Review of Christi Snow's book Snowcroft Lost

I will admit that this book lingered in my TBR for about a month, being pushed down by books that, in the end I could have not read and been okay with. I finally determined this weekend that I wouldn’t let it hang out there any longer. And now I am mad at myself for allowing it to linger so long. Once I began this book, I only put it down when necessary, at a birthday dinner, in the restroom (okay the last part isn’t true, isn’t that why we have a kindle?), but then I picked it right back up until I finished it. I just had to know how it ended.

Now, I’m going to start by saying I could not give this 5 pieces of eye candy and Ms. Snow knows exactly why, she even addresses it in her authors notes (so don’t read those first!!!!). However, I will say I am willing to trust her to have done the right thing for the series.

So, I started with the negatives (as vague as the description was) and now I will get to what I really liked about this book–everything else!!!! The premise of this book is that Jamie, a construction business owner, has been best friends with Trevor, a forestry investigator, for 14 years, and has been in love with Trevor the entire time. Trevor meanwhile is straight, a man-whore actually, and has no idea his best friend is in love with him. He’d been jealous of the trail of one-night lovers Trevor had rotating through his bed like he had to set some sore today record. Trevor had so much more to offer. Jamie wanted more for him than just physical sex and it had been hard for Jamie to remain quiet about it. As Jamie decides to give up and move on, in another city, Trevor has an accident and loses his memory. Trevor wakes up and starts to heal, Jamie is the only one who is there for him, and Trevor just knows that his new self is gay, no question. As Jamie and Trevor begin to unravel the mysteries in Snowcroft, they also begin to fall in love.Was it possible? There had been signals but he thought he’d just misread or hoped too much. Fourteen years. It had been fourteen years and Trevor had never once shown any sign of being gay. Could a blow to the head change a person that much? And if is what happened when he got his memory back?Now, let’s face it. We have all seen amnesia stories on TV and movies, but more often than not they are rather hokey and difficult to believe. Ms. Snow makes this believable though, in quite a few ways. First, she has Trevor wake with a bump on the head, a true way to develop amnesia. Also, she has Trevor regaining his memory over time, and not in one Eureka! moment. He retrieves snippets and small pieces as he begins to unravel the mysteries of his life, his family, as well as the small mountain town he and Jamie live in.I was incredibly impressed with how Ms. Snow takes a challenging premise and makes it believable. It also leads Trevor to realize that he wasn’t quite the nicest person before his accident and was determined to change his ways. He wanted to find his way to being a great man for himself and his love. Why he still held out hope that he might be a deeper person, he didn’t know. Everyone had already told him that he was a pretty shallow guy. They all agreed. He didn’t know how he ended up there, but one thing about this accident…he wanted to be a better man now. Specifically he wanted to be more with Jamie. I’m a sucker for an HEA, and if a book makes me cry along the way to that, well I’ll grab my tissues. And there were a few tears (see “negatives” above) the story grabbed you from the very beginning and gave such a strong story, you will want to see who the bad guy is and how he gets his comeuppance. And although that was less than wholly satisfying (from the vengeful side of me), I still felt it was fitting, because in real life people that deserve to have a visit from karma may not ever get it, and you have to learn to live with that. Besides you never know what book 2 will bring!!!My favorite line: “Fuck,” Trevor moaned . “You’re a guy. How can you cock-block me? Both of us?”Snowcroft Lost receives a strong 4.8 pieces of eye candy from Denise. And left me begging for more. How long do I have to wait, Christi?!?!?!?! 🙂Purchase link: next time. ~D~ 

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  1. Yay…I love this review. Thank you!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I'm shooting for a January release for book #2, but I have 3 other books (from other series) in between so we'll see…although the heroes from #2 are knocking around in my brain refusing to be quiet. THANK YOU!!! smiles…

  2. Loved this book!!!!