Blog Tour Stop, R Rated Excerpt, Giveaway and Review: For a Reason (Book Two in the Sizzling Miami Series) by Jessie G


Former Marine and full time big
brother, Bull Connor, spends his days helping those in need of a second chance
and his nights fighting the inner demons that won’t let go. During a routine tow he comes face to face with
the only person who refuses to need him and the one man he wishes would.

As a throw away, Ian Jones is
used to being alternately overlooked or ridiculed but hasn’t given up on the
idea that with just one chance he could turn it all around. Rescued by the one
man who neither overlooks nor ridicules him, he longs to be more than a man in
need, but can he be the man Bull loves?

Ian isn’t pining for the family
he’s never known but when they descend, unwanted and uninvited, Bull must prove
that he’s the man who will protect Ian’s long neglected heart by sharing the
demons that torment his wounded soul.

For A Reason Book Info:

Publisher:  Jessie G Books
(October 1, 2014)

Pages:  304 pages

Genre: MM, Erotica, Romance

Denise’s Review:

For a Reason is the second book in The Sizzling Miami Series, and is set in the hotness that is Miami, Florida. As the book opens, we meet Ian, a man who as a child was thrown away by his mother, and he has done everything he can to keep himself independent, but struggling to find his place in the world.

On his way from Fort Lauderdale to Miami for a job interview, his car breaks down, and the tow truck driver coming to the rescue is Bull, a man who resembles that animal in size and demeanor.

This book seems to come at you in two parts. The falling in love portion between Bull and Ian is part one, which is so sweet, especially when you consider that Bull is a big tattooed hulking guy.  They tiptoe around, and Ian, unsure what love is, because he is a throwaway, they really take their time to come together. But they are just the sweetest couple–with some seriously hot bedroom action!

The second part comes in late in the book when someone from Ian’s family comes calling, wanting to connect. Seeing how they react together, as well as independently is a testament to how being raised in a different environment can color someone’s view.

In the end, the best part was seeing how these two men, once they connected would not allow anything to pull them apart. Although, communication was an issue early on, they were able to bring it together and communication between them was no longer a challenge. Their initial hurdle quickly became their biggest strength as a couple, and with their support of one another, no one would be able to intervene.

I really enjoyed their interactions, and how falling in love made each of them stronger together as well as on their own. My final determination for this book is 4 pieces of eye candy, and I am looking forward to the next in this series.

For A Reason R
Rated Excerpt:

Ian hung his
head, his breathing erratic as Bull softly stroked his back and legs, just
letting his

graze the sensitive flesh. “A good lover knows every inch of his partner’s body
inside and out. He should take the time to arouse them slowly, to find every
trigger point and ensure that the experience only brings pleasure.”

Parting those
cheeks, he didn’t do anything more than look for a full minute, waiting to feel

uncomfortably. “A real man would start with a kiss.” He leaned in and circled
the  exposed hole with his tongue, lapping and probing until Ian’s long
legs trembled. “Arousing and soothing the flesh of his lover, hoping they will
be receptive to their partner’s touch.”
After slicking
his fingers with lube, Bull circled the tight bundle of nerves and nudged one
finger inside as he felt Ian yield to his penetration. Sinking deeper, it was
all he could do not to groan when Ian did. “Touch is tremendously important
between lovers, it creates a connection that speaks of want without words. My
want speaking to yours.”
Gently he
eased another finger in, encouraged by the strangled whimpers filling the room.
 Slowly, he pulled out almost all the way before sliding home again until
Ian couldn’t contain his cries of pleasure. “Being attuned to the sounds his
lover makes, the partner learns what brings the most pleasure and takes that
knowledge to heart. His lover’s pleasure becomes more important than his own
and he lives to hear every whimper, every moan, and every harsh breath until
it’s a symphony in his head. He wants to hear it every night, encourage it with
every kiss and caress until it is an addiction that must be fed.”
As he
continued to finger fuck Ian, deliberately stroking the sensitive gland with
every pass, he was pleased to see a drop of precum bead on the head of Ian’s
cock. “The sounds you make are music to my ears. I don’t think I’ll ever get
tired of hearing them.”

Author Bio:

Before I am a writer, I am a
voracious reader who panics when there are less than fifty books on her wish
list. That wasn’t always the case and shamefully I must admit there was a time
early in life that I hated to read. After throwing every possible age
appropriate book my way a relative snuck me my first romance and I have been
hooked ever since.

My love of reading morphed into a
desire to write and I still have old notebooks and floppy disks full of ideas
and partially written plots. While earning my computer degree, and starting on
my career and family, I didn’t write a single word. It wasn’t until I was
buying school supplies for my oldest son that the itch came back. Oddly, I can
sniff out the stationary aisle in any store and have been known to skip an item
on the grocery list in favor of a shiny new notebook.

With the advent of social media I
filled up my feeds with my favorite authors hoping to glean some words of
wisdom as I pounded out half formed ideas with alarming regularity. Two

repetitive themes emerged: To be
a great writer you must read a lot and your butt must be in the chair every day
like it’s a job. Even if you write dribble, you’re writing. The more you write,
the easier it will be to write and the better you will get at writing.

Every day I took the time to
write dribble, every day I told myself I was a writer, and on January 28, 2014
I woke up in the middle of the night with Past Hurts pounding in my head. Within
two months, I also had the foundation for Books 2 and 3 and the Sizzling Miami
Series was born.

When I’m not reading or writing,
I own a successful web design business. My husband and I live in Central
Florida and we’re enjoying life as parents of adults. Whenever possible we hit
the road on the motorcycle and dare anyone to find us.

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Blog Tour and Review: After the End by Sara York

With international flights crisscrossing the skies on an
hourly basis, are we ever really safe? 

When a strain of the Ebola virus mutates; it
spreads quickly leaving the medical community shattered. People are dropping in
the streets and life, as most know it, comes to an end. Two city dweller
survivors, Dean and William, are forced to flee the city and live in the
wilderness—where dangers lurk behind every tree and in every valley. Not
everyone alive after the end is good, and William and Dean are faced with
challenges that would bring many to their knees. 

Growing up in the hood of Atlanta, Dean knows
how to overcome trials, but he knows nothing of love. Can he sustain a
relationship with William, or will his doubts end them before they even have a

From birth William has had a silver spoon in his
mouth and two in each hand, but the end brings him face to face with reality
where he has to take responsibility for his life. After the end, money has no
meaning, and life is lived on the edge. 

Join William and Dean after the end and find out
how close to the edge they come. 

Publisher:  Sara York (September 29, 2014)

Pages: 182 pages

Genre: MM, Romance


Denise’s Review:

I have said before and I will say again, if Sara York wrote a to-do list, I would read it (not necessarily do what was on the list, but I would read it). She is an amazing writer, and I cannot imagine how so much goes on in her head at one time, and she manages to get it all out on her laptop AND still lives her life.

