approximately 98,000 words and available for
$3.99 on Amazon and Smashwords:
Contact info:
Twitter: @AlexaLandWrites

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Friday Five-Ish Good Questions: Ashley John

Here at Two Chicks Obsessed with Books and Eye Candy, we are always looking for more! More eye candy, more books that we love, more about the authors who write the books we love.
So, a new feature we are starting is called Friday Five-Ish Good Questions.
Hope you like it! Let us know in the comments below.

We will pick one commenter and give them a copy of a book from this author.
The first author in this feature is Ashley John. And if you haven’t met Ashley John, well, you are in for a treat. He puts it all out there for everyone, as you can see from his answers below. 

Ashley is best known for his Surf Bay series. He also has the George and Harvey series which he will be re-releasing very soon. Purchase links for all his current books are below.

Everyone wave hello to Ashley!!!!

1. Two Chicks Obsessed:
Okay, we will start this off with a bang. I don’t know you, I have
never read your books, and have never been to your fictional town. I stumble
into Surf Bay, what is the first thing that I notice (people, place, thing,

Ashley John: The first thing you’ll notice about Surf Bay is the people. There are so many
big characters, and if you work your way through the books from the start,
you’ll start to feel like you’re living in the town with them! You’ll probably
bump into Old Lady Evelyn, and she’ll probably give you some cake and lemonade
(because she’s nice like that), and you’ll probably notice the crazy amount of
hot, gay people wandering around the place. One of the characters once joked
that it should be called Surf Gay, because 80% of the characters we have seen
have been gay, and I think she was right (maybe there’s something in the
water?). It’s one of those places where the sun is always shining, and on the
surface, it would seem like the most perfect place to live, but it’s a place
with secrets hiding in the shadows. Some of the people there have been through
a lot, so I like to think their sad stories contrast with the sunny setting.

2. TCO: The List…everyone has one-or they should: Who is on
yours? Can we ask who is on Reece’s? The List!

AJ: Can I just put Zac Effron to the top of that list? I’ve been in a mental
relationship with him since 2006 (sorry Reece!). I think Channing Tatum and
Chris Hemsworth would be on there too, for obvious reasons (c’mon, who would
say no?). Can I tag Colby Keller on there as well? He’s my idea of perfection,
because he’s not typically good looking, but damn, he is hot! Reece doesn’t
have a list because I’m clearly perfect, so why would he want anything more
(sarcastic wink)?

3. TCO: You call me to bail you out of jail. You tell me to
bring you three things. What are they, and why?

AJ: First of all, you’d find me rocking in the corner of my cell, crying and
shaking. I’ve never been in trouble with the law, and I don’t think I’d be able
to handle it. Obviously, I’m a good boy, so that will never happen. I think
I’ll be crying for food first, because I’m always hungry, so you can bring me
some food. Maybe a Big Mac meal (large please) with sweet and sour dipping
sauce? You can bring me some lip balm as well, preferably something containing Shea
butter, because my lips get really chapped, and it drives me insane (the gayest
answer ever?). I’d probably want a hat, or some dry shampoo, so I can hide my
dirty hair. Sometimes I hate having longish hair, so I tend to wear a lot of
hats, because I’m lazy.

4. TCO: Today is your birthday, what would be your “ultimate”
birthday present/plans?

AJ: A birthday party with Madonna, Gaga, Beyoncé and Britney? If they aren’t
available, I have no idea. I’m famously difficult to buy presents for, because
I never seem to want anything. Every time I’m asked what I want, I just shrug,
because there isn’t usually anything I want, which I haven’t already bought for
myself. I think I’m at that age now, where if I really want something, I’ll
just buy it, instead of waiting for somebody to gift it to me. When it comes to
presents, I prefer to give them, because I’m usually really good at buying
things for people. I always tend to buy ‘practical presents’, because I like to
buy things which people will use a lot, rather than something they’ll look at
once, and then put in a drawer somewhere. I usually go crazy at Christmas,
spending a crazy amount of money on people. If you can’t get hold of those
women for a fabulous party, you can book me an all inclusive 2 week vacation in
a 5 star resort somewhere. My idea of heaven, is lying on a beach with a
cocktail in my hand, doing nothing. If I could sleep all day and night, and do
nothing, I probably would, so why not do it under the sun?

5. TCO: Lube versus spit. Go!

AJ: Anybody who wants to tell me that gay men don’t use spit as lube can suck my
big toe. Say you’re on a night out, and you meet a guy, and decide to have sex
in a back alley, you’re not going to pull lube out of your pocket and start
fiddling with that, are you? You’re going to spit in your hand, and make do.
Trust me, it works. I’m not going to lie, lube is OBVIOUSLY better, but it’s
not always there, and if you’re horny, you gotta do what you gotta do. You
don’t want to start using things you find in your bedroom or bathroom, because
the chances are, that’s going to burn your insides. Somebody once complained
that my characters always used spit, instead of lube, and that it wasn’t
realistic, but if you actually go back and look at where and when my characters
have had sex, it’s usually not been planned, or it’s been in places where there
isn’t lube (although Charlie and Oliver used lube in Lost & Found, because
they were in Oliver’s bedroom, and he had a lot of sex, so…). I always look at
the situation, and the characters, and how they would have sex. Last time I
checked, there’s no rulebook, and I’m pretty sure gay cave men didn’t have a
shop to buy lube. If I had to, I’d choose lube for obvious reasons, but spit
works fine.

     What fantastic answers!!! Thank you so much to Ashley John for being our guinea pig on this new feature.
      Author Bio:
      Ashley John lives in the North of England with his fiancé Reece, and his cat Jeremy. Ashley is a lover of love and a lover of life, and that’s why he writes Romance novels. He’s a sucker for gripping love story. His characters are fighters, strong and complex, and they’ll do anything to get the happy endings they deserve (and there are usually a lot of tears and heartache along the way!). Ashley is best known for his best selling George & Harvey series and The Surf Bay Series. When Ashley isn’t writing, he uses his creativity to paint and draw, and when he’s not being creative, he’s usually taking a nap.
     Where to find Ashley John:
     Author FB page:
     Twitter: @ItsAshleyJohn
     Purchase Links:
     Lost & Found (Surf Bay Book #1):
     Full Circle (Surf Bay Book #2):
     Saving Michael (Surf Bay Book #3): 
     Love’s Medicine (Surf Bay Book #4):
     Unlikely Love:
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