To say that I was hesitant to read this would be an understatement. I don’t read apocalypse books. I don’t read walking dead, plague books. EVER! I like happy endings. I like my characters to go along, meet each other, have some sort of angst, and then find their HEA. This was WAY out of my comfort zone.  However, because Sara York wrote it, it was a must read for me. And I was so pleasantly surprised by this book, and so happy that I have a one-click mentality when it comes to this author.

This book follows two high school seniors, just months from graduation, looking towards college, as they watch the entire world be hit by a mutant Ebola-like virus, which kills millions of people within days of the outbreak. They have to work together to keep themselves from getting sick, and from being subject to the “I’ll hurt them before they hurt me” mentality of others they may come across.

As Dean and William begin this journey, they had already previously been involved, although not in a relationship of equals. William definitely had the upper hand from a financial standpoint, and unintentionally held that over Dean. Meanwhile, Dean just obeyed when William said “on your knees”. However, once their safety was threatened, William began to realize that he really was in love with Dean, and set out to prove just that, and hopefully get Dean to follow suit.

With their entire focus on keeping themselves safe, and away from others, they could only depend on each other, and their smarts, to keep them healthy and together from day to day. As the world finds a way to separate them, they must find their way back to each other and their love.

I really just loved this story. It contained what could very well be real world angst for these young men (you never know what could happen in RL) and the utilization of every day items to not only keep them safe and fed, but also to create that angst, was clearly the work of the brilliant mind of this author. These two fell in love, at the same time that they battled to save their lives.

My only regret with this book was I felt like the ending was a bit rushed, rather than letting it play out, and that the final chapter seemed more of an epilogue. But After the End, there was no way to deny this was so well written and I really felt like these two MC’s connected and worked on so many levels. Just another fantastic book by Sara York.

My final determination for After The End by Sara York is 4.5 pieces of eye candy. I really hope you will pick it up! It is a quick read, and one that you will have a hard time putting down!

Author Guest Blog:
Now I’m going to talk about a subject that is
very important, maybe the most important subject I talk about on this blog
tour. Coffee. I know not everyone thinks coffee is important, but the subject
will lead to things that are very important. 

I’ve given up coffee for a few months before.
When I was pregnant, I couldn’t touch the stuff, but I’ve also given it up for
various other reasons. Right now, I don’t think I could go without coffee. Even
as I’m writing this, I have a cup of coffee beside me. I like coffee and it
likes me. 

There are loads of conveniences I take for
granted. In writing After The End, I picked out a few things I need and emphasized them. 

Water. None of us could live without clean
water. What about your favorite foods? Are there certain foods you would be
bereft without? With the sheer number of people in the United States, about three hundred and nineteen million—yes,
that many—our work capacity is huge. We produce a lot of stuff. If all of that
went away, what would you miss most. 

In After The End, William and Dean find out
how difficult it is to live once all of the modern conveniences are gone. In
their journey, they both learn a little about themselves too. I hope you’ll
take the journey with William and Dean, and see how close to the edge they
come, and also how far they go for love and for each other. 


twisted through him. “Damn it, there are so many people infected. I don’t know
what to do.” 

took his hand and tugged him close. “Let’s eat. We need to keep our strength up
and stay alert. If anything happens, we need to be able to react quickly.” 

moved to the kitchen and William opened the refrigerator. Dean stood behind him
and kissed his shoulder before speaking. 

start with foods that might spoil. We can save the canned goods for last.” Dean
looked around William’s shoulder, amazed by the amount of food on the shelves
and in the bins. Three different juices along with two jugs of milk sat on the
top shelf. “Dang, that’s a lot of food.” 

“It is.
My parents always kept the place well stocked. It’s not that we’d eat this much
food, but there were always guests dropping by. Also my parents fed the people
who worked here more than one day a week. We had a maid, a gardener, the
mechanic, and a security guy who were here almost all day every day during the
week. Then there was the chef who liked to cook big meals. My parents gave big
parties so he could show off his skills. It’s crazy how much food goes through
this kitchen when my parents have a big party.” 

“I think
we’ll be set here for a while. I wasn’t expecting to see this much food.” 

about we heat something up, and we can watch TV while we try to chill.” 

liked the idea of hanging out with William. They’d never been in the position
to just hang out. Fear still churned deep inside, but he swallowed it down and
decided to concentrate on what he could control. 

heated up some chicken and broccoli in the microwave. While the food warmed, he
grabbed a loaf of crunchy bread from the pantry and cut off a few slices. 

“I’ll get
some butter.” Dean opened the refrigerator and thought of all the things that
could go wrong if a large number of people died in the US. Power was something
they all took for granted. Water too. They could eventually end up with
contaminated water and no electricity. He grabbed the butter from the fridge
and shut the door. What if it all went bad? They relied on too many
conveniences. People weren’t going to work. What if everyone stayed home? 


After The End Giveaway:
Rafflecopter runs from September 29th through
October 28th ending at Midnight EST.
Grand Prize: 
$150 Gift card to Amazon, iBooks, B&N or ARe (Winners Choice) and a
print copy of After The End
2nd Prize: 
Print copy of After The End
3rd Prize: ebook of a Sara York backlist book.

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Author Contact Links:

Author Bio:

Author Bio Writing is Sara York’s life. The stories fight to get
out, often leaving her working on four or five books at once. She can’t help
but write. Along with her writing addiction she has a coffee addiction. Some
nights, the only reason she stops writing and goes to sleep is for the fresh
brewed coffee in the morning.

Sara enjoys writing twisted tales of passion, anger, and love with
a good healthy dose of lust thrown in for fun.


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Cover Reveal: Loving Chase ( #5) by J.J. Scotts

Let’s face it, that cover reveal needed to be as large as it could be. 🙂 YUM!

Liam and Chase’s final chapter is coming to you on October 13th, so keep an eye out to see if they get their happy ending!

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Release Day: Taming Ryder by Nicola Haken

Taming Ryder Release Day 


Release Day Event 


Taming Ryder-smashwords_1800x2700
Book Title: Taming Ryder (Souls of the Knight, #2)
Author: Nicola Haken
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: September 2014
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions

You met Ryder Richardson in Being Sawyer Knight. Now, this is his story.

I’ve done it. I’ve stuck a whopping two fingers up at my parents, I’ve made a name for myself as one of the world’s biggest porn stars and I’ve finally found a family I belong in.

Life is amazing. I get paid to do all my favourite things. Fuck. Party. Travel the world. What’s not to love?

And then he comes along. Mason George – Back Door Studio’s newest exclusive model and the guy who has the potential to either fuck it all up, or take me on the best ride of my life.

~ Ryder

I’m desperate. I’ve got nothing and nobody left. Entering the daunting world of adult entertainment is less of a dream and more of a necessity. Signing as Back Door Studio’s latest model has the ability to either ruin or make me, but I made a vow at my first audition never to let myself regret it.

I continue to question myself each day, but no amount of what’s, why’s or what ifs will change where I am or where I’m heading. Am I strong enough to do this? To embrace it? To enjoy it? I have no idea.

The only thing I’m certain of, is that if anyone can teach me who I’m supposed to be, it’s Ryder Richardson.

~ Mason

“Because the most exciting things in life always happen via the back door”

Meet the Author

Nicola Haken
Author of the New Adult/Contemporary novels Missing Pieces, Saving Amy and the Take My Hand series, and m/m erotic romance Souls of the Knight series.

I live in Rochdale, England with my wonderful family and when I’m not playing with my imaginary friends I can usually be found looking after my four adorable (sometimes!) children (six if you include the dogs, seven if you include the hubby!) or stalking gay porn stars!

All in all I’m just an ordinary mum with an addiction to reading about hot book guys, writing about hot book guys, tattoos and Pepsi Max! Oh, and if my kids ever ask… I moonlight as the Pink Power Ranger 😉


“Perfect! You’re getting into the spirit faster than I thought you would.”

“Why’d you say that?”

“I just get the feeling this isn’t your first choice sometimes. The porn I mean.”

Mason’s eyebrows furrowed, his eyes narrowing as he contemplated my words.

“Maybe it’s not. But I chose this, and as with every other job I’ve ever had I will give it my everything. To say I’m doing this because I’ve no other choice, like I’m being forced into it or only doing it because I’m desperate is disrespectful to both the industry and to me.”

“Hey, that’s not what I meant,” I said genuinely, worried I’d offended him.

“Oh I know you didn’t. I just wanted to put it out there, that’s all. I don’t know many people, but of those I do I know they’ll judge me for this when they find out. Too many people assume going into this industry means we’re either damaged, desperate or fucking whores who deserve to be seen as nothing more than a walking fuck hole.”

“Well fuck ‘em. Anyone who doesn’t see you for who you are isn’t worth knowing. We’re all in it for different reasons, and those reasons are no one else’s goddamn business. It’s just a job. A fucking great job, but still a job nonetheless.”

“You really think it’s a great job?”

“Sure I do! I love sex, and I get to fuck hot guys for a living. Who wouldn’t love that?”

“But it’s different, no? I know I’ve only done one scene, but it’s a whole different ballgame than when you’re intimate with someone.”

“I don’t do intimacy, so I wouldn’t know.”

“So, you’ve never had a relationship?”

“No. Not something I’m looking for.”

“You don’t think it’d work? Being in porn?”

“It’s got nothing to do with the porn. A few of the guys are in relationships. Gio’s been with his guy almost a year and they’re still going strong. It’s just not something I want, regardless of the career I’ve chosen.”

“You must get lonely though. We all do. Don’t you hope to find someone you can just… I don’t know, share things with one day? Be there for you?”

“No,” I said curtly, hoping my tone would be enough to stop him
probing further.

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Book Review and Giveaway: Outing the Quarterback (The Long Pass Chronicles Book 1) by Tara Lain


Will Ashford lives in two closets. He
meets his wealthy father’s goals as both the quarterback for the famous SCU
football team and a business major, but secretly  he attends art school
and longs to live as a painter. And he’s gay. But if he can win the coveted
Milton Scholarship for art, he’ll be able to break from his father at the end
of his senior year.

In a painting master class, Will meets
his divergent opposite, Noah Zajack. A scarred orphan who’s slept on park
benches and eaten from trash cans, Noah carefully plans his life and multiple
jobs so he has money and time to go to art school. Will’s problems seem like
nothing compared to Noah’s. Noah wants the scholarship too and may have a way
to get it since the teacher of his class has designs on him, a plan Will isn’t
happy about.

When a gossipmonger with a popular
YouTube channel finds evidence that Will is gay, the quarterback’s closet doors
begin to crumble. Hounded by the press and harassed by other players, Will has
to choose. Stay in the closet and keep his family’s wealth, or let the doors
fall off and walk out with nothing. Nothing but Noah.    

Denise’s Review:

I discovered Tara Lain’s books by accident. Back when I was a young (cough, cough) m/m romance reader, I won two of her Balls to the Wall books in a big drawing. I devoured them, developing a deep love for Rodney from Fire Balls. I then went on to read the rest in the series, enjoying them all Rodney, though, is still my sentimental favorite. 🙂

Anyway, when I heard that Tara Lain had a new book series out, I ran right over to grab it, because it combined three of my favorite things…hot man/man loving, the city of Laguna Beach and sports. And once again, she delivered.

Will Ashford has hidden himself for his entire life. He hides that he is gay, and he hides that he loves painting. He has always hidden it from his family, and even his best friend. But when he meets Noah, he quickly realizes that he will not be able to hide what he wants most any longer.

Meanwhile, Noah just wants to work, go to school and win the same scholarship that Will is hoping to get, without having to sleep with the professor for his recommendation. What he doesn’t think he wants is in the closet forever Will. Noah has never been in the closet, has never needed to, and has no desire to venture in there with Will. Yet, he cannot deny the heat they create.

This book had lots of angst, but young angst, so for me it was just a joy to read. They were quite opposite in many ways, yet had so much in common in others.

Such an enjoyable book to read. With my final determination, it gets 4 strong pieces of eye candy. Definitely recommend, and a great re-read book.  **Sssshhhh…even better…a bonus at the end of the book…a peek into books 2 and 3. And oh, already I am salivating a bit to get to book 2. This is gonna be awesome!


Will followed Noah up to the low-rise structure that looked
more like a shed than a house. Clearly the thing had been built sometime early
in the twentieth century without a single permit. Noah unlocked the door,
although a burglar probably could have ripped down the walls and gotten in
Hell, Will couldn’t diss the place. He still lived at home.
Noah looked over his shoulder. “Home sweet home.” He walked
in and Will followed.
He was kind of aware that he was in one medium-sized room, but pretty much all
he saw was the huge, softly impressionistic painting of a nude man on the wall
opposite the front door. Gorgeous didn’t do it justice. It or him. The model was
more boy than man, with long brown hair falling down a lean, curved back. Only
his profile showed as he gazed off into space with a look of pure longing.
Though the face was perfect and Will had never seen such an expression, it
could only be one person. “It’s you, isn’t it?”
“Holy shit, how did you know that?”
Will looked at Noah. The guy’s eyes were wide and a little
“It’s you the way you are inside. Maybe the way you were
outside once. Full of hope and longing for joy.”
Will glanced over and caught the fast blink wiping out the
unshed tears. “The painting is gorgeous. You’re an amazing artist. Really. I
should hate you.” He grinned at Noah.
Noah’s face never left dead serious. “Do you?”
“Hate me?”
Oh shit, he couldn’t catch his breath. “Of course not.”
Change. The. Subject. He looked around. “So this is your place. Doesn’t look
like much outside, but you made it really cool.” That was true. Against one
wall a daybed, actually made, looked like it could hold one person spaciously
and two tightly. Okay, why the hell did he think of that? An old but very
serviceable sectional couch divided off the sleeping area and curved underneath
that gorgeous painting, with a chair opposite it. The rest of the room
contained a kitchenette with a microwave, an under-counter refrigerator, and a
few cabinets, plus a small table and two straight-back chairs. “You’re so
Noah shrugged. “You have to be in a place this small. Sit.”
He pointed at one end of the sectional.
Will sat. “I wonder if I’m neat.” He grinned.
“You don’t know?”
“No. I’ve always had a maid.”
Noah flipped a hand at Will. “Jeez. How do you keep your
bathroom between maid visits?”
“There you go.”
“I don’t know. If I thought I had to pick up that towel
myself, I might reform real fast.” He leaned back. “I guess I should start
“Never too early to grow up. Want a beer?”
Coach would kill him. Plus, alcohol looked pretty crappy
after last night. “No thanks.”
“I’ve got iced tea.”
“Yeah. That’d be great.” Noah walked over to the
kitchenette. Jesus, watching the guy move in a confined space with nobody else
around was too much for Will’s overtaxed, underserved cock. He put his hands in
his lap.
Noah walked back with two glasses. They didn’t match. He
handed one to Will and sat on the other part of the sectional. “So are you
moving out soon?”
“Probably not until I finish school.”
“That’s a long time. You gonna be able to carry off the
That was the question, but Noah didn’t even know how much.
“I made it this far.”
“I’ll bet it gets harder all the time.”
Man, he had no idea.
“What are your plans?”
Noah drank some tea. “Graduate school in art. I want to be
able to teach as well as paint.”
“Where do you want to go?”
“I’d love to go to Chicago, but I think UCLA will be good.”
“How will you do it?” He held his breath.
“Scholarships, I hope.”
“Milton?” He was turning blue.
“Sure. It’s the best. And I ought to be a contender. God
knows, I can prove hardship.” He laughed.
“But it doesn’t depend on hardship.” Will swallowed hard.
“Sure. But who wouldn’t take it into consideration?” He
frowned. “Besides, I hope I paint well enough.”
“Yeah. You’re a great painter. Like I said.” Will downed the
cold, bitter tea. Shit, he didn’t want to compete with this kid. His evil voice
asked the obvious question. Why, because you think he’ll win? “I should
get going.”
He felt weird. “I really like your place.”
He got up and took a few steps toward the door.
He didn’t turn around. Felt too strange. “Yeah.”
“You never answered my question.”
“What question?”
“Are you gay?”
Blood. Ice. “No. Why would you ask me that again?” He heard
the couch cushion rustle, then footsteps behind him. Will turned around slowly,
frowning. “What’s with you? Why would you think I’m gay?”
Noah stopped directly in front of him and looked up. Not far
up. The guy was only a few inches shorter. Drowning in those eyes would be
possible. “Because you look at me like you want to eat me. 

Tara has generously offered up an ebook copy of Outing the Quarterback. And the best part, if you already have it, you can still win! If you have it already, you can win two of her backlist, plus a bookmark. International winners get a $5.00 gift card.  Wow!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 About the Author:


 Tara Lain writes
the Beautiful Boys of Romance in LGBT erotic romance novels that star her
unique, charismatic heroes. Her first novel was published in January of 2011
and she’s now somewhere around book 23. Her best-selling novels have garnered awards
for Best Series, Best Contemporary Romance, Best Ménage, Best LGBT Romance,
Best Gay Characters, and Tara has been named Best Writer of the Year in the LRC
Awards. In her other job, Tara owns an advertising and public relations firm.
She often does workshops on both author promotion and writing craft.  She lives with her soul-mate husband and her
soul-mate dog in Laguna Beach, California, a pretty seaside town where she sets
a lot of her books.  Passionate about
diversity, justice, and new experiences, Tara says on her tombstone it will say
Connect with the Author:


FB Page:     



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Book Review: How to Train Your Dom in Five Easy Steps by Josephine Myles


Sometimes the little head really does know best.
Jeff White’s needs are simple. All he wants is a submissive to help him explore the dominant side that his ex-girlfriend couldn’t handle. Problem is, inexperience in both dating and domming has resulted in a string of rejections.
What he needs is an experienced sub willing to show him the ins and outs of controlling a scene. Unfortunately, the only one willing to take him on is male, and Jeff is straight. One hundred percent, never-gonna-happen straight.
Easygoing painslut Eddie Powell doesn’t care that Jeff is younger, working class, and shorter. Eddie likes a bit of rough, and Jeff fits the bill perfectly. The trick will be convincing him to follow Eddie’s five-step training programme—which would be easy if Eddie wasn’t starting to have feelings for the rough-around-the-edges landscaper.
Once Jeff lays his hands on Eddie, things definitely get out of hand. But it’ll take more than hot, sweaty, kinky sex to persuade him to come out of the closet—especially to himself.
Warning: Contains a happy sub, a confused Dom, a high ratio of sex to plot, misuse of root ginger, and a suitcase of kink. Written in Jo’s usual exceedingly “English” English.
Denise’s Review:
Okay, so I happened to see this on SSBR (I’ve said it before…if you do not follow them, you totally should…in my estimation they are the best review blog around!) and this looked fun, flirty, and just down right enjoyable, despite it being a sadist/masochist domination relationship. So, I grabbed it right away, and after finishing it, I asked…how have I never read anything by this author before? (Shhh….don’t tell…but after looking at the backlist for Ms. Myles, I found a book that has been languishing in my kindle, way, way down on the TBR…yep, that just jumped up about 1,000 notches!)
**Side Note: I will warn you, this author is British, very British, which I absolutely LOVE reading. But if you have a hard time reading books written from a British perspective, this one may be tough for you, but I still say give it a go, it is well worth it (just download the kindle UK dictionary, worked really well for me during this book). And honestly, reading from a British author isn’t as crazy as some people make it out to be. It made it more fun for me!
Okay, now on to the book. I’m going to gush and sound like I am that person who has stalked the author, and PM’s her, trying to get all the scoop, etc. Nope, haven’t even sent her a tweet. I literally just happened upon it, and absolutely loved it!
The book opens with our potential dom Jeff White outside a friends house working on his garden area. Meanwhile, inside our soon to be sub Eddie is inside sizing up the ever so straight dom. Jeff has had some issues with his dom scenes with women in the past, and is looking for someone to show him what a sub is looking for. Eddie offers his services, which Jeff not so politely declines, and, you guessed it, changes his mind.
This was a fantastic look at how an experienced masochistic sub like Eddie could assist a straight man like Jeff in finding his sadist dom side, and teach him that love may not always come in the package you expect or even think you want, but it will come when it is time.
These two characters were just perfect for each other. Easy going Eddie, who could take whatever Jeff wanted to dish out, and more, all while trying to show his dom how to safely and effectively exert his control. Jeff, a rather gruff, blue collar fellow, who begins to find his dominant side, while still being open to how to correct his mistakes. 
I really loved that Jeff could not get out of his own head (the big one) and just let go. He was so convinced he was straight, and that getting a BJ, or having anal sex with a man did not make him gay, you just wanted to shake your head and scream “How can you be so dense?”. But it was who Jeff was, he had been what everyone wanted him to be his entire life, and straight was what everyone expected. What he didn’t expect was Eddie. What he got was his perfect sub, and a fantastic love to go along with it.
This GFY (if it needs a classification) book was just lovely. And definite re-read for me. In fact, it is officially in my top two for m/m domination books (don’t make me choose!), and I imagine a re-read on it, will happen very, very soon…in the meantime, I am off to hit the backlist for this author.  
Final determination is five pieces of eye candy. And if a follow up book was to be afoot, I would be most happy…just sayin….
How to contact the author:
Twitter: @JosephineMyles
This post may contain affiliate links. Advanced Reader Copies are accepted by Two Chicks Obsessed in exchange for an honest review without additional compensation.

Blog Tour, Book Review and Giveaway: Full Disclosure by Kindle Alexander


Deputy United States Marshal Mitch Knox apprehends fugitives for a living. His calm, cool, collected attitude and devastatingly handsome good looks earn him a well-deserved bad boy reputation, both in the field and out. While away on an assignment, he blows off some steam at a notorious Dallas nightclub. Solving the case that has plagued him for months takes a sudden backseat to finding out all there is to know about the gorgeous, shy blond sitting alone at the bar.
Texas State Trooper Cody Turner is moving up the ranks, well on his way to his dream of being a Texas Ranger. While on a two-week mandatory vacation, he plans to relax and help out on his family’s farm. Mitch is the last distraction Cody needs, but the tatted up temptation that walks into the bar and steals his baseball cap is too hard to ignore.
As Mitch’s case gains nationwide attention, how will he convince the sexy state trooper that giving him a chance won’t jeopardize his life’s plan…especially when the evil he’s tracking brings the hate directly to his doorstep, threatening more than just their careers.

Denise’s Review:

Wow…just wow!!!!
My first m/m romance ever was Double Full. Meeting Colt and Jace changed my reading habits forever. I loved that book so much that m/m romance is 95% of what I read anymore. And I found Double Full by accident, a happy accident indeed. 🙂

We first meet Mitch towards the end of Double Full. However, we don’t get to really see much of his personality until Full Disclosure begins. Mitch is a sarcastic, snarky, sexy U.S. Marshall, intent on getting his job done, even at the risk of irritating his superiors. When he finds his man in Cody he grabs on with both hands, and refuses to let go.

Cody meanwhile tries to resist the charms of Mitch, and finds that he is unable. He is a quiet, gentle Texas state trooper, who is very involved with his family, and focused on his career, and his goal of being a Texas Ranger. Mitch was not in Cody’s plan, and Cody was not willing to allow him in.  Yet he found couldn’t resist, despite his best efforts.

The relationship between Mitch and Cody is sexy yet fun. They epitomize the term “opposites attract”. Mitch wears shirts with taglines like: “I’d bottom you so hard”, while Cody is serious and working towards his life’s goals. Mitch is willing to risk his career to ensure his loved ones are safe and happy, from afar. Meanwhile, Cody spends his downtime with as much family time, as possible. Yet, these two, when they come together connect and are able to find what they are looking for in each other. And oh yes, as most Kindle Alexander books, the sex, holy HAWTNESS!!!

Before, Full Disclosure, I would not have thought it was possible to enjoy a Kindle Alexander book more than Double Full and The Current Between Us. Full Disclosure combined all the elements of a Kindle Alexander book that I love. Hot men, funny and witty characters, suspense, and bad people who need to be arrested. With a third book ahead, there is still suspense ahead for Colt, Jace, Mitch and Cody. And I cannot wait for it!

My final determination is 5 full pieces of eye candy for Full Disclosure, and a hearty “Hurry Up!” to the lovely ladies to make sure that Book 3 is just around the corner–it sure would make a great birthday present next February, just saying. :p


Denise’s Favorite Quotes
“Get in the car. I know what you’re doing. You have to be on duty tonight. Phone fuck him later, Mitch. Job before hos.”
“Watching Colt Michaels and Jace Montgmery and knowing their story made me realize that if it could happen for them, then it could happen to anyone I was open to the idea, but I honestly didn’t think I’d find anyone. Then there you were, sitting quietly in a corner, almost unseen. My world’s pretty rocked since then. Meeting you knocked me flat on my ass, Cody. I’m not gonna lie about that to you.”

Val’s Review

Full Disclosure is book 2 in Nice Guys Series which takes place about six months after Colt Michael’s near death accident in Double Full.

US Deputy Marshall Mitch Knox is busy trying to solve the case of an apparent serial killer for hate crimes which Colt was a victim of.

Mitch goes to Dallas for a special assignment where he stays with Colt and Jace, while there they decide to go out for a night of fun dancing and letting loose .

Now here’s where the book starts heating up. *fans self *

Cody Turner, sexy Texas State Trooper, was on vacation before being reassigned for his new promotion. Yes, you guessed right. Cody happens to be in the same bar that calm cool and collective hot sexy Mitch is in. Well lets just say from this point on you will not be able to put this book down .
Kindle Alexander has done it again in this brilliant book, the suspense will keep you glued to the edge of you seats and lets not forget the hot steamy sex scenes that will melt you.

Both Mitch and Cody are in no way looking for a relationship in this part of their careers which keep them both very driven, but sometimes life doesn’t always work out the way you plan. We see how these two very hot alpha men work at trying to fit in a relationship into their very chaotic lives. KA takes us on a journey like no other with so many twists and turns that we don’t see coming. I highly recommend this book. If I could give it more than 5 pieces of eye candy, I so would .

If you haven’t read book 1, Double Full, I suggest you go and read that first, where you first meet Mitch .

Full Disclosure is at the top of my all time favorite reads, don’t miss out on this amazing story I am already anxious for book 3 to come out .

Val’s Favorite Quotes:
“Fuck me, Cody, I want you inside me.”
“I thought you…” Cody started, but Mitch cut him off.
“Didn’t you pay attention to my shirt, Turner? For a trooper you aren’t very observant are you?”
“I do want your ass, Mitch,” Cody growled against his ear. “So fucking bad.”
“That’s hot.” Mitch sealed their lips together. Cody welcomed the kiss and let Mitch take the lead.


Full Disclosure by Kindle Alexander from Becca the Bibliophile on Vimeo.


Buy Now

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Best Selling Author Kindle Alexander is an innovative writer, and a genre-crosser who writes classic fantasy, romance, suspense, and erotica in both the male/male and male/female genres. It’s always a surprise to see what’s coming next!
I live in the suburbs of Dallas where it’s true, the only thing bigger than an over active imagination, may be women’s hair!
Usually, I try for funny. Humor is a major part of my life – I love to laugh, and it seems to be the thing I do in most situations – regardless of the situation, but jokes are a tricky deal… I don’t want to offend anyone and jokes tend to offend. So instead I’m going to tell you about Kindle.
I tragically lost my sixteen year old daughter to a drunk driver. She had just been at home, it was early in the night and I heard the accident happen. I’ll never forget that moment. The sirens were immediate and something inside me just knew. I left my house, drove straight to the accident on nothing more than instinct. I got to be there when my little girl died – weirdly, I consider that a true gift from above. She didn’t have to be alone.
That time in my life was terrible. It’s everything you think it would be times about a billion. I love that kid. I loved being her mother and I loved watching her grow into this incredibly beautiful person, both inside and out. She was such a gift to me. To have it all ripped away so suddenly broke me.
Her name was Kindle. Honest to goodness – it was her name and she died a few weeks before Amazon released their brand new Kindle ereader. She had no idea it was coming out and she would have finally gotten her name on something! Try finding a ruler with the name Kindle on it.. It never happened.
Through the course of that crippling event I was lucky enough to begin to write with a dear friend in the fan fiction world of Facebook. She got me through those dark days with her unwavering support and friendship. There wasn’t a time she wasn’t there for me. Sometimes together and sometimes by myself, we built a world where Kindle lives and stands for peace, love and harmony. It’s its own kind of support group. I know without question I wouldn’t be here today without her.
Find out more by visiting or email me at

Buy Now

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Blog Tour: Exclusive Excerpt, Book Review and Giveaway: Fever Pitch by Heidi Cullinan

Coming September 30 from Samhain Publishing

Book Two of the Love Lessons Series
Sometimes you have to play love by ear.
Aaron Seavers is a pathetic mess, and he knows it. He lives in
terror of incurring his father’s wrath and disappointing his mother, and
he can’t stop dithering about where to go to college—with fall term
only weeks away. Ditched by a friend at a miserable summer farewell
party, all he can do is get drunk in the laundry room and regret he was
ever born. Until a geeky-cute classmate lifts his spirits, leaving him
confident of two things: his sexual orientation, and where he’s headed
to school.
Giles Mulder can’t wait to get the hell out of Oak Grove, Minnesota,
and off to college, where he plans to play his violin and figure out
what he wants to be when he grows up. But when Aaron appears on campus,
memories of hometown hazing threaten what he’d hoped would be his
haven. As the semester wears on, their attraction crescendos from
double-cautious to a rich, swelling chord. But if more than one set of
controlling parents have their way, the music of their love could come
to a shattering end.

Warning: Contains showmances, bad parenting, Walter Lucas, and a cappella.

 Denise’s Review:

 I will start this review by saying I did not read Book 1 in this series. I found this series when I signed up for the blog tour. But this book is definitely stand alone, I never felt like I needed to read book 1 in order to know what was going on. That being said, because I got to meet Walter and Kelly in this book, and now I want to go back and read their story. 🙂

I actually live and work in the area that this book was based around, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota. So, it was so much fun to read about the cities, and different areas, weather, etc. that showed up in this book.

I started this book, and just really enjoyed the tension and stress of Aaron and Giles. They struggled to actually get together and become a couple. It was a nice, sweet story for the first half, and made me smile as they bumbled around each other and tried to connect as their college world happened around them, bringing them into their life.

It was all sweetness and happiness….then BAM! Heidi hits you in the face with what can be such a struggle for many gay young men. In this case it wasn’t just that Aaron was gay, but also that he was not following the chosen career path that his father laid before him. My heart broke for Aaron, as his world fell apart, but at the same time, I felt such joy for him that he was being held up by such a strong family of his own making. And yes, the tears were flowing.

Finding a way to put his life back together with the help of his family of choice was such a challenge for Aaron, and with Giles by his side, it happened in spades. As he became stronger, he found himself able to grab his roommate and bring him along for his own ride (possibly the next book?) as Elijah’s life begins to fall apart as well.

A strong ending, with big surprises on the way, one of which had to do with Elijah early in the book (shocking!). I really enjoyed this book, and am hoping that Love Lessons 3 might be Elijah or Baz’s story….well I can ask can’t I? 🙂

Final determination, four pieces of eye candy. Give this one a go, right after you read Walter and Kelly’s story. Heading back there myself! 🙂

Exclusive Excerpt:

Giles had no idea
what he was doing with Aaron.
He dug in the trunk of the car for the winter emergency
blanket he thought he remembered seeing back there, though he told himself if
he didn’t find it, it was a sign from God he should get in the car and drive
Aaron Seavers the hell to his house, where he belonged. He had no idea what it
meant when he found the blanket immediately, neatly folded on top of the spare
tire. Somehow he doubted it was a thumbs-up from the Almighty to get laid.
Was he actually going to sit on the beach of Hickey Lake and
deep throat the guy he’d had a crush on since the moment he’d first seen those
baby blues peeking beneath dark, shaggy bangs? When he shut the trunk, he saw
Aaron standing beside the car, hands tucked in the front pockets of his jeans,
shoulders hunched, with a hungry, terrified expression on his face.
Yep. Getting laid was definitely on the table.
The thing he didn’t know, the thing making Giles’s brain run
around like a squirrel in a cage as he spread the blanket on the most level
spot he could find, was whether this was another case of closeted “straight”
boy or if this was Aaron coming out to him. Normally Giles didn’t ask. As much
as he hated these hookups after, as much as it made him batshit the only action he ever got was with recoil-fucks—well,
Giles had a hard time looking gift sex in the mouth. He told himself it was his
sweet revenge, a power trip, but if he were honest, mostly it was because he
was lonely.
In short, at the bottom of his barrel he was alarmingly
He wanted to find out if this was another shame-and-blame
or…something different. Dumb, because it wasn’t like this could go anywhere.
Aaron was gone tomorrow, and come this fall Giles would be too. At best they
would maybe hook up on breaks, but if Aaron was
about to come out, Giles would never bag him again. Aaron was Grade A Prime for
whatever gender he chose to take to bed. Giles was lucky to be a C+ on a good
day. Too skinny, too geeky, too awkward. No way Giles could ever score an Aaron
for real.
Yet here he was, spreading a blanket and settling down on it
beside Aaron, who sat a hell of a lot closer than a straight boy would. Looking
a lot more eager and vulnerable than Giles’s hookups usually did. None of this
was on the scripts Giles knew.
Whatever was going on, Giles doubted if he resisted he’d
think back on this moment and admire his own nobility.
“Good thing it hasn’t rained much, or we’d already be
half-devoured by mosquitoes.” Giles kicked off his shoes and wiggled his
stocking-footed toes in the blanket’s nap. “Nice summer so far, actually. Not
too hot, not too wet.”
“It has been nice.” Aaron didn’t sound like he wanted to
talk about the weather, but it was equally clear he didn’t know what to do
next, wound so tight that if Giles wasn’t careful, the guy would sproing right into the lake.
Yeah, well, baby,
follow my lead. Boy do I know this dance.
Giles eased onto his elbows and
let his legs fall open. Ostensibly he stared at the water, but mostly he
allowed Aaron to admire the way he filled out his jeans, an invitation his
companion took. It was a subtle peek, but it was there. Giles wasn’t a Jon Hamm
or anything, but he had a decent package.
Before his dick saw any action, though, Aaron needed more
idle conversation to loosen him up. “Eden Prairie, you said. Did you grow up
“Yeah. Well—mostly. I was actually born in
California—Oakland—but we moved when I was four. I have vague memories of the
house we lived in there, and maybe the bridge and a house on a big hill with an
orange flowerpot on a stoop, but that’s it.”
“Does your dad live in the house in Eden Prairie where you
grew up?”
“No, Mom sold it when we moved. He lives in a condo. Though
he’s always spent a lot of time in his law firm’s California office. Especially
so lately.”
Aaron had more regular breathing now. Time for phase two.
Giles let his knee brush Aaron’s arm a few times, and when
Aaron didn’t withdraw, he let it linger ever so lightly. “We’re in the same
place as we’ve always lived, but we did a big remodel last year. I’m the last
one in the nest.”
Aaron’s knee pressed tentatively into Giles’s. “You have
brothers and sisters?”
“One of each. Both married and moved into the Cities. Hannah
lives in Linden Hills. Mark’s in St. Paul and just had his first kid. What
about you—are you an only?”
“Yeah.” On the blanket, Aaron mimicked Giles’s position. His
hand brushed Giles’s, but instead of pulling away he let it linger. When Aaron
spoke next, his voice shook. “Probably a good thing I’m an only child. My
parents are awful together. They shouldn’t have had me.”
“Well, that’d be a shame, because we wouldn’t be here right
now.” The line was a bit cheesy, but the knee beside Giles’s became more sure
of itself, the fingers lacing more deliberately, so hooray for dairy products.

Pressing his whole thigh closer, Giles captured Aaron’s hand. “So, birthday
boy. Did you get all the presents you wanted?” Aaron pressed their legs
together, gaze drifting to Giles’s crotch. Giles bit back a smile. “Or
maybe…something is missing?”

Aaron’s breath caught, pupils dilated, lips parted. He
looked Giles dead in the eye, all his longing and desire naked between them.
Here we go.
Buy links: Samhain (not yet up for preorder), Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, iTunes
Book Page for Love Lessons (book one in the series)


Heidi Cullinan has always loved a good love story, provided it has a
happy ending. She enjoys writing across many genres but loves above all
to write happy, romantic endings for LGBT characters because there just
aren’t enough of those stories out there. When Heidi isn’t writing, she
enjoys cooking, reading, knitting, listening to music, and watching
television with her husband and ten-year-old daughter. Heidi is a vocal
advocate for LGBT rights and is proud to be from the first Midwestern
state with full marriage equality. Find out more about Heidi, including
her social networks, at

 Social Networking






The Love Lessons series are new adult LGBT contemporary romance
novels set at various colleges within the American Midwest. While Love Lessons and Fever Pitch feature gay protagonists, subsequent novels will include lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and heterosexual heroes and heroines.
The heat level for these stories is significantly sweeter than some
of Heidi’s erotic romances, which has a tendency to make the sexual
tension ratchet off the charts.

This post may contain affiliate links. Advanced Reader Copies are accepted by Two Chicks Obsessed in exchange for an honest review without additional compensation.

EXCLUSIVE Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Bad Boys Need Love Too by Christa Tomlinson

Here at Two Chicks Obsessed with Books and Eye Candy, we are so excited to bring you this exclusive cover reveal of Christa Tomlinson’s next book, Bad Boys Need Love Too.  Is this cover not lickable??? This fantastic cover was done by Jay Aheer with Jay’s Book Covers By Design. Release date of the book is October 21st. (Shhh….I’ve had a sneak peak and I think you are going to love these delicious men, just sayin…) Check out the blurb, an excerpt and a giveaway of three books (when it is released) to try to hold you over until October.



“You won’t let anybody else have you, Joseph. I won’t let anybody else have you. I
want you all to myself.” – Gage Mason

We’ve all had our experience with him. The Bad Boy. The one
we’ve been warned about. The one with rips in his jeans and a lazy, devil may
care smile on his mouth. The one who makes you do bad things that feel so good.

For me it was Gage Mason. We met when he worked on my
Ducati. I knew immediately he was trouble, but something about that Bad Boy
drew me in. Maybe it’s his dark eyes that study me like he wants to know
everything about me. Maybe it’s the way he makes me feel; the rough touch of
his hands, his possessive grip on my hair when we kiss, the way he feels deep
inside me. Or maybe it’s the way he needs me, even though he won’t admit it.

For once in my life I’m taking a risk. Despite everything
that tells me I shouldn’t, I’m taking a chance to be with Gage. I don’t know if
it will end well, but I do know I can’t resist that Bad Boy.

-Joseph Naderi

          A few minutes after seven o’clock, Gage
rang the bell to Joseph’s townhouse. He looked around the area as he waited for
him to answer the door. The place was nice and well-kept, but bland. It fit in
more with the suit side of Joseph rather than the ponytail and motorcycle side
of him. He wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. The door opened and an immediate
wave of arousal washed over Gage. Joseph was dressed more casually than he’d
ever seen him. His hair was in a sloppy ponytail with messy tendrils escaping
randomly. He had on a t-shirt with the logo of a band he didn’t recognize, and
his frayed and washed out jeans sat low, really low, on his hips. The tattered
hems of the jeans covered half of his bare feet. Gage decided he didn’t care
what the house looked like. If it let Joseph be this at ease, then he liked it.
Joseph smiled at
Gage before stepping back to let him in. “Hey. You find the place
“Yeah. It
was a pretty straight shot over here from the shop.”
Joseph discreetly inhaled as Gage passed
him. He’d obviously just gotten out of the shower. The clean scent of the ocean
was on his skin and his hair was still wet and slicked back. The man smelled
good and looked even better. He noticed Gage watching him. Joseph cleared his
throat, hoping he hadn’t been too obvious checking him out. “The game’s
already on. I can grab us a couple of beers and then show you around if you
want before we watch.” Gage didn’t say anything so Joseph took that as
agreement and went into the kitchen.
Joseph grabbed
two beers out of the fridge and took them over to the counter. He heard Gage’s
footsteps come into the kitchen as he set the beers down to look for a bottle
opener. “I hope Shiner is okay. I like to drink local beers,” he said
without turning around. But again Gage didn’t answer. His footsteps came closer
and Joseph went still as he came up behind him. Gage brushed his ponytail aside
and trailed his lips over the back of his neck before he whispered into his
“I don’t
want to watch baseball.” Gage’s hand closed over his, moving it away from
the bottle. “I don’t want a fucking beer.” That same hand drifted up
his arm, raising goose bumps on his skin before it slid under his shirt to
caress his belly. “You already know it, but I’m telling you that I want
you.” Joseph gasped as Gage’s hand slid down to the waistband of his
jeans, popping them open. The zipper went down, one slow metallic rasp at a
“So you
tell me right now if you don’t want this to happen.”
Joseph could
barely control his breathing as Gage’s hand slipped inside his jeans to tease
his growing erection.
I’m gonna be deep inside you within the next fifteen minutes.”
Gage squeezed
his cock and Joseph moaned, pushing his ass back against the hardness he felt behind
him. Gage groaned and licked his neck.
sooner. What’s it gonna be, Joseph?”
Joseph took a
moment to answer. Not because he was unsure, but because Gage’s fingers on his
shaft, and his body heat against his skin, and that voice in his ear had his brain a little bit scrambled.
“No baseball. I want you.”


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Blog Review and Giveway: A Forbidden Rumspringa (Gay Amish Romance Book 1) by Keira Andrews


When two young Amish men find love, will they risk losing everything? 

In a world where every detail of life–down to the width of a hat brim–is dictated by God and the all-powerful rules of the community, two men dare to imagine a different way. At 18, Isaac Byler knows little outside the strict Amish settlement of Zebulon, Minnesota, where there is no rumspringa for exploration beyond the boundaries of their insular world. Isaac knows he’ll have to officially join the church and find a wife before too long, but he yearns for something else–something he can’t name. 

Dark tragedy has left carpenter David Lantz alone to support his mother and sisters, and he can’t put off joining the church any longer. But when he takes on Isaac as an apprentice, their attraction grows amid the sweat and sawdust. David shares his sinful secrets, and he and Isaac struggle to reconcile their shocking desires with their commitment to faith, family and community. 

Now that they’ve found each other, are they willing to lose it all? 

Note: Contains explicit sexual situations and graphic language. This is not an inspirational/Christian romance.

Denise’s Review: 

Let me just say, this is not your grandmother’s Amish romance. 🙂 You will not walk away thinking, “oh, that is sweet, they kissed and now they are getting married”.

This is a M/M romance set in an Amish community. The most creative basis for a book that I have ever read. In the end, it was about love, and love knowing no bounds, including strict religious societal bounds. But what an amazing premise, to set it in an Amish society was extraordinarily creative, and I’ll say it….HOT!!!!

The title of the book speaks to what you feel in the book, it is a Forbidden Rumspringa.  Wikipedia describes it as: “Rumspringa normally begins around the age of 14 to 16 and ends when a youth chooses baptism within the Amish church, or instead leaves the community.” It is a time for young men and women to decide where their future lies, by testing their own boundaries and accepting their consequences. In this case, two men embark on a forbidden one, that would leave them without their family, without their church, and wandering in the outside world with no direction. 

This book was surprising to me in so many ways. The first thing that hit me almost right away was the wealth of information for an Amish community that the author included in this book. Even when you didn’t realize that was what was happening, you were getting information on what an Amish community looks like, from one society to the next (hint: they are not all the same). The research this author must have done was incredible. From whether they were allowed to have reflective triangles on the back of their buggies, to the use of rubber or elastic, to eating in restaurants, all this and more is included in this book. I really felt I was getting an education into the society, while reading about two beautiful men falling in love.

Another surprise, was more internal. I got butterflies again. (I know, sounds corny, but let me explain.) I have been reading m/m for about a year now, and I have soaked up well over a hundred books in that time. I wouldn’t say that I have gotten jaded, exactly, but I have an idea what to expect. This book, as the two MC’s were falling in love, would give me that little feeling in my stomach when they are just about to kiss, that “awwww” moment, where you can’t wait to see how it plays out. I will admit that I haven’t had that in a little while. It was that feeling that I used to get when I first started reading m/f romances back in high school. Forbidden! And there are sex scenes (remember, this is not your grandmother’s Amish romance) and they are hot and steamy. Just saying…the workbench scene…**fans self**

David and Isaac were such a perfect match together. David being more “worldly”, doing things like watching movies, and selling furniture online, all secretly, while being the sole financial support for his family. Meanwhile Isaac hasn’t had a Coke in 10 years, isn’t allowed to read anything beyond the bible and other approved books, and is told to go and work for David, despite being 18. Their love grew over months, not insta-love, and they just fit together. Knowing that what they were doing was seen as wrong by everyone in their community, and yet, from the beginning, they knew that it felt right when they were together, natural. 

As the book was winding down, and I could see the percentage drifting closer and closer to 100% with no real resolution yet, I will admit to having gotten nervous. I thought, how can this be wrapped up to an HEA or HFN in just a few pages, and leave me feeling satisfied? Will there be a cliffhanger? Will I want to throw my phone through into the next room? Well, thank goodness, I was proven wrong, although here’s where the author surprised me once again. We did find the HFN that I was hoping for, but at that moment I thought “wow, that seemed rushed to me, I don’t feel like the book should just finish here”. And then I read the words “Journey with Isaac and David in A Clean Break coming in early 2015” and suddenly my heart was light and happy again, and I was able to feel completely satisfied. They had their HFN, and I was still able to see how they continued onto their HEA next year.

I don’t think I need to say this, but I will state for the record, this book gets 5+ pieces of eye candy for me, and I will be sitting by my kindle waiting for book number 2, and beating back anyone that gets in the way of Ms. Andrews completing the follow up book. Read this!!!

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Author Bio:


After writing for years yet never really finding the right inspiration, Keira discovered her voice in gay romance, which has become a passion. She writes contemporary, historical, paranormal and fantasy fiction, and—although she loves delicious angst along the way—Keira firmly believes in happy endings. For as Oscar Wilde once said, “The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what fiction means.” You can find out more about Keira and her books at her website, and on Facebook and Twitter.
This post may contain affiliate links. Advanced Reader Copies are accepted by Two Chicks Obsessed in exchange for an honest review without additional compensation